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Spacing Out! - The International UFO Congress Day 1 (Video)

Published on 28 Feb 2013 By openmindstv
Spacing Out! recaps day one of the International UFO Congress in Fountain Hills Arizona. They interview Ben Hansen from SyFy's Fact or Faked about night vision equipment and some mysterious footage he filmed by Skinwalker Ranch. Ben has a tent set-up with Night Optics USA, a Bushnell company, in the vendor room. They will be at the event through Sunday for people to test out their night vision gear and will be hosting a special free night vision UFO skywatch on Friday March 1, 2013 at the event.

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Mac's UFO News - February 2013 (Video)

Published By Mac5ize
Some of the ufo cases that made Mac's UFO News during the month of February 2013. As seen on Mac's UFO News:

UFO News Links For Tuesday 26th February 2013

Russians believe meteor strike could have been UFO or God’s message – Times of India

The Other Side of Truth: Roswell

UFO Over Oregon Caught On Tape – Huffington Post

UFOs - scientific research: Plane left standing by UFO

Top Seven Alien Abductions in Cinema and on TV – Dread Central

Maybes in Black: The Influence of “MIB Culture” | Mysterious Universe

Cigar-shaped UFO Filmed Shooting Lightning – International Business Times AU

Silver Screen Saucers: “Aliens are dicks” in crappy ‘Dark Skies’ movie

Compelling footage of a UFO at Popocatépetl Volcano in Mexico – Techi

Are the 'UFO Hunters' COINTELPRO as former Intelligence Operative Claims?

Video Footage of Spotted UFO in Southern Oregon – International Business Times AU

UFOs - scientific research: RAAF Base Darwin's UAP files

Harmless and forgettable aliens – Vernon Morning Star

Shatner and Nimoy campaign to name Pluto’s moon Vulcan | Monster Island News

Jokes lost in ‘Alien’ abduction – Boston Herald

Will Curiosity’s scoop of powdered rock reveal signs of alien life? – Science Recorder

Is Millionaire Space Tourist Planning Trip to Mars? –

Ancient 'Microcontinent' Buried Under Indian Ocean? Scientists Find Likely Continent Fragment

New telescopes could detect alien oxygen

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Astrobiologists searching for life elsewhere in the universe use the current understanding of life to target their search. Small, rocky, Earth-like worlds are considered more likely to be hospitable to life as we know it. But scientists have only recently been able to detect these smaller planets thanks to newer tools like the Kepler space telescope.
Studying the atmospheres of these rocky worlds would help to better determine if they could support life. Because oxygen is so important to life on Earth, detecting oxygen on an alien planet would be an exciting indicator that life could potentially exist there. Unfortunately, current telescopes are not sensitive enough to analyze the atmospheres of these small rocky planets. But massive telescopes currently being constructed will be able to see such atmospheres, and perhaps detect oxygen on an alien world.

Artist’s impression of the E-ELT. (Credit: ESO/L. Calçada)

According to, the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) will be one of these giant telescopes. The European Southern Observatory explains that the E-ELT will be “the largest optical/near-infrared telescope in the world and will gather 13 times more light than the largest optical telescopes existing today.”
But as explains, detecting oxygen on one of these planets is still going to be a long shot because “an exoplanet has to pass in front of its star many times to gather enough data to say for sure whether oxygen is present. Depending on the planet’s orbit and the size of its star, that could take between 4 and 400 years.”
The E-ELT is projected to begin operating in the next decade.

UFO movie news round-up

By Robbie Graham
‘Escape from Planet Earth' reviews and box-office
Released in cinemas last week, Escape from Planet Earth has received generally negative reviews from critics, scoring a measly 27% on at the time of writing. The children’s film -- which sees aliens escape from Area 51 -- has so far grossed approximately $23 million against its $40 million budget.

In one of its more positive write-ups, The Hollywood Reporter’s Stephen Farber describes Escape from Planet Earth as “Passable animated entertainment” that is “stronger on humor than adventure.”

The Wrap’s Alonso Duralde was less kind, noting that “The kids in the theater with me never mustered a single laugh or gasp of excitement” and calling the film “a black hole of entertainment.”

Laramey Legel of is even more to the point with his observation that the film “Has it all for people looking for nothing.” Ouch.

