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UFO TV Flying Saucers and Science - Stanton Friedman (Video)

Flying Saucers and Science is a comprehensive look at the scientific data on the flying saucer phenomenon. Nuclear physicist and lecturer Stanton T. Friedman has distilled more than 40 years of research on UFOs, and shares his work on a wide variety of classified advanced nuclear and space systems. He answers a number of physics questions in layman's terms, and establishes that travel to nearby stars is within reach without violating the laws of physics.

Photographs of little known, far-out advanced propulsion systems, on some of which he worked, are included. Friedman also presents data demonstrating the ability to withstand high accelerations with some surprising results. He clearly shows that government policy on this subject has been to provide false, misleading claims and disinformation, and establishes that the subject truly represents a Cosmic Watergate.

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Contactees or Secret Agents?

One of the most outrageous, but certainly intriguing, theories surrounding the early years of the Contactee movement suggests the Contactees were in the clandestine employ of the United States’ Intelligence community.
Their secret role: to spread outlandish – and utterly fictitious – tales of trips to the Moon and Venus with long-haired aliens. Their purpose: to make the entire UFO subject seem ridiculous, and to bury the truly unexplained and mystifying reports amongst a mass of largely unbelievable tales of cosmic contact. As controversial as it may seem, however, when we look for connections between the Contactees and elements of U.S. officialdom, we do find them.
For example, documentation that has surfaced via the terms of the Freedom of Information Act demonstrates that while the FBI of the 1950s was hardly enamored of Contactee George Van Tassel, that was most certainly not always the case. The Freedom of Information Act has shown that in previous years Van Tassel had what could be termed quasi-official links with the FBI which were most assuredly not frowned upon.
An FBI document of November 16, 1954, for example, references Van Tassel as having been “acquainted” with FBI Special Agent Walter Bott (who had then recently died), and that furthermore, Van Tassel “helped [Bott] on many cases at Lockheed.” Furthermore, a number of those same cases involved attempts by Soviet “plants” to learn U.S. defense secrets that Van Tassel helped Bott to thwart.

In addition to that startling revelation, while employed with Hughes Aircraft, Van Tassel acted in an assistance capacity to none other than Howard Hughes himself. In 1977, an astonishing book, The Hughes Papers by Elaine Davenport, Paul Eddy and Mark Huwitz, was published, and disclosed a wealth of hitherto unknown material pertaining to Hughes, including his deep connections to the CIA. This does not, of course, link Van Tassel with the CIA in any capacity, but it is food for thought, nevertheless.

Moving on to George Adamski, the researcher George Andrews wrote in his 1986 book Extra-Terrestrials Among Us: “People who traveled with Adamski noticed that he had been issued a special passport, such as is usually reserved for diplomats and high government officials. It is entirely possible that he may have been a CIA disinformation agent who successfully fulfilled the mission of making the subject of UFOs seem so absurd that no independent in-depth investigation would be made by qualified academics.”
And there is more to come. In 1954, a group of West Coast-based Contactees – including both Truman Bethurum and George Hunt Williamson – gave a series of lectures at the Hotel Gibson in Cincinnati. As this was also the home-city of the famed UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield, paths inevitably crossed. Hoping to get Stringfield to endorse their talks, Bethurum, Williamson and their flock called at his home and introduced themselves. Stringfield flatly refused to lend his support; although he did invite the group into his home. It was while in the company of the Contactees that Stringfield had an intriguing experience, as he noted in his 1977 book, Situation Red: The UFO Siege:
“After their departure I began to wonder about their causes. At one point during the evening’s many tête-à-têtes, I chanced to overhear two members discussing the FBI. Pretending aloofness, I tried to overhear more. It seemed that one person was puzzling over the presence of an ‘agent’ in the group. When I was caught standing too close, the FBI talk stopped. Whether or not I had reason to be suspicious, it was not difficult for me to believe that some of the Contactees behind all this costly showmanship were official ‘plants.’”
Finally, there is the tale of Howard Menger, author of the book From Outer Space to You. As the late and renowned Fortean authority John Keel noted in letters to the UFO researcher Gray Barker and Saucer Smear editor Jim Moseley, Menger termed his book “fiction-fact” and implied that the Pentagon had asked him to participate in an experiment to test the public’s reaction to extra-terrestrial contact…

Red UFO Over Magdalena, New Mexico On May 3, 2012, Video News.

By Scott Waring

This orange disk was seen last week over Magdalena. Often orange UFOs are mistaken for Chinese lanterns, but as you can see with the zoomed in shot, this thing is huge!!! The person who took this shot has a great camera with a great zoom on it. I wish more UFO hunters had such a camera.


