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Jacques Vallee and the Mystery of the ‘Alien Alloys’

By Red Pill Junkie

Dr. Jacques Vallee’s presentation for Contact in the Desert 2017 has just been uploaded to Youtube. Here’s your chance to listen him describe the things he’s uncovered over the years by analyzing metal samples allegedly ejected by UFOs, which have been recovered all around the world, and how the chemical composition of these materials seriously challenge all of our preconceptions with regards to the popularly-assumed extraterrestrial nature of these objects:


The 3 most relevant points to be extracted from this presentation are:
  1. Some of these metal materials are seen to contain trace levels of elements (and isotope of said elements) which no man-made or terrestrial metals would be expected to contain. Are these contaminants or purposefully introduced (i.e. engineered)?
  2. The technical analysis needs to be expanded through the use of several instruments to arrive at more precise composition levels –no analysis from a single instrument or method is fully reliable.
  3. An aggressive program or search for additional samples needs to be conducted in order to reach a general picture of the entire problem.
These are very important aspects to consider, because in the end Vallee is being very frank about the stage in which this kind of research currently finds itself, which is one of total ignorance with regards to WHY the isotopic ratio of these metal alloys would be so different from regular terrestrial samples, or even samples of known extraterrestrial origin (e.g. a meteorite). Does it have to do with the propulsion system of the craft, possible stealth capabilities or the way the metal would handle extreme conditions like radiation or anti-gravity conditions? He and his colleagues just don’t know. They are only certain of one thing, and that is that with our current state of technology in the XXIst century –and bear in mind some of these samples were retrieved in the 1950s– it would cost trillions of dollars just to produce 1 cubic centimeter of metal, re-engineered with the kind of isotopic levels they have observed in the lab, because it would mean artificially separating the isotopes and recombining them to different ratios.

“Unless somebody has an absolutely magical technology to do that”, as he concludes, such a feat would be virtually impossible. Of course, to someone like me the mention of ‘magical technology’ and ‘impossible metal compositions’ inevitably leads me to one of the most ancient scientific tradition of mankind: Alchemy.

Dr. Vallee explained his ulterior motive for giving this presentation –as well as going into radio and podcast interviews like the one I was a part of last year— is so he can get his hands on many more sample materials, which presumably are in the hands of anonymous close encounter witnesses, UFO researchers or their descendants. He also refers to the (in)famous Roswell crash and how he doesn’t have any access to the materials from those type of cases, which might or might not have been retrieved by the government. This made me think of Diana Walsh Pasulka’s upcoming book American Cosmic, in which she describes how she was approached by anonymous higher-ups in the tech/private industry who took her to an alleged crash site of a UFO on some undisclosed location in New Mexico; Diana is a social scientist and has not engineering background, so why is it that these people don’t contact someone like Vallee first, and take him to see these UFO samples instead??

Oh, and another thing I found curious: Right at the beginning of the video and before jumping into the meat of his exposition, Vallee briefly mentions the ‘rumors’ regarding how the government has given these type of materials to “some aerospace company.” Given how this presentation was given in June of 2017, which was 4 months before the launch of Tom Delonge’s TTS/AAS initiative –and 6 months before the surprising revelation of the Pentagon UFO program by the New York Times, in which Robert Bigelow’s involvement was acknowledged— one wonders if Dr. Vallee had one particular ‘aerospace company’ in mind when he made that cryptic comment…

[UPDATE]: Somebody over Twitter brought to my attention this interview with Dr. Garry Nolan, who is a Professor of Microbiology & Immunology at Stanford University, and also  a member of the advisory board for the To The Stars Academy.