Megan Fox to star in ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’

Michael Bay has announced via his website that he will reunite with Megan Fox for his upcoming alien-flavored Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. There's no word yet on who Fox will play, but it seems almost certain she’ll take the role of reporter April O'Neil.

The good news is that Bay will not be directing TMNT, only producing it. The bad news is that the director is to be Jonathan Liebesman, who delivered the filmic abortions Battle Los Angeles and Wrath of the Titans. In case readers still care, the film will begin shooting in April and is currently scheduled for release on May 16, 2014.

‘Ben 10’ movie gets a writer

It was announced in 2011 that producer Joel Silver was working to bring Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 to the big screen. The project has been developing ever since, and now The Hollywood Reporter has it that Ryan Engle has been hired to rewrite the screenplay (which was previously drafted by Albert Torres).

The kids’ TV series is about a boy, Ben Tennyson, who discovers a strange wrist watch that allows him to transforms into 10 different aliens with super powers.

Engle is best known for his work on the forthcoming video game adaptation Rampage.

Expect a 2014 release.

‘The Host’: new trailer

The latest trailer for the up-coming body-snatching alien teen flick The Host...
J.J. Abrams to make ‘Half-Life’ and ‘Portal’ movies?
Big screen versions of the Half-Life and Portal video games may be on the horizon. Polygon reports that Gabe Newell – managing director of game company Valve – joined director J.J. Abrams on stage at the recent DICE Summit where the pair dropped hints that they are to team up creatively.

"There's an idea we have for a game that we'd like to work with Valve on," said Abrams, who recently signed-up to helm the new Star Wars movie for Disney and LucasFilm.

"We're super excited about that," Newell added, "and we also want to talk about making movies, either a 'Portal' movie
or a 'Half-Life' movie... What we are actually doing here, we are recapitulating a series of conversations going on. We reached the point that we decided to do more than talk."

The first Half-Life game was released in 1998 and follows a theoretical physicist, Gordon Freeman, who opens a dimensional rift between a New Mexico research facility and a world of alien monsters called Xen.

Portal, meanwhile, is a spinoff of Half-Life released in 2007. In it, a test subject named Chell is forced to navigate a rival research company's laboratories armed with a device that can open portals through space.
For more discussion of the Half-Life franchise and other UFO-themed video games, check out this excellent article by Silver Screen Saucers’ pal Red Pill Junkie.

You’ve Been Saucer-Spied!

By Nick Redfern

There are a number of intriguing disclosures contained in one of the batches of declassified British Government files on UFOs that surfaced in 2012. Among them are the notable (and lengthy) references to, and papers on, certain people within the UK-based UFO research field who had been secretly watched by officialdom. In some cases, they were watched for a very long time and by more than one agency or arm of the British Government. Interestingly, the “saucer spying” was undertaken by agencies outside of the Ministry of Defense. Yet, we have, for years, been led to believe that the MoD is the only agency that plays a meaningful role in the UFO issue when it comes to the British Government.
Governments distorting and hiding the facts? Really? Surely not?! And should we be surprised to learn that other UK departments, beyond the MoD, are also implicated in the UFO puzzle? No, of course we shouldn’t be surprised! In fact, nothing should surprise us when it comes to official secrecy and saucers in the sky.
The National Archive summarizes the information – and the relevant now-declassified, official files which I’m talking about - in the following fashion:
“File DEFE 24/1984/1 (p294) contains a 1996 Parliamentary Question from Martin Redmond MP asking on how many occasions MI6 and GCHQ have monitored UFO investigations. This was interpreted to mean ‘have the agencies been keeping watch on UFOlogists.’ A background briefing says ‘neither agency in fact undertakes such activity, though GCHQ cannot rule out the possibility’ they had monitored ‘in other contexts individuals who have made a study of UFOs’. The MP was told the government do not comment on the intelligence and security agencies (p298).


“File DEFE 24/1987/1 (p262-65) reveals that in 1997 Special Branch took an interest in a UFOlogist who became obsessed with rumours of a secret UFO facility beneath RAF Rudloe Manor in Wiltshire. The base had become known as the British equivalent of the secret US military airbase ‘Area 51′ among conspiracy theorists. An internal note said ‘Special Branch…do not believe he poses a specific threat to security, but they are alert to the risk that others may use him as a conduit for their activities.’”
Well, since the summary very conveniently fails to note the names of the people in question, it’s up to me to tell you who they were (and who they still are!).