UFO Triangle sighting in Moscow (Video)

Published on 9 May 2012 by

Unknown Objects over Newnan, Georgia on Video

By Ufo Casebook
UFO Image
Newnan, Georgia - 04-29-12
I was coming home from the store when I noticed two triangular objects flying over a wooded area about 5 blocks from my house. The objects were changing color. It did not appear that they had lights on them but they appeared to be made of light.
Two orbs seemed to be following the objects. I thought at first they were some type of kite, but whatever it was flew directly over a wooded area.
One of the objects was prominently green, the other was prominently blue. They had two orbs trailing them, although the orbs did not seem to be touching the object they followed, and they changed color as the object changed color.
At first I thought someone was flying "kites with lights." I say that because they were moving like kites move when someone is doing tricks (dipping and ascending rapidly then hovering), but I ruled out the kite theory immediately as they were flying over a wooded area (and what idiot would fly a kite in the woods).
I also thought of a hang glider, but there is no take off point for hang gliders where I live. Anyway, I saw another car sitting at a stop sign adjacent to the one I was sitting at. I approached the car and asked the occupant if they saw what I was seeing (to make sure I wasn't losing it!) she said "Yes."
So now realizing I wasn't hallucinating, I rushed home to get my camera. By the time I got back to the spot where I saw the objects there was only one left (the blue one) on the video you can hear the crickets, you can hear my voice, you can hear the cars passing by, but you cannot hear any noise coming from the object.
I was very nervous, my hands were shaking, my heart was racing plus I was on full zoom, so the footage is a bit shaky. I was trying to zoom in so one could see the shape of the object and zoom back out so one could see the way it was moving.
It was making sharp turns that I've never seen any plane or helicopter make (as I said it was like a kite). It would get small and then big very quickly as it moved far away and then near again.
One of the times when I tried to zoom in (which would've been a perfect shot) the object became blury but you can see that it is changing color. If you pause the video at different parts you can make out a definite shape.
Anyway I lost sight of it when it went behind the tree line and I never saw it again.
Uploaded through MUFON open source files.
Video edited by The video was extreme shaky, but we did the best we could with what we had to work with.

Private Spaces: Google Goes to Outer Space for New Business Idea

Dispatches from the future, in which astronauts farm the blackened mare plains on our Moon’s dark side for rich Helium-3 isotopes to be used in advanced fuel cells back on terra firma, sound far more like science fiction than anything we’re capable of right now (unless, of course, Newt Gingrich were to be elected… but I digress). Then again, potential candidates in the present U.S. election may not be the only ones with their eyes on the stars.
In fact, shortly after his historic solo descent to the depths of the Mariana Trench, filmmaker James Cameron has been named along with such names as Ross Perot Jr. in an alliance with the uber-company Google Inc, in a project that could seek to make not only galactic mining operations a reality, but which could move us ever more close to the privatization of space travel.
The Wall Street Journal reported this weekend that the new company,to be called Planetary Resources Inc., has said very little at the outset of their venture. A few things were made clear, however, in stating that the company planned to explore ways to “overlay two critical sectors—space exploration and natural resources—to add trillions of dollars to the global GDP”

Indeed, there could be a lot of potential outside our humble little mudball; this article’s nut graph describes the harvesting of what I referred to as “Helium-3 isotopes,” which, rather than being a snazzy-sounding reference to something sci fi sounding, is an actual radioactive isotope that, while abundant on Earth’s Moon, is seldom found here on our planet. At least since the presidency of George W. Bush, there has been legitimate discussion (if not merely hopeful for the time being) regarding the potentials for utilizing the space program to harvest such substances to further nuclear fusion research and providing clean, efficient energy sources.
However, the Moon is hardly the only place where valuable celestial commodities might be located. As reported by WSJ online, asteroids and their potential for supplying rare elements has been discussed with certain promise as of late:
The possibility of extracting raw materials such as iron and nickel from asteroids has been discussed for decades, but the cost, scientific expertise and technical prowess of fulfilling such as feat have remained an obstacle. NASA experts have projected it could cost tens of billions of dollars and take well over a decade to land astronauts on an asteroid.
Of course, economic conditions presently have cast dark shadows over the future of the American Space Program, causing many to question this sort of projected goal, at least so far as it coming to fruition any time in the next decade. Hence, the notion of private industry taking interest in space exploration has become, for some, particularly appealing.

