Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The True Story Behind Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Video)


Gary McKinnon Extradition To U.S. Blocked By Theresa May

Gary McKinnon
British computer hacker Gary McKinnon will not be extradited to the US, Home Secretary Theresa May has announced.
Mr McKinnon, 46, who admits accessing US government computers but claims he was looking for evidence of UFOs, has been fighting extradition since 2002.
The home secretary said there was no doubt Mr McKinnon was "seriously ill" and the extradition warrant against him should be withdrawn.
Mrs May said the sole issue she had to consider was his human rights.
She said it was now for the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC, to decide whether he should face trial in the UK.
Mr McKinnon, who has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, faced 60 years in jail if convicted in the US.

Biological UFO Over Tijuana Mexico? (Video)

Published on 12 Oct 2012 by
Bing Translation:
This object was recorded by my brother, it is very strange and appears to be transparent emits lights radiating from plasma that have nothing to do with reflections of the Sun because that would be a little silver reflections, I hope its conclusions on this strange object possibly biological 
"este objeto fue grabado por mi hermano, es muy extra├▒o y parece ser transparente emite unas luces radiantes como de plasma que no tienen nada que ver con reflejos de el sol ya que serian un poco plateados los reflejos ,espero sus conclusiones sobre este extrano objeto posiblemente Biologico "

UFOs Captured Over Mexican Volcano On National TV

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"A couple of UFOs captured during a national television news broadcast in MEXICO on October 11, 2012. UFOs captured on live-cam. News anchor Lopez Doriga is baffled by this sighting. UFOs often fly in and out of volcanoes, specially during high volcanic activity. Seems that UFOs either hide in volcanoes or are attracted to the high levels of magnetic activity. Either way, there you have it. Aircraft do not fly that fast. Judge for yourself. Footage needs further analysis but it was broadcast live on national TV".

Daytime Sighting of Two UFOs over Oregon Caught on Video

By UFO Casebook
UFO Image
Originally published on Oct 8, 2012 by webmaxed
Video is of a daytime sighting of two unknown objects which appeared over Dallas, Oregon on October 6, 2012.
Practically no information is given about the taking of the video. It can be determined that the two objects appear to be metallic, disc-shaped, and are are identical.
(Editor's Note: The video was a bit shaky, so we cleaned it up some, and also adjusted the contrast to make the objects more visible. We also created a close-up of one of the objects.)

SimCity movie shows off natural disasters and UFOs (Video)

When meteorites, earthquakes and little green men strike...
SimCity Screenshot

 EA has released a new SimCity movie focusing on natural disasters, which occur randomly in the game.  These include meteorites, tornadoes and earthquakes, plus the arrival of hostile UFOs.

If you've built your city with no regard for clean up and repair operations, your lack of fire trucks, hospitals and a police force will prove costly.
EA has confirmed a February 2013 SimCity release date window as well as a SimCity Mac release.
We said in our first SimCity preview: "After the disappointing last game, and accusations that Maxis are increasingly appealing to casual gamers, it's reassuring to see just how deep and strategic the new SimCity is."

Robbie Williams: I'm going to live in the UK and start looking for UFOs again

By Now Daily
Robbie Williams doesn't want his daughter to have an American accent

Robbie Williams married Ayda Field in 2010

Now dad to daughter Theodora 'Teddy' Rose, Robbie Williams wants to ensure she gets a good up-bringing.
The star has announced that he doesn't plan to go on the road to promote new record Candy - instead he'll stay home and search for evidence of alien life.
'If Candy's not a hit, I am not touring,' says Robbie, 38.
'I'm gonna stay in and look for UFOs. And I'm gonna get all beardy and all fat again.'
Former Take That singer Robbie plans to do his lazing around in the UK and doesn't want daughter Teddy to grow up in America - even though wife Ayda Field hails from the USA.
'I want her to have a British passport,' Robbie told Radio 1's Greg James.
'I don't want my kid to have an American accent.'

More believe in aliens than believe in God

An estimated 33.1 million people in the UK believe that life exists on other planets, while only 27.5 million – less than half the country – say they believe there is a God.

Latest survey result show that 52 per cent of the population believe evidence of UFOs has or would be covered up, because the fact of their existence would threaten the stability of the government.
One in 10 people claim to have seen a UFO, with almost a quarter more men claiming to have done so than women.
The survey of 1,359 UK adults was commissioned by the makers of a new videogame which tasks you with saving the world from an enemy invasion.
“Just 20 years ago, religion was a huge part of life in the UK, and this shows just how much attitudes have changed,” said Nick Pope, formerly of the Ministry of Defence UFO Project.
“Belief in the alien phenomenon is now more widespread than ever, with many wondering how we and our governments would react to the news that aliens existed.”
Interestingly, more men believe in life on other planets than women, with the same trend evident when considering if there is a God out there.
If aliens did reveal themselves, over a third of the population would be more curious than anything else, with the second most prevalent emotion being fear. That said, one in five would be immediately sceptical.
Furthermore, 20 per cent of the country believes UFOs have landed, while more than five million people believe the Moon landings were faked.

Q&A with Stanton Friedman about Roswell and UFOs (Video)

By Ufology Research

At Paracon on October 12 and 13, 2012, I had a chance to sit and talk with Roswell UFO proponent Stanton Friedman several times. he agreed to let me post a short Youtube clip of new asking him a few questions. Basically, after all these years, why does he still doggedly believe there is a cover-up, and is there anything left to learn about Roswell?