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UFO News Links For Tuesday 3rd April 2012

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The Good Guys Dress in Black, Remember That: How Movies and Music Rewrote MIB Lore

Lights in night sky puzzle Burbank man – Mid Columbia Tri City Herald

Were space invaders drawn to the Strip in March? – Las Vegas Sun

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: The Mexico City Christmas 2011 Miracle `UFO' Video

SETI needs citizen scientists to search for life signs – Newsday

The Letters from Aboard a Flying Saucer

What was that light in the sky over the Front Range? – 9NEWS Colorado

Kevin Randle’s Roswell Obsession

UFO’s Cause Chinese Airport to Close… Again – Weird Asia News

 UFO Discovered on Google Sky (Video)

To infinity and beyond – China Daily

Long Islanders Witness Strange Lights in the Sky

If We Discover Aliens, What’s Our Protocol for Making Contact? – Live Science

Flying Saucer In Ancient Orient - An Enigma of Winged Sun Disk

How Deep Must Life Hide to be Safe on Europa? – Astrobiology Magazine

The Diaz Contact claims

Scots computer hacker Gary McKinnon won’t be suicide risk if extradited to US, says medical expert – Scottish Daily Record

The Real Mars Photographs - What They Didn't Show You

Close Encounters at Crop Circles – DBKP

Misinformation, Disinformation, UFOs and the Primal indicator

UFOs over Czech skies do battle with sceptics – Radio Prague

Humanoid Gray/Nordic Time and Dimensions

FX Expert Says Sweden UFO Not a Fake (Video)

A Hollywood FX expert has reviewed the hotly debated "Sweden UFO" footage with powerful video editing tools and says the video is not faked.

The unidentified technician stops short of confirming the flying saucer is an actual unidentified flying object, but observes that if it is phony, "it's the best fake ever" posted to YouTube.

The expert cloaks his voice and is probably a little gun-shy to be using his skills and equipment to investigate a paranormal topic. But one look at his editing software, the brilliantly sharpened original footage and his obvious command of the technology is enough to turn any skeptic into a true believer.

Referring to "chroma keys" and "motion tracking," the expert gets a little worked up by the end of the analysis, throwing out some unnecessary profanity to untrained commenters slamming the original video.

But, if anything, it shows the passion put into the effort and makes a very strong argument that, whatever the UFO is, it's clearly not a hoax.

Open Minds Update (Video)

Dudley Dorito type UFO spotted, Aztec UFO Incident, Area 51 UFO Debris on display

In this episode of the Open Minds Update, Maureen Elsberry talks about another UFO spotted in the UK which is similar in shape to the alleged Dudley Dorito UFO. A book is coming out entitled the Aztec UFO Incident by Scott and Suzanne Ramsey which is the most comprehensive book yet about the alleged Hart Canyon UFO Crash. Also, we discuss the alleged UFO debris featured at the Area 51: Myth or Reality exhibit at the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. The debris was given to reporter George Knapp in the mid 1990s when he traveled to the small town of Dalnegorsk.

Area 51 museum opens in Nevada

The pilgrimage for tin foil hat explorers to the ominous borders of Area 51 can now be undertaken without the threat of being shot at or chased off by low-flying black helicopters, as the world's first official Area 51 museum opens in Nevada.
The actual Area 51 site at Groom Lake is still guarded by ferocious dogs, movement-detecting sensors and armed guards driving Warrior trucks, but years of research and investigation have gone into creating the ultimate Area 51 experience within the equally-interesting National Atomic Testing Museum of Las Vegas.
Since reporter George Knapp broke the story of Area 51 in the late 80s with Bob Lazar's claims of reverse-engineering alien technology, it has been a hive of conspiracy theory and stranger-than-fiction folklore. Built originally for working on atomic weapons and testing them in the surrounding desert, Area 51 has grown massively and now even has its own runway, which is said to be the longest in the world, at an estimated 9.7km.