Before that, Dr. Nolan was involved in Dr. Steven Greer’s Sirius Project and was in charge with the DNA study of the controversial ‘Ata’ mummy, which eventually confirmed it was nothing but a human fetus suffering from a number of genetic malformations –most likely an illegal abortion.
In this Q&A session Nolan confirms he has collaborated with Vallee on the isotope study of the alleged UFO metal samples, which he calls ‘meta-materials’:

People interested in understanding the reality of what’s going on with these metamaterials (so-called alloys) need to understand this: . There are 253 isotopes that do not undergo radioactive decay in any reasonable time frame. This page has a table of nuclides where the grey boxes denote the 253 stable isotopes. Some elements, such as aluminum, have only 1 stable isotope. Titanium and nickel each have 5 stable isotopes. Tin (Sn) has eight! There are natural ratios of these isotopes that are largely governed by stellar decay processes, centrifugal forces (solar and other) during planetary formation, and proximity to gamma and other radiation sources. The ratios vary only slightly (maximum a couple percent) across a solar system. Significant variations in isotope ratios imply either engineering of the ratios for a purpose, or that the materials came from somewhere that does not “play by our rules”.
This is an interest addition to the To the Stars puzzle, since it confirms that people involved with TTS/AAS have been directly involved with Vallee’s efforts to study these materials. However, it does NOT necessarily mean Vallee himself is associated with DeLonge; for starters on numerous occasions Jacques has emphatically denied any involvement with To the Stars –and I for one I’m willing to take his word for it. I think the answer is simply that one of Dr. Vallee’s previous collaborator in the study of the UFO samples was professor Peter Sturrock –whom he mentioned on his CITD presentation and was an eminent physicist working at Stanford– and after Sturrock retired perhaps he referred Vallee to Nolan, a young colleague from the same university with a shared interest in the UFO phenomenon.

Pilots Encountering UFOs - Spacing Out!

Maureen Elsberry and Jason McClellan are joined by Tyler Rogoway to discuss the latest string of pilot UFO encounters.

Could radiation readings be key to understanding Rendlesham UFO’s?

Gary Baker and Colonel Charles I. Halt walk the UFO trail in Rendlesham Forest. Picture: TOM POTTER

Radiation readings taken around the former RAF Woodbridge site could hint to UFO activity in the 1980s according to one scientist. 
Tim Acheson, measured the levels of radiation at locations around the site to see if they varied from other areas of the forest.
“There has been much debate about radiation readings from the 80s,” said Mr Acheson.
He found that there were a number of radiation ‘hot spots’ at locations linked to the extra terrestrial sightings back in December 1980.
Rendlesham Forest. Picture: TOM POTTER
“As a scientist, I find all the debate without scientific evidence incredibly frustrating. I couldn’t believe nobody has taken the time to do a thorough scientific study to settle the issue one way or another,so I took matters into my own hands.”
For Mr Acheson the biggest question posed by these radiation readings is do the readings show the presence of UFO’s or were the UFO’s attracted by the high radiation levels?
“We can’t qualify it,” said Mr Acheson, “but there is definitely a relationship.”
Nick Pope was the Ministry of Defence’s UFO desk officer between 1991 and 1994 and led a review into the Rendlesham case.
“This is a highly impressive and significant piece of work. The levels of radioactivity in Rendlesham Forest are an important piece of physical evidence, and a better understanding of this aspect of the story may prove critical when it comes to resolving the question of what took place back in 1980. 
“In the original Ministry of Defence investigation, the Defence Intelligence Staff assessed the levels of radioactivity documented in Lieutenant Colonel Halt’s official report as being “significantly higher than the average background”. 
“This new radiation survey gives us considerably more data and is the sort of serious research and investigation that I wish more people in the UFO community, be they sceptics or believers, would undertake.”
An MOD spokesperson said: “All our historic files which refer to UFOs, including Rendlesham Forest, have either been released, or are in the process of being released to The National Archives. The MOD continues to have no opinion on the existence, or otherwise, of extra-terrestrial life and does not investigate reported unidentified flying object sightings.”

Boat tours, new speakers added to Shag Harbour UFO Festival being held Aug. 3-5

A sign marking the crash of an object in the water in what is referred to the 1967 Shag Harbour UFO incident. - Tina Comeau
By Kathy Johnson

SHAG HARBOUR, N.S. – Tickets are now available online for the 2018 Shag Harbour UFO Festival, being hosted on Aug. 3 to 5 at the Sandy Wickens Memorial Arena on Sherose Island in Barrington Passage.

This year’s festival marks the 51st anniversary since the Oct. 4, 1967 incident, which is regarded as the best documented UFO case in Canada. Besides the presentations and panel discussions on tap at the arena over the three days, the festival also includes bus tours to the ‘hot spots’ in the Shag Harbour area and new this year, harbour boat tours of the crash site and area.