Back in 1997, Robin Cole, of Cheltenham, England – the home to GCHQ (the Government Communications Headquarters) – wrote a fascinating and unique report on the agency’s involvement in the UFO phenomenon. And, for those who may not be aware of it, GCHQ is the UK equivalent of the US National Security Agency.
After Cole’s report was published, he was visited by two representatives of the UK’s Special Branch, who wanted to “have a chat.” And since the pair made the mistake (a somewhat disastrous mistake, from their perspective) of announcing their visit in advance (via an early morning phone-call), Robin had the quick sense to clandestinely set up an audio-tape-recorder in his living-room. So, when the pair arrived and reeled off their questions to the fairly alarmed UFO researcher, Robin duly captured the entire conversation for posterity and without their knowledge.
Much of the question-and-answer session with Robin (which, I should stress, was very cordial and not at all like what one would expect from the likes of the dreaded Men in Black) revolved around Special Branch’s deep interest in a Welsh UFO researcher named Matthew Williams – who just happens to be the “UFOlogist who became obsessed” with Royal Air Force Rudloe Manor, as referenced by the National Archives above.

The Manor
Matthew, you may recall, was the subject of a post from me here just a few days ago on a very different subject: crop circles. Matt most certainly does get around!

I wrote extensively about the very (and I do mean VERY) weird saga of Robin and Matt in my 2006 book, On the Trail of the Saucer Spies, including the intricacies of the Special Branch/GCHQ angle as it related to the dynamic duo. I also told the whole story in the book of what is now just starting to surface via the UK Freedom of Information Act, more than half a decade later.
The Cole/Williams story is an extremely strange one. It’s filled to the conspiratorial brim with tales of phone and house surveillance, possibly illegal entry into a private residence and the “acquisition” (or, as most of us understand the term, “stealing”) of certain photos of certain places, the Royal Air Force’s Provost and Security Services, and much, much more.
At the time that On the Trail of the Saucer Spies was published, certain people in Ufology scoffed at my words and said it was utterly laughable to think that Special Branch and GCHQ might be involved in watching Matt and Robin, or indeed any players in late-1990s UK Ufology. I’m very pleased to see that seven years after On the Trail of the Saucer Spies was written, the files finally demonstrate the story was correct. Ufology is being watched…

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Mobile Phone Upgrade For Mac's UFO News

The Mobile Phone settings have now been changed making it easier for you to recieve Mac's UFO News whilst you're busy & on the move...

Just use your Google app. & search Mac's Ufo News.  The new setting will make finding news, articles and streaming video far easier & much quicker!   If you 'Add Shotcut To Home' then it's just one click away!

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Spacing Out! Ep. 40 Searching for the best UFO evidence (Video)

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In this episode, we talk about big money being offered up by film producers for evidence of UFOs or extraterrestrials, and, of course, we talk about the upcoming International UFO Congress on this episode of Spacing Out!

UFO News Links For Friday 22nd February 2013

Mexico: Mass UFO Sighting Over Opopeo, Michoacán
Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Mexico: Mass UFO Sighting Over Opopeo, Michoacán

Video Footage of Spotted UFO in Southern Oregon – International Business Times AU

UFOs - scientific research: Northern Territory UAP file digitised

Harmless and forgettable aliens – Vernon Morning Star

Men In Black and a Warning From the Shadows | Mysterious Universe

Jokes lost in ‘Alien’ abduction – Boston Herald

Nevermore: The MIB at Edgar Allan Poe's Grave - The Gralien Report

UFOs spotted above intergalactic place of extraterrestrial meetings – Pravda

World-Famous Abductee Changes Story
Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Chile: World-Famous Abductee Changes Story

New UFO Conspiracy Community Attracting Thousands of Members in Three Weeks – San Francisco Chronicle

A Different Perspective: Philip Klass Explains It All - Part Two

Alert readers shoot down UFO – Apalachicola Times

You have the right to know. You also have the right not to know. Part I - The Con | True UFO Sightings

Tiny alien planet discovered – FOX News Radio

Roswell And The Quest For Physical Evidence

Strange alien slime appears after meteor strike – SlashGear

Bright Streak Lights Up Florida Night Sky; Likely Sporadic Meteor, Expert Says

Strange Lights in Triangle Formation – International Business Times AU

The Moon Has Had Water Its Whole Life, New Study Says – Popular Science

5 Questions With J.K. Simmons Of ‘Dark Skies’ – Bloody Disgusting

Cigar Shaped UFO Over Popocatepetl Volcano Mexico (Video)

