Sunday, 19 February 2012

Scientists Explore Space Claw, Orbital Lasers To Clear Space Debris

By Chris Capps 


What sounds like a series of propositions for a villain from a James Bond movie may actually be the answer to one of the greatest conundrums facing the future of space travel. And now scientists are examining the possibility of several measures that could help solve one of the most pressing concerns regarding the future of all Earth's space programs. Why is NASA fielding explorations into massive space claws and lasers designed to shoot into the sky?

The answer is a surprising one - debris. Since the fall of several man made craft back to Earth, NASA has increased its attention toward the growing problem of space debris. The future of humanity has now for years taken for granted that it would eventually take off from this planet and find itself among the stars. But unlike the previous generation's space concerns, the NASA of 2012 finds itself facing a whole new plethora of problems.

The Swiss space program has designed what is being called a "space claw" which will go up into the atmosphere and begin gathering pieces of space debris with a massive robotic appendage.

CleanSpace One will be the first such satellite to go into space to retrieve its cargo and then drag it back into the Earth's atmosphere where it will burn up. And it's only one of several ventures designed to eliminate the ever growing pollution gathering in orbit around Earth.

Claws, lasers, and rockets are generally thought to be words in the arsenal of military commanders. And with that in mind it's no surprise that a few of those hearing about the sudden interest in seek and destroy missions in space are suggesting it may have a double meaning. A laser that can fire into space and eliminate harmless debris, the logic goes, might also be used for other purposes, including the destruction of military satellites.

And a giant laser just so happens to be one of the other
proposed plans being considered by NASA in its efforts to clear debris. The laser, which would fire from a ground-based installation would shoot high powered beams of light at debris as it arced through the sky around Earth. The laser would then presumably push it out further into space in much the same way JAXA's solar sailed IKAROS project.

The light radiation in the weightless vacuum of space exerts only a tiny amount of push on the object, but may overpower the tiny pull gravity has on the objects at that height and nudge it out of the way.

The technology for using lasers to push satellites was studied briefly by the Air Force before it was abandoned as an idea for a time in the late 1990's. Now NASA says it may have a reason to revisit the old idea and start firing powerful lasers into orbit. And if these projects succeed, very quickly Earth orbit may become a much safer place.

UFO Orb Hovers Over Mexico Volcano Caught On TV Camera (VIDEO)

By Scott Waring

Date of sighting: February 2012
Location of sighting: Popocatepeti volcano, Mexico

This is very exciting news and look at the massive size of that UFO! HuI have been watching the Popocatepeti volcano cam for about a year and a half and have reported two UFO sightings I caught over it's peak as many orbs came from its mouth and hovered around. Other UFOlogist have contacted me about this volcano saying they too have witnessed unusual orb activity near the mouth of the volcano but not on internet cam but in person. This video was taken when they were doing an interview with a soccer player and then noticed this odd diamond like craft hovering around the mouth of the volcano. The TV camera catches awesome footage, very similar to the footage shot over the Dallas Cowboys football game back in Oct of 1979.

This volcano is located 70km (43 miles) southeast of Mexico City. Inside its mouth it is 450 meters deep and has never been explored before due to its constant gas and clouds coming out. Great for a entrance and exit to a alien base.

Mac: Case starts at 32 seconds

Want to watch this Volcano Now?

Large Black Triangle UFO in Minnesota!

National ufo Examiner

A witness reports a triangle UFO hovered at 500 feet near the water tower in Mounds View, MN.
A witness reports a triangle UFO
hovered at 500 feet near the water
tower in Mounds View, MN.
Credits: Google Maps.

A Minnesota woman reports encountering a "large, black triangle" hovering at 500 feet while driving along County Highway 10 in Mounds View on February 17, 2012, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
"I saw lights that seemed quite close to the ground," the witness stated. "I told my daughter, kind of jokingly, look, a UFO. Since I had to also keep an eye on the road, she said, 'no, that is the top of the water tower in Mounds View.' I said, no, we are still at least five blocks from the water tower."
But as they passed the water tower, the woman took another look.
"It was a large black triangle with lights only on one angle. It seemed to be tilted and hovering in one spot, not moving."
The woman decided to "circle back" in an attempt to have a second look at the object.
"As we got to the next block where we could take a left to head in that direction, we lost it in the tree line."

They recreated their trip, but did not see the object again.
Mounds View is a city in Ramsey County, MN, population 12,155. No images or videos were included with the report, which was file don February 18, 2012. The above quotes were edited for clarity.

Minnesota is a current
UFO ALERT 5 rating, with a low number of UFO sightings nationally. Minnesota had 5 reports in January, the 34th highest reporting state - while California had 90 reports in January 2012 - the highest reporting state in the nation.

Unedited Report:
MN, February 17, 2012 - Large Black Triangle hovering 500ft. MUFON Case 35908.
My daughter and myself were driving down Highway 10 on the evening of February 17, 2012. I seen lights that seemed quite close to the ground, I told my daughter kind of jokingly, look, a UFO. Since I had to also keep a eye on the road, she said no, that is the top of the water tower in Mounds View, I said, No, we are still at least five blocks from the water tower. I looked again, as we were passing it, It was a large black triangle with lights only on one angle, it seemed to be tilted and hovering in one spot, not moveing. She sat and stared also and said Oh my Gosh Mom, what is that? I said lets circle the block and check it out! We both had hair standing on edge. As we got to the next block where we could take a left to head in that direction, we lost it in the tree line, I said, it is o.k. we will catch it when we turn the corner. Well, as we turned the corner, there was absolutely nothing. We were baffled. So we drove back up Highway 10 and recreated our drive. Nothing!
Now, I know there is a small Anoka County Airport about ten miles up the nearest Interstate, but if it would of been something waiting to land, we would of seen it as we turned the corner, it could of only been 60 seconds that it was out of our site, I just know others had to see this too.