Guest speakers, media personalities and presenters “composing of some of the top minds in the field of ufology and research, along with witnesses to the impact, and other people who were involved with the search effort on the night of Oct 4, 1967 and the days following” will be presenting during the conference, states the festival website.

The festival starts Aug. 3 at the arena at 5:30 p.m. for the conference welcome, announcements, introduction of speakers, the Shag Harbour UFO Witness Panel and a presentation by Cape Sable Island fisherman Rodney Ross about his sea monster experience.

Renowned Shag Harbour UFO incident researcher Chris Styles will get things going at the festival conference on Aug. 4 followed by Chris Rutkowski, a Canadian science writer, educator, and consultant for the Winnipeg Paranormal Group who has been writing about his investigations and research on UFOs since the mid-1970s. “1967 – The Year Canada Was "Invaded" by UFO's including Shag Harbour in Perspective” is the title of his presentation.

Also taking the podium is Palmiro Campagna, a professional engineer with the Department of National Defence in Ottawa. His online bio reads: “He has acted as the Canadian representative to NATO in the area of electromagnetic environmental effects in Canadian military aircraft. He is currently involved in (an) internal project review. He has written the books … from previously classified Secret and Top Secret government documents, obtained through access to information.” Campagna will speak about the Avro Arrow and Other Ufology.

Ted Roe, co-founder and CEO of the U.S. based National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP), is also scheduled to speak. NARCAP is a non-profit organization “dedicated to the documentation and analysis of aviation safety-related encounters with Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAP. NARCAP is an established authority on UAP and aviation-related UAP research,” states its website. Roe’s presentation is titled My Personal Perspective as an Experiencer and NARCAP.

Presentations by film maker Paul Kimball, author Graham Simms as well as an experienced panel and guest speaker panel will wrap the presentations on Aug 4 and Aug. 5.

For further information about the festival email . Festival tickets are available online at

Was India once an alien hotspot? 10,000-year-old rock paintings say so

The drawings were apparently drawn 10,000 years ago when space travel was not even in the distant dream of human beings.
India, the land of a gloriously rich tradition might be once the hottest hub of aliens and extraterrestrial beings. Many historians and archeologists in India believe that cavemen who lived in the pre-historic age have painted pictures of aliens and UFOs in rocks at Charama, Chhattisgarh.

Did aliens visit India in the past?

These rock paintings discovered in Charama depicts alien-like figures wearing suits very similar to modern space suits. The drawings also feature flying saucers, each with a fan-like antenna and three legs. It should be noted that these drawings were apparently drawn before 10,000 years, an era in which space travel was not even in the distant dream of human beings.
Top archaeologists who investigated the site reveal that these paintings were made in natural colors, and they have hardly faded despite the long years. In some of the pictures, the alien-like figures are seen carrying some sort of weapons.

Interestingly, people in nearby villages of Charama have the tradition of worshipping small 'Rohela' people who used to land from the sky in round shaped flying saucers.
Archeologists in India believe that people in pre-historic ages might have seen aliens either in real life or in imagination, and this might have made them draw such figures on rocks.

Other sightings of UFO in modern India

Apart from this UFO evidence from the pre-historic age, it was on March 15, 1951, that an authentic flying object sighting was reported in India. The incident happened in New Delhi when 25 members of a flying club witnessed a cigar-shaped flying object hovering in the sky. The object was apparently hundred feet long, and after a few moments, it vanished into thin air.
Another interesting UFO sighting reportedly happened in 2013 as residents of Mogappiar, Chennai observed five packs of bright orange lights moving across the skies.
Apart from these sightings, people who live in the Northern parts of India, especially in Ladakh, and Arunachal Pradesh borders have several times claimed that they have seen UFOs.

Similar drawings in other parts of the world

Apart from the drawings discovered in India, there are various other similar paintings found in other nooks of the globe. Archeologists have previously discovered drawings of alien-like figures at Legends Rock in Wyoming. This site has more than 250 petroglyphs and it clearly indicates that humans in the ancient ages were in touch with extraterrestrial beings.
Another mysterious painting discovered in Cayuse Creek in Idaho shows a humanoid figure inside a UFO which resembles flying saucers which we have seen in Hollywood sci-fi flicks. Interestingly, the space vehicle featured in this image is seen emitting trails of smoke behind it.
Many people who live in these areas believe that 'Star Men' used to visit humans many generations ago, and these extraterrestrial beings had brought spiritual teachings to our planet.