Published on 21 Feb 2013 By UFOvni2012

Science Channel reprises alien-themed month

Last year, the Science Channel devoted the month of March to exploring the question, “Are we alone?” And the channel plans to do the same thing this year.
In March, the Science Channel’s “Are We Alone?” month will feature new content, rather than repeating the same programming from last year. The Hollywood Reporter explains, “The lineup will include new episodes of Alien Encounters, examining what would happen if aliens invaded Earth, as well as the new special, Aliens: The Definitive Guide, which Science Channel calls an ‘Encyclopedia Galactica of non-Earth life forms.’ Other programming includes specials centering on the planets Mars and Venus.”
Explaining why the Science Channel is reprising its alien-themed month, Debbie Adler Myers, executive vice president and general manager of the channel said, “‘Are We Alone?’ month was a big hit for Science Channel last March. We invited viewers to join the search for extraterrestrial life, and it’s clear that everyone enjoys programming of an alien kind.”
The “Are We Alone?” programming begins March 5 on the Science Channel.

Unknown Metallic Sphere Videotaped over Madrid, Spain

By UFO Casebook
Madrid, Spain
Originally published on Feb 18, 2013 by tudor520055
The submitter's comments:
While supervisors were filming a demo video at a construction site, they happened upon this amazing disc-shaped UFO in the sky.(Editor's Note: What we are seeing appears to be a classic shaped metallic UFO with a bottom and smaller top.
The video was quite shaky, so we took some of that out, and added a close-up enhancement at the end.

Mac:  This object is very similar to a ufo that featured on Mac's UFO News on Tuesday, 8 May 2012:
UFO Image
Fast forward to 1 minute 30 seconds:

Grey, Disc-shaped UFO Videotaped over New York

By UFO Casebook
UFO Image
Originally published on Feb 19, 2013 by TheRtoF
Incredible UFO in New York
(Editor's Note: The submitter of this video has posted no information about the file. They indicate they received it from an anonymous source, and may have not been provided with much detail.
What we see is a disc-shaped UFO of a gray color moving across a wintry sky, allegedly somewhere over New York. The object moves slowly from right to left, and from a distance appears at first to be a small plane.
But, a closer look disproves this. It is definitely disc-shaped, and we have added a close-up at the end of the original.

UFO captured emerging from the sea (Video)

Mac: There seems to be very little info on this footage:

Published on 1 Jul 2012 BY silverstreemz
"more information about this vid still to come"

UFOs, Clouds and Secret Experiments


By Nick Redfern

If there is one thing more than any other that I like about the Flying Saucer era of the late 1940s and the early to mid 1950s, it’s the sheer wacky nature of some of the stories that surfaced during that long gone time. Indeed, they are of a caliber (and sometimes of a lack of caliber!) that we just don’t see today. The following is a classic example, and which, just maybe, does indeed have a degree, or nugget, of truth to it. Who knows?
It’s a very strange story that I suspect most people within Ufology will never even have heard of. But, it’s undeniably fascinating, and filled with tales of the FBI, clandestine sources and informants, Soviet secrets, mysterious “controlled clouds,” dead worms (yes, really) and much more. I have been delving into it for quite some time now, but have gone about just as far as I can – unless, that is, anyone reading this knows more…

To briefly summarize the approximately twenty pages I now have on the affair, it goes like this: During the first week of July 1947, FBI agents based out of the Los Angeles, California office were busy investigating a story of very odd proportions. It all started when the Los Angeles Herald Examiner newspaper received a letter a couple of days earlier that told a highly unusual story. In fact, it sounds like the sort of thing that would have had pride of place in the pages of Ray Palmer’s Amazing Stories magazine! Except, this was no tale of science-fiction-style proportions. Nope: it was all true. Allegedly it was, anyway.
The letter-writer stated they had been exposed to a sensational story that led them to believe “flying discs” originated with none other than the Soviet military. So the tale goes, the teller of the tale - who conveniently elected to omit including his or her name – claimed to have then recently met in the “Los Angeles harbor” an “officer aboard a Russian tanker.” After the initial meeting the two met for dinner, over which the Russian asked “where he could sell 18 polar beat pelts which he had received for very dangerous work.”