For years, the military refused to confirm Area 51's existence, which contributed to the mystery surrounding it. Now however, for the first time, the facts have been laid out and presented at an exhibition open to the public. Although there isn't a huge amount of detail about the goings-on in the depths of Area 51, visitors to the museum can expect more than scorched metal fragments in glass cases and dubious testimonies.
"This is an interactive exhibit," the museum curator Karen Green told Wired.co.uk. "It actually takes the visitor to Area 51. Camouflaged personnel will meet the visitor and escort them into a mission room -- and keep your badge on, this is top secret. You'll be asked questions throughout the exhibit to help understand both the myth and the realities of Area 51. We want you to make up your own mind."

No-one other than the US government, and employees flown in everyday via "Janet" flights on private planes from nearby McCarran airport, really know what is down there. Inside Area 51, or "Dreamland" as it's sometimes known, is said to be a labyrinth of underground tunnels, containing what is claimed to be anything from advanced US aircraft to reptilian aliens. Over the years, the attention generated by the rumours surrounding the base has made it impossible for any kind of secret testing to take place as brazenly as it may once have, but the site is still massively popular amongst conspiracy theorists and curious onlookers alike.
Green explains why now is the right time to open the exhibit: "The National Atomic Testing Museum has been working on this exhibit for over three years, interviewing many of the people who worked at Area 51. Last year the name Area 51 was finally declassified by the CIA, and that opened the door for us to bring the first ever museum exhibit about Area 51 to the public. There are a number of things that are unique to this exhibit, including firsthand accounts of experiences from men who worked there, a rare look at untouched original UFO photographs from the Bigelow Aerospace Archives, and some 'UFO artefacts' from a crash in the Soviet Union that were given to investigative reporter George Knapp."

Knapp, an investigative journalist based out of Las Vegas, is regarded as one of the few people who've approached the mystery of Area 51 with a level head, and his expertise played a major role in the construction of the museum. He told Wired.co.uk: "I've given [the Area 51 museum] quite a bit of input, a detailed history of the origin of the UFO stories, Lazar's background, snippets I obtained from other witnesses and former employees, and a whole lot of post-UFO history. Area 51 is now known all over the world (...) and I helped the museum understand just how far it has spread."
Knapp has spent decades investigating Area 51 and has spoken to many ex-employees who have been privy to highly-classified information. He claims to have seen US government documents detailing how it was more concerned about the lights in the sky than it ever let on in the public domain.
"I broadened the discussion by sharing with them some information about the larger UFO picture -- secret studies by the US and Russian military, a paper trail of documents to show the subject was taken seriously behind the scenes, and some unusual objects I brought back from two perilous trips to the former USSR."
Regarded now as the US military's "worst kept secret", it's likely that Area 51 has become far too famous for it to genuinely hold any kind of world-altering secrets such as a reclaimed flying saucer or alien hybrids in glass jars, but Knapp is confident that highly advanced technology is still being tested there: "I am told the base is largely focused on UAV type technology, everything from pilotless combat fighters to invisible planes -- literally -- to the tiniest UAV's, advanced machines the size of insects," he explained.
"If there were ever any recovered saucers out there, and I do say 'if' -- then they are long gone. Too many people have been out there looking for them, including members of Congress and major news organisations. A congressional staffer with the highest clearances once told me that if the stories turn out to be true -- and he believed they were true -- then it was clear the military and intelligence agencies have been lying to the public and to Congress for a long time, have been siphoning funds away from legitimate national security programs to maintain a cover-up and that if it could ever be proven, then a lot of these guys deserve to go to prison. That, by itself, is enough of a reason to maintain a cover-up as far as I'm concerned."
So if you're not too keen on being spirited away to some unknown holding cell a thousand floors under the desert after trying to ram-raid the main gate at Area 51, visit the museum, as it's probably the closest you'll ever get to the real thing.