The Val Johnson Incident: A UFO encounter that made Marshall County famous

By Hannah Jones
It was late August in Marshall County, 1979. Deputy sheriff Val Johnson was on patrol in his Ford LTD at 1:30 a.m., heading out on County Road 5. He got about 10 miles away from Stephen when he saw a light through the driver’s side window.

It was an 8- to 12-inch ball of light floating about three-and-a-half feet off the ground, zooming along the road. Johnson thought it had to be a truck with a busted headlight. But it was too bright for that. Whatever it was, Johnson decided to follow it.

He sped up to 55 mph, following the glowing orb down a dark stretch of country road. He’s not certain what happened next. One second the light was dead ahead, and the next it was upon him, painfully bright. All he remembers is the sound of glass breaking and the brakes seizing up.

He woke up 39 minutes later with his head on the steering wheel. He raised it to take in a sideways view of the world. His car was sitting on its side, halfway off the road in the opposite lane. His head hurt. His eyes hurt. But he managed to radio headquarters.

When they asked what was wrong, he told them he honestly didn’t know. All he knew was that something hit his car.

Rescuers found his car in a sorry state. The windshield was shattered, and there was a hefty dent in the hood. The antennae were folded neatly backward, with all the desiccated corpses of careless insects still attached. One of the headlights was busted.

An ambulance transported Johnson to a Warren hospital. Doctors determined he’d sustained eye burns, the kind welders get from staring at the sparks shooting off their instruments. He was treated and released.

He told Sheriff Dennis Brekke what he saw. He had no explanation for it. During questioning, they noticed his watch was 14 minutes behind. This was strange for Johnson. He had always been fastidious about syncing his watch and his car clock with headquarters when he started his shifts. They also discovered the clock in his car was 14 minutes slow.

The department was dumbfounded. They had no idea how any of this could be explained. That’s when Brekke called the Center for UFO Studies in Illinois. UFO investigator Allan Hendry turned up in Warren the next day.

Hendry was an astronomer, ufologist and advocate for the “scientific study of UFOs.” His book, "The UFO Handbook: A Guide to Investigating, Evaluating, and Reporting UFO Sightings" was all about being comprehensive and critical of supposed encounters, and separating tricks of the mind from the truly unexplained. Hendry studied the car and the circumstances. He came to only one conclusion: whatever happened, this wasn’t a hoax.

Hendry was the first of many experts to examine the wreck. A glass expert determined the fractures in the outside of the windshield had three origins -- three objects had likely hit the windshield within milliseconds of each other. There was no conclusion as to what these objects were.

An investigator from Honeywell studied the antennae. His best guess was that they had been bent by a highly imposed blast of air -- but he had no idea what could had caused such a thing. The presence of bugs on the antennae indicated that it probably hadn’t been bent back by hand.

Theories started to bounce. Maybe it was ball lightning: an atmospheric quirk usually associated with thunderstorms. But the night had been clear. A fallen piece of equipment from a nearby Air Force base? Maybe, but there would have been debris.

After the department released the story of Johnson’s mystery encounter, the AP picked it up, and the department phone was suddenly ringing around the clock. People were calling from all over the world, dying to know more. Johnson and his family were inundated in calls from the press, and he appeared on Good Morning America. But as time went on, other headlines crowded the front page and the event fell into relative obscurity.

Then along came the internet.

“There’s probably more interest in [Johnson] now than there was 20 years ago,” says Kent Broten, president of the Marshall County Historical Society. The Marshall County Museum still has Johnson’s car, and it’s one of their most popular exhibits. Every year they meet people who show up just to see the car in person. The History Channel and the Travel Channel stop by every now and then to do spooky specials on the small-town UFO encounter.

Broten has no idea what happened that night, and he knows pretty much everything there is to know about the Val Johnson Incident, as it came to be known.

“To this day, it’s unsolved,” he says.