The mysterious Russian told our equally mysterious letter-writer that the Soviets had been dabbling in some very fringe-like areas of research, and which was connected with that aforementioned “very dangerous work.” That same research involved “experiments with controlled radioactive clouds in the Arctic, where birds, animals and even worms were killed.”
On top of that, the experiments also supposedly involved “atom-powered planes resembling the flying saucers” that controlled the movements of the clouds. The highly talkative (maybe suspiciously too talkative) Russian said that the saucer-planes were barely a couple of feet thick, had “a kidney-shaped outline” and lacked any propellers. As for the pilot, the commie officer assured his US contact that “the pilot lies on his stomach and is artificially cooled against the heat by air friction.”
The letter to the Examiner expanded further: “The outer surface [of the aircraft] is highly polished. Both upper and lower surfaces are convex, like a giant lens. The lifting force is an entirely different principle found about 10 years ago among unpublished papers of a Russian chemist. Energy is only required for climbing, but no energy is needed for support when the airplane goes along the earth’s gravitational contour lines.”
How, exactly, did the Russian officer know all of this? Well, so the wild tale goes, he had personally been “assigned to go over the routes of a radioactive cloud near
Lake Baikal and pick up dead animals. They loaded a few small animals and directed the cloud over them.”

During this experiment, said the Soviet officer, “a violent storm blew the cloud far north into the tundra, but before it dissipated it destroyed all life on its way.” As for the cloud itself, it could be “controlled from land, from a plane or from a robot-piloted leader.”
“As I understand,” said the person who got the FBI’s attention, “the control is based on electro-magnetic waves and the cloud has two components: The carrier and the killer.”
And, aside from getting a few brief mentions in other newspapers that quickly picked up on the Examiner’s article (such as the
Milwaukee Sentinel) that’s where things pretty much end. Truth, fiction, Soviet disinformation, a bizarre hoax or something else? Who knows? But, it’s an undeniably entertaining saga. After all, how could it not be?

Indeed, for a writer like me, it’s filled with the kinds of bizarre and almost cloak-and-dagger-type ingredients I thrive on: (A) a mysterious Russian informant; (B) what sounds like Soviet research mirroring certain aspects of Wilhelm Reich’s cloud-busting technology
; (C) the FBI’s G-Men chasing down the strange truth; (D) weird and futuristic Soviet aircraft; (E) animals dead under unusual circumstances; (F) a mysterious “Russian chemist;” and, of course, not forgetting, (G) that “dangerous work” and a stash of ”18 polar bear pelts!!”

James Fox to Announce $100,000 UFO Reward for Proof of an ET Spacecraft

Nearly every day, videos, photos and eyewitness accounts of UFOs pop up on the Internet.
Some are hoaxes. Some are quirks in the weather. Some sightings are never explained and forevermore remain UFOs.
The photo above, taken by Hannah McRoberts on Vancouver Island in British Columbia in 1981, is considered one of the most credible UFO pictures.
Still, never has there been widely accepted positive proof of an extraterrestrial spacecraft, though there are those who believe various government agencies around the world have conspired to hide the truth.
Now, however, if someone can prove otherwise, they will be $100,000 richer.
Filmmaker James Fox will make this announcement as part of the promotion for his upcoming movie The 701, inspired by the Air Force's two-decade UFO study, Project Blue Book.
The massive study into 12,618 UFO sightings, which ended in 1969, was able to explain away all but 701 of these sightings.
Fox, who previously directed Out of the Blue (2002) and I Know What I Saw (2009), will reveal the $100K challenge at the 22nd International UFO Congress (IUFOC), which begins Feb. 27, in Fountain Hills, Ariz.
"One of the aspects that sets our film apart is the producers' commitment to bringing forth never-before-seen evidence. As part of this effort, we're offering a $100,000 reward for the best proof that some UFOs are alien spacecraft," Fox told The Huffington Post exclusively.
"This material can be in the form of a photograph, video or film footage or debris from an alleged crash site. But it must be able to withstand scientific scrutiny by our chosen panel.
"Our intent is not to create another television UFO documentary, but to produce a feature film for worldwide theatrical release -- 'The 701' -- the most compelling film ever produced on UFOs," Fox said.
"701 is the number the government doesn't want you to know about. The U.S. Air Force had a serious problem, starting in the late 1940s. Technological devices were invading our airspace with total impunity. Glinting, metallic discs, which could accelerate and maneuver in ways hard to imagine, were being seen in incredible numbers by reliable witnesses. Many of them were pilots."
Fox, one of the co-stars of National Geographic's Chasing UFOs, will be sharing the IUFOC podium over the five-day event with former nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman; ex-FBI Special Agent (and host of the Syfy Channel's Fact, or Faked) Ben Hansen; skeptical research scientist Ben McGee; former UK Ministry of Defense officer Nick Pope; and regression therapist Barbara Lamb, among others, presenting a compelling variety of topics, including:
  • Ancient Astronauts and Technologies
  • Physics of Space Travel
  • A New Look At The Cosmos
  • ET/Human Hybrids
  • Close Encounters of The 4th Kind: ET Contact
Watch IUFOC's Jason McClellan and Syfy Channel's Ben Hansen talk about a planned night vision skywatch at the upcoming International UFO Congress:

Congress co-organizers Jason McClellan and Maureen Elsberry host "Spacing Out," a weekly web series that explores UFOs, outer space and the search for extraterrestrial life.
McClellan says the IUFOC, now in its 22nd year, fights to maintain credibility, a not-so-easy task given how many people regard the search for extraterrestrial life.
"Putting aside the giggle factor often associated with UFOs, people can come here and share their stories, experiences and personal viewpoints without being ridiculed," McClellan told HuffPost.
An interesting daily conference activity invites people to attend special experiencer sessions, led by licensed therapists, and which is closed to all press and media.
"It's a place where people can go and share their experiences," said Elsberry. "If they think they've had an experience, whether it be an abduction or any type of close encounter, they can tell it to a professional and share it with other people -- anybody can go and share their story. People can try and find some answers to what they're experiencing. Honestly, for many people, that's the main reason they come to the conference."


Once the $100,000 UFO challenge is announced, it's expected that many people will submit items they feel are credible contenders for the reward. On the other hand, the ease by which UFO photos can be made these days may account for many of the entries.
The image above is an enlargement from the main picture at the top of the story. Could this be a candidate for a $100,000 payoff? Let the contest begin.

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Recent Changes To Mac's UFO News

I've just added a small annotation link on all of my Youtube video's ( Mac's UFO News - YouTube ) which will allow the viewer to navigate directly to Mac's UFO News. The link's are small (top left corner) & can be turned off should you find them a distraction.
Mac's UFO News video's (monthly) will return at the end of February, the aim of which is to highlight the major ufological cases and article's that made the news that month.
Also the link's on my blog for UFO Evolution & recent Mufon cases are now on the 'Navigation Bar' at the top of the page along with the new addition of UFO TV. The UFO TV 'special's' will be updated every month or so. Older Special's can be found on the side bar.

Best wishes!

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Spacing Out! Ep. 35 - Lee Speigel's Top UFO Stories of 2012 (Video)

Lee Speigel's Top UFO Stories of 2012
We talk with Huffington Post journalist Lee Speigel about some of his picks for top UFO stories of 2012 on this special episode of Spacing Out!

UFO News Links For Tuesday 19th February 2013

UFOs: are they real? And why are governments hiding it? | News24

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it …. ? – Mudgeee Guardian

Jim Marrs’s Newest Book Asks if the ‘Global Elite’ Conceal Ancient Aliens -

Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico Sparks Fresh UFO Alert – International Business Times UK

New Mexico's UFO and Paranormal Forum - Albuquerque society and culture |

Aliens, Death Rays And Sci-Fi Missile Shields Litter Russian Meteor Conspiracy Theories – International Business Times

Fuel Fix » Strange sights fuel UFO fears near Eagle Ford

Bleach could hamper Mars life search – Space Daily

UFOs - scientific research: A case of radiation? Kempsey - 1985

Possible UFO Sighting In Southern Oregon – KOBI-TV NBC 5

Presidents and the Paranormal

Photo of UFO hovering above Bucharest parliament – Daily Mail

The 1964 Socorro/Zamora Symbol: Not Extraterrestrial.

Discovery Channel brings Sheffield family’s alien encounter to life
North Adams Transcript

Was UFO Spotted Over Avalon Marshes Similar To Meteor Fireball In Russia?