Pulsating UFO Filmed Over Bogota, Colombia (Video)

By Tom Rose

A UFO, or a pair of them, was caught on video over the nighttime skies of Bogotá, Colombia. What is it?

The unidentified flying object is notable because of the quality of the camera being used to capture the image. What seems to be a distant pair of lights is zoomed in on, revealing the classic shape of the circular UFO with pulsating lights, brightly illuminating the sky.

The videographer makes no comment as the tape is rolling, choosing to let the camera tell the story. It's impossible to pin down the area of Colombia, but it's obvious the object is flying over a town or village, with some traffic noise in the background.

As the camera zooms in on the, at first, innocuous pair of flying objects, it turns from what looks like a routine sighting into something unexplainable.
The video picks up the action as the two objects fly in tandem, maintaining altitude in one spot and relative to each other. This rules out any type of known structure as only one of them would be so brightly lit to warn aircraft in the area of their presence.
The objects have lights running all around their circular hull, flashing in dissonant rhythm. What are they?

Have a look at the video by clicking here.

Bizarre UFO over Mexico (Video)

The Canadian
By Scott Waring

Date of sighting: February 12, 2012
Location of sighting: Mexico City, Mexico

Look closely at this UFO seen this week over Mexico city and while you are watching remember your history, Mexico City was the location of the Aztec empire back in 1325, once called "Tenochtitlan." Long ago they chose this area for a reason.

Myth says Aztec people came from the north from a place called Aztlan (Atlantis?) and this place is also called Chicomostoc, "the place of the seven caves. That makes it sound as if they came from an underground alien base? Perhaps were slaves that escaped?

UFO Hunters - Alien Crashes (Video)

Is This a Base on the Moon? (Video)

China Moon Base

"Possible Alien Moon Base Captured By Chang'e-2 Orbit

Audio by Karl Wolfe from 2001 National Press Club Event

I was sent some pictures by a source who claims China will be releasing Hi Res images taken by the Chang'e-2 moon orbiter, which clearly show buildings and structures on the moons surface.

He also claims NASA has deliberately bombed important areas of the Moon in an effort to destroy ancient artifacts and facilities.

Pictures yet to be released clearly show nuclear impact craters and building debris caused by explosions in an effort by NASA to destroy the truth. China is moving toward full disclosure of the Extraterrestrial reality.

Information submitted to UFO Casebook by Ken Pfeifer of MUFON.

Uploadedto Youtube by on 17 Feb 2012."

Bolivia: Government Responds to UFO Information Request

By Inexplicata & Carlos Guzmán Rojas, C.I.F.E.E.E.A.C.

[This information was provided by Carlos Guzmán, director of Mexico’s C.I.F.E.E.E.A.C. research organization. Please visit his blog at Our thanks to Paulo P. Poian for the alerting us to it! – SC]

As reported earlier, our colleague Alfonso Salazar, an aviation technician and an essential part of the C.I.F.E.E.E.A.C. group, requested information form the Bolivian Ambassador to Mexico regarding encounters between military aircraft and UFOs in Bolivian airspace.

We present the response given by the Bolivian ambassador with regard to the subject of UFOs.


Dear Mr. Salazar,

We have carefully read through your request for information that the Bolivian Air Force might provide you with regard to Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

I must admit that this subject, given its characteristics, is not one that receives any official treatment from any agency of the Bolivian government, even while the subject is well-known and a source of reports, particularly in the press. As a consequence of your request, it was learned that a number of blogs are in existence and provide information on this subject. However, it is up to you to weigh the quality and veracity of the information you may glean from them. In any event, so that you may obtain official information, if any, from the Bolivian Air Force, I am submitting their address and basic information.

Lic. Jorge Caballero Barrera
Advising Minister
Embassy of Bolivia
México D.F.

It is clear that governments still avoid the subject of unidentified flying objects. This does not mean, however, that there aren’t official documents, reports from pilots, air traffic controllers and thousands of witnesses that have reported encounters between air force aircraft and unidentified flying objects.

Moreover, there are high-level eyewitness reports that speak of aerial pursuits, such as the 1973 case involving an F-86 piloted by Maj. Norberto Salomon of the Bolivian Air Force, and the giant UFO intercepted in the year 2000 by Maj. Luis Higa and Col. Alfredo Arzabe.

Our thanks to our colleague Alfonso Salazar, aviation technician, for his formidable compilation, research and dissemination task involving military aircraft and UFOs around the world, since without this extraordinary dedication, hundreds or perhaps thousands of reports would be lost in time and would not be known to the public.

In closing, researcher Alfonso Salazar is the co-author of the book Ovnis y la Aviación Mexicana, a significant compendium of encounters between UFOs and civilian and military aircraft over Mexican territory, making all this information available to people everywhere interested in first-hand knowledge of this enigmatic subject.

Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Carlos Guzmán and Paulo Poian