Article gallery: http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2012-04/02/area-51-museum/viewgallery

Ancient Aboriginal rock art to be catalogued

Australian News
April 02, 20128:45PM

AUSTRALIA'S greatest ancient Aboriginal rock art detailing kangaroos, turtles and humans on boulders in the remote Pilbara area will be studied under a US$1.1 million deal announced Monday.
Tens of thousands of the indigenous works, which are scattered over the mineral-laden region, will be researched and catalogued under a six-year agreement between the University of Western Australia and miner Rio Tinto.
Although one of the world's richest collections of Aboriginal art, the carvings which lie on the National Heritage-listed Dampier Archipelago, about 1,500 kilometres (930 miles) north of Perth, have never been fully documented.
"It's surprising that we don't know what is there but that is very much the case for everywhere in Australia, everywhere that we have rock art," said Australian rock art expert Jo McDonald.
"The Sydney region is a very good example of that. We've probably only documented about 25 percent of the engravings in Sydney 200-plus years later.

"It's a very time consuming process and there's a lot of it."
The rock art in Western Australia's Pilbara is thousands of years old and includes images of thylacines, the "Tasmanian tigers" which became extinct on the Australian mainland an estimated 3,500 years ago.
Among the most significant panels are those showing human faces and activities and what some experts believe are mythical figures.
Also amidst the boulders on the Burrup peninsula of the Pilbara, one of the country's major industrial hubs for resources, are archaic faces which McDonald said could be among some of the earliest documented images of humans.

"The Burrup includes some of what we think is the earliest art in Australia," said McDonald, who will become the first Rio Tinto Chair of Rock Art Studies at the University of Western Australia.
"But it also records the changing climate.
"So the sea level rose to where it is now about 7,000 years ago and a lot of the art there has been produced after that time, so we've pictures of turtles and fish and sharks and other marine animals that obviously record that phase."
The government placed the Burrup rock art on the National Heritage List in mid-2007 but campaigners fear that threats to it have intensified in recent years as mining and energy companies drain the region of iron ore, natural gas and other resources to feed the huge demand from Asia.

UFO Newspaper Clipping - Sunday Mirror 16.10.1966 & 61

Lights, Camera… Disclosure?