SETI and the Aliens – Herald Review

The True Story Of A 1967 "Contact" Incident

Unusual light flash seen in California sky day after Russia meteor explosion – The Voice of Russia

Unknown Object Videotaped over Uruguay

By UFO Casebook
Originally published on Feb 12, 2013 by TheRtoF
(Editor's Note: This video is interesting and somewhat unique. What we see is a translucent object moving through the skies of Uruguay in daylight hours.
The object is triangular shaped with a more solid shape in the lower center. The video itself was very shaking, and we stablized to make it more watchable.
Check this one out and see what you think the object may be.

Dark Skies Movie Trailer (Video)

Published on 21 Nov 2012 By FilmsActuTrailers
Dark Skies Trailer, starring Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton. Once You've been chosen, you belong to them ! A Sci-Fi thriller centered on a suburban couple whose lives become a nightmare when a terrifying alien presence enters their home each night to prey upon their young boy. Increasingly isolated from skeptical friends and neighbors, the couple is forced to take matters into their own hands to save themselves !

Dark Skies Movie Release Date : 22 February 2013.

Discovery Channel brings Sheffield family's alien encounter to life

By Adam Poulisse

SHEFFIELD -- Matt and Thomas Reed were sitting in their family home on Boardman Street one evening in September 1966 when their first experience with extraterrestrial life occurred, they say. Thomas, who was 6 at the time, recalled flashes of light emitting from the Frisbee-shaped object that landed in their yard. It felt like the pressure in the house changed before the brothers inexplicably found themselves on the other end of their property, face-to-face with beings not of this planet. "I don't run with terminology, but what they looked like was a young, frail human with some characteristics that some might reference as odd-looking beings," Thomas said. "They put off some type of glow," he said. "I was able to see my brother clearly enough." And the Reeds have the evidence to back up their claims, much of which will be presented on March 3 during the premiere of "Alien Mysteries," a new show on the Discovery Channel in Canada. The episode will eventually be aired in the United States. The Reed family's story is the subject of the new series' pilot episode. "The reason we put it first is because they're just regular people who have had amazing experiences," said Sally Karam, the show's producer. "I think their story is, for many reasons, very strong."     Close encounters: The 1966 encounter was the first of three with a UFO that the Reed brothers claim to have experienced in Sheffield. Subsequent experiences took place in 1967 and 1969. A fourth encounter took place in 2009 in Brownsburg, Ind.
In the first incident, Matt and Thomas Reed found themselves on the other end of their property, about 700 yards away from their home. The figures walked them onto a nearby spacecraft, one that resembled a "large turtle shell," both of the Reeds said. "It looked a little beat-up," Matt said. "It was well-used." Thomas estimated it to be about 15 feet high and 60 feet round. Aboard, Thomas was shown images of a willow tree and body of water on a large screen, he said. The Reeds don't remember how they got back home. It happened again to the brothers in 1967, when Matt was 5, he said. They were in their bedroom when the bright lights and silence happened again. Then, they inexplicably found themselves back on the spaceship. "The stuff happens very quickly," Thomas said. "You're not sure if it's 2 seconds, or 10 minutes, or 20 minutes." This time, Matt said, it was the visitors' "indoctrination" of the brothers. "They were very intrigued with my cleft foot that I had at the time," he said. "We're walking Petri dishes -- they are either extracting something, or putting something in us."     The last UFO encounter in Sheffield that the Reed family reported was in 1969, as the Reed brothers, their mother and grandmother, Marian Burrows, were driving home from Ashley Falls along Route 7. Then the usual tale-tale signs happened again --lights, change in pressure and silence. Thomas was no longer in the car --he "was in what looked like a huge hangar," he said. Each of the four family members recall being in a different section of a spacecraft before the family members inexplicably ended up in the car. "But this time," Thomas said, "my mother was in the passenger seat. At least 40 people saw [the spacecraft] and made reports." A drawing of the UFO that Reed did when he was at school in Sheffield is now hanging in the Roswell Museum in New Mexico.     The last reported alien encounter by the Reed family came from Matt Reed when he was living in Brownsburg, Ind. As he was driving home, Matt said, lights appeared and he inexplicably found himself aboard a spacecraft, where "everything kind of glows." He recalled seeing three different types of aliens that night -- a reptilian one, an alien that resembled the kind commonly seen in pop culture and a larger one with elephant skin. "You can't make sense of anything that's happening," Reed said. "They put me on a table. I had something on my head, and it sounded like you were hearing a radio and someone was turning the dials left and right." All of the Reeds share the same Rh-negative blood group. "We don't know the ultimate motivation behind the Reed family, but we think it has something to do with our genetic make-up, or blood type or DNA," Matt Reed said. "We're adamant our grandma knew something."     The evidence: Thomas Reed knows that people may have a hard time believing his story. "I know it sounds nuts," he said. "We have a lot of documentation that others don't, and we have a case that went to the U.N." The family's attorney, Robert Blechman, represented the case that went in front of the U.N. on Oct. 2, 1992. Howard Reed, the father and a Select Board member in Canaan, N.Y., died on Oct. 2, 2006 -- 14 years to the day that their case was heard. Before his death, Howard Reed had announced that he was going to write a book about their experiences. Suspicously, the family said, the CDC found a vial containing a deadly virus in his air-conditioning unit, and the building was condemned. The Reed family's claims have been studied by several organizations, including Bigelow Aerospace and the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). Evidence from the Sheffield incidents include official reports filed in the town, spiked radiation and magnetic readings and witness testimonies. The magnetic field was felt by the Reed family with every incident, Thomas said. "I think that plays a big part in the silence and different feelings you feel," he said. "This happened every time. The change was noticed and recorded." According to reports, a compass needle would spin freely when it was near Matt Reed's car after the 2009 incident.     In 2010, Thomas took a polygraph test in his home of Knoxville, Tenn. He was questioned about the 1966 incident, and answered truthfully, according to the polygraph documents. "If you ask me if I think he's a wacko, the answer is no," said Jim Morris, a retired Knoxville Police officer who administered the test at his private practice. "He seems like an ordinary person, and I've dealt with wackos before." An interview with Morris is included in "Alien Mysteries." Frank Kessler, an attorney in Cookeville, Tenn., is working to authenticate the evidence that the Reeds have brought forward. "We're going to take it before a circuit-court judge and have it authenticated," said Debbie Kessler, the law firm's paralegal. "We're hoping to say that instead of [the Reed family] claiming that it happened, they'll be able to say it did happen. Thomas Reed has tangible documents, which is phenomenal in and of itself."     The show "Alien Mysteries" uses a green screen to recreate the Sheffield incidents, Karam, the show's producer said. Other parts were filmed on location in Brownsburg, Ind. "We're not trying to debunk anything or present answers," Karam said. "We're providing real-life accounts of people's first-hand experiences." "[Thomas Reed] is so engaging and open about his experience that it's hard to take your eyes off the screen," Karam added. "He feels very, very honest." The Canadian premiere will be unavailable to watch online or in the United States, but should eventually find its way on U.S. television sets. "There is big, big buzz on this series internationally," said Tony Leadman, head of worldwide program distribution at Exploration Distribution, Inc., in a statement. "We are currently in negotiations with several American networks. And we expect to make an announcement on American broadcast dates shortly."