This isn’t always the case, of course. During a brief chat I had with a former contractor who, during the 1960s, had worked on electrical circuitry for missile systems, he described the notion of private space endeavors as “terribly frightening,” citing the multitude of details that must be cared for in the circumstances surrounding a space launch. Will this indeed be an industry that will serve in furthering humankind, or is the privatization of space as an industry unto itself really just a dangerous gamble? Of course, it will be a few years, no doubt, before such projects really get “off the ground” (pun intended), and therefore, the emergence of better technologies suited for spaceflight could still help ensure the safety, precision, and ultimately, the success of such operations… one day, at least.
(The images used in this post are for illustration purposes only)

What were those strange lights - a UFO or aliens?

By David Godsall
Loughborough Echo May 10 2012 

WAS it a bird, was it a plane?
No, and it wasn’t Superman either, say two locals who have seen mysterious lights in the sky around the area.
In response to local astronomer Wiktor Maslowski’s sighting of strange lights above Loughborough on Tuesday April 24, two further sightings have been reported to the Echo.
Paul Seymour, of Loughborough, spotted a strange light while taking a photograph of Venus in the sky on April 22.
He said: “I was at the back of the Moon and Bell and it was a lovely evening. Venus was ever so bright so I took a couple of photographs. When I looked back at them there’s something else in the photographs, a light.”
Air enthusiast Tom Gibson of East Leake has a barn under the flight path to East Midlands Airport and it was in October last year that he saw something strange.
He said: “I saw five blue lights quite low in the sky.
“Now I follow lots of aircraft and I’ve not seen anything like that before.
“One of the lights zoomed off to the left at great speeds over Loughborough.
“They then all disappeared at a huge rate of knots.
“It was unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Watch Mars and Beyond, Disney’s trippy 1950s vision of space exploration and extraterrestrial life (Video)

By Robert T. Gonzalez

Four years before the Soviet Union's Luna 2 reached the surface of the Moon, and fourteen years ahead of the crewed Apollo 11 mission, Walt Disney introduced audiences to deep space exploration with a trio of fantastic space-themed featurettes.
Disney's motive for producing these "science factual" programs was two-fold. The first was to promote Tomorrowland — one of the four major sections of the Disneyland theme park in California. The second was to use the novel medium of television to illustrate "how high man might fly on the strength of technology and the spirit of human imagination." The objective, Disney said, was to combine "the tools of our trade with the knowledge of the scientists to give a factual picture of the latest plans for man's newest adventure."
The first program in the series, Man In Space, aired in March of 1955. Later that year, Man and the Moon was televised to homes all around the United States. Featured up top is Mars and Beyond, the third installment, which aired two years later in December, 1957.
All three are definitely worth watching, but Mars and Beyond really stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of raw futuristic content. The 52-minute segment explores ideas from science fiction giants like H.G. Wells, discusses the feasibility of humans inhabiting planets throughout the solar system, and even considers the possibility of alien life on Mars — all with animations unlike any Disney film you've ever seen.

Steve Pierce: Witness to the famous Travis Walton alien abduction (Video)

The Travis Walton abduction story is one of the most famous cases in ufology. For the past 30 years Travis has been the one telling the story. This past February at the 2012 International UFO Congress, two others from that night, John Goulette and Steve Pierce, joined Walton on stage for a panel discussion of the incident. Both men have been dealing with what they witnessed in their own way since that November evening, and both men have gone through their share of ridicule and harassment for sticking to their story.

Steve Pierce participates in the Travis Walton panel discussion
at the 2012 IUFOC. (Credit: Jason McClellan)

Steve Pierce was just 17 when the event took place. His life changed instantly as he was thrown into a world of news reporters, skeptics, and subjected to false accusations and a polygraph test. Even after passing, those closest to him had trouble believing his story. The harassment continued, and noted UFO skeptic Philip Klass offered Pierce $10,000 to change his story and say the incident was a hoax. Pierce denied the offer. Things did not get easier for Steve. The occurrence left a continuing wake through his life, and those closest to him still would not believe the story. This would prove to be a burden on many of his relationships. Philip Klass eventually tracked down Pierce in Texas and continued to harass him to change his story, even flying to Texas at one point to meet. Steve never accepted the offer.
Since speaking at the conference, a new challenge has arose. He is again being contacted to change his story and say it was a hoax. Klass passed away in 2005, and Steve will not say whom the new offer is from. Through all of these trials, Steve has gained one very important follower, his daughter Stevie. After watching the film Fire in the Sky with her father, she has taken an interest in the subject and supports him and his story. This has given Steve encouragement to come out and give what he claims will be his last interview. In this exclusive Open Minds interview, Pierce addresses certain aspects of his story that he wants to set straight, and tells of his trials and tribulations through the entire process.