Tuesday, 24 September 2013

U.S. Army Foreign Material Exploitation Program

By Clifford Stone
HERE IS PROOF THAT THE U.S. ARMY, AMONG OTHER AGENCIES, HAS A FIELD RECOVERY AND EXPLOITATION PROGRAM AND UNDER THESE GUIDELINES, WE RECOVERED AND DID EXPLOITATION OF AMONG OTHERS THINGS, UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS!!!!.....................HO, I forgot to mention the fact that in order to see these documents you need a need to know and hold the proper security classifications. God Bless, Cliff. (6 photos)

New crop circle at Beckhampton, Wiltshire U.K.

Published on 3 Sep 2013 By Brenda Weis
El nuevo Crop circle que parece haber cerrado un ciclo de Circulos de las cosechas, por lo menos hasta este verano de 2013, ha aparecido sobre Beckhamspton, Wiltshire con un impresionante diseño con grecas aztecas y una nueva mención al planeta venus junto a una doble lectura de una posible figura de una cabeza extraterrestre.

Bing translation:
The new Crop circle that seems to have closed a series of circles of crops, at least until the summer of 2013, has been featured on Beckhamspton, Wiltshire with a stunning design with Aztec fretwork and a new mention to the planet venus with a double reading of a possible figure of an alien head.

Ufo tri formation over Panama City?

By UFO Casebook

Panama City, Panama, April, 2012
Originally published on Sep 21, 2013 by UFODI
This footage will make you wonder! YouTube user jcsmitty22 records the moment he woke up to this amazing sighting, saying that;
I woke up at 5 am and saw this outside of my window... after about 5 minutes they split up and flew in different directions one by one very quickly. So what are these bright white lights?
Credits: jcsmitty22
(Editor's Note: This video, taken in 2012, never had a lot of views but came to my attention only recently. Just looking at the three lights makes one wonder if they are simply lanterns, or some other similar, everyday object.
But the fact that the videographer says that the objects split up, and then flew independently at a good speed makes this worth a look.
As you will see, the video is quite pixelated, and unstable. We did what we could to clean it up without losing the resolution.)

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