Professor looking for a new way to detect ET life

A professor is researching a new method for detecting extraterrestrial life. And he is using rocks on Earth to do it.

University of Wisconsin-Madison geoscience professor Clark Johnson is working with a team of scientists to “find ‘biosignatures,’ or traces of ancient life, in rocks on Earth to prepare for the future if rock samples from other planets, including Mars, become available for testing.” According to the Daily Cardinal, Johnson’s interest in searching for extraterrestrial life was piqued after reading an article about a meteorite that was thought to contain evidence of life from Mars.
There have been multiple meteorites recovered on Earth that scientists have claimed contain evidence of extraterrestrial life. A well-known example is a meteorite that was discovered in Antarctica named ALH 84001 that made headlines in 1996 when scientists claimed the meteorite contained bacteria from Mars. A more recent example is a meteorite that was discovered in Sri Lanka on which scientists claim is fossilized extraterrestrial algae. In both of these cases, the extraterrestrial claims are contested, leaving scientists divided.

Professor Clark Johnson. (Credit: UW-Madison)

Johnson wants to develop a better way to test meteorites to determine conclusively if a sample is extraterrestrial or not. And studying rocks here on Earth is how he plans to accomplish that. He explains, “Since we can freely walk around on the earth rather than rely only on working remotely on another planet, we basically use early life on Earth to inform us about what we might look for in another planet.”

Astrobiologists routinely look to early life on Earth, as well as life currently living in extreme environments on Earth, to better understand life in general, and in what conditions it can exist.
The team’s research is reportedly funded by a $7 million grant from NASA.