By Bryce Zabel
Silver Screen Saucers Consulting Editor
Exclusive to Silver Screen Saucers from material originally published in A.D. After Disclosure.
Some UFO researchers believe that the entertainment industry is part of the effort to acclimate the public to accept the concept of alien life. Hollywood, it has been argued, has collaborated with the intelligence community to release disinformation, and at other times leak a few details to prepare people for eventual contact with non-human life.
Certainly several 1950s movies look like CIA-sponsored attempts to deal with Roswell. Researcher Bruce Rux cited 1951’s The Thing from Another World, considered to be the first realistic flying saucer movie, which reflected certain elements of the crash and recovery at Roswell four years earlier. The film’s maker, RKO, was up to its eyeballs in intelligence assets. It was owned by billionaire defense contractor and test pilot Howard Hughes, plus it was a subsidiary of Time-Life, which was owned by CIA-connected Henry Luce. The movie also captured the essence of the Top Secret government study, Project Twinkle, which was then classified.
Some of the other movies of the era look suggestive, also. Several key industry players had connections to military intelligence and later the CIA.
On set: The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
Edmund H. North, the screenwriter of the 1951 UFO film, The Day the Earth Stood Still, had worked in the Army Signal Corps during the Second World War. It would seem that the secret-keepers wanted to float some trial balloons before the public, and that Hollywood producers were happy to oblige.
If so, their message seems unclear. Although The Day the Earth Stood Still demonstrated alien tough-love, many other movies from this period were invasion-oriented. They included Earth Versus the Flying Saucers, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and The War of the Worlds. Were these also examples of CIA influence? And were they the result of official policy, or some unauthorized leak?
If there is continued intelligence community influence amid the out- pouring of ET-related movies today, it is even harder to know what the message is.
Spielberg and E.T., 1982
Consider the career of Steven Spielberg. When he developed Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 1977, some wondered if he was part of a government acclimation program. Spielberg has always denied this, saying that he simply believes in extraterrestrial life and knows a good story when he sees one. Although such a denial is to be expected, Spielberg’s choices in this genre support his position. His films have hardly been limited to a monochromatic meme about contact, something one might expect if he were receiving inside information. His early films, such as Close Encounters and E.T.: The Extraterrestrial, both portrayed the Others as benevolent scientists. His later treatments, however, showed no such optimism. Taken, his epic television series, depicted abductions as the core UFO secret, The War of the Worlds presented Martian predators wiping out humanity, and his television series Falling Skies featured the resistance against an alien invasion of Earth. Spielberg has also been behind such diverse projects as Men in Black, featuring Earth as a cosmic way-station, the historical fantasy Cowboys and Aliens, and Transformers, with its robotic threat. The easiest explanation for this extraordinary diversity of treatment is that Steven Spielberg, like other people, reads the literature.
The same can be said for the rest of Hollywood. During the 1990s, TV series such as The X-Files (“The Truth Is Out There”) and the historical conspiracy Dark Skies (“History Is a Lie”) portrayed the government as involved in a UFO cover-up and willing to go to almost any lengths, often extra-legal, to maintain the secret. Both were subject to much speculation, usually either as a means to prepare the population, or else to provide disinformation.
Yet, why would the covert elite authorize dramatic content highlighting their own lies and deceit? If anything, Hollywood’s natural method of operation may work in opposition to Disclosure. Its product is of such uneven quality, its messages so diverse, that any citizen hungering for its truth will receive only confusion.
If the Breakaway Group indeed had been using Hollywood as a means either to prepare the public for the eventual truth, or else to obfuscate and bury the truth still deeper, the moment of Disclosure will have caught them off guard, as it will have caught everyone else.
Bryce Zabel is co-author with Richard Dolan of A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact, which will be published in May 2012 by Career Press New Page Books of New York.
A.D. After Disclosure is available for pre-order at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. Join the A.D. discussion at AfterDisclosure.com and on Facebook.

Former reserve deputy talks about being terminated for investigating UFOs

| Apr 02, 2012

Working in the field of ufology can be extremely rewarding for those with an inquisitive mind, but can also have a deep affect on your personal life. Chuck Zukowski learned this first hand. For eight years, Chuck worked as a Reserve Deputy for the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, where he served and gave back to his community. He has also spent the past 25 years conducting studies on the alleged Roswell UFO incident, consulting for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and leading investigations of animal mutilation cases.
In August of 2010, a bizarre horse mutilation took place in Rush, Colorado. The rancher called the local sheriff’s department, which sent out two deputies to investigate the mutilation. Unhappy with the department’s conclusion of an animal predator, the rancher called Chuck to come out and investigate. Due to the precise nature of the mutilations, he concluded that it was not the mark of an animal predator. A local news station caught wind of the incident; a news reporter came out to interview Chuck and a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s department. In the story, Chuck’s and the depertment’s views on the incident differed, and because of this, Chuck was relieved of his duties as a reserve deputy. Not everything set right with his firing. Discrepancies existed throughout his termination letter. Even Chuck’s fellow deputies did not understand why it happened. These events lead Chuck to bring his story to the public, not for pursuance of reprisal, but for his story to be heard and understood.

What is Object Near Moon Caught on Video?

UFO Casebook

Published: 10:13 AM 4/1/2012
Originally uploaded to youtube by joinourbandofbelief
The submitter claims this is some of the best, new footage of an unknown object near the moon.
It was captured with the aid of an electronic telescope, and posted in late March, 2012.
No claims are made as to what the object may be, but because of the path it takes, it is certainly not a satellite of the moon.
What do you think?
Video has been edited by www.ufocasebook.com

UFO Frame Grab