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Mass Effect 3 petitions the UK government to release UFO secrets

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EA have asked UK residents to sign a petition asking the government to hold an enquiry into aliens and release information held about our extra-terrestrial visitors.
However, EA seems to have overlooked the 5,000 page document already released by the government back in 2010, dubbed the British X-files, and which can still be read in full right here.
In it are detailed witness reports and statements of all UFO related incidents since the records began and the when UK actually set up a team to deal with it all.
Still, its a clever bit of advertising from the guys at EA.
A press release from EA detailed their plans:
As Commander Shepard prepares to defend the earth from the Reaper attack, Mass Effect 3 is urging fans of the game to sign a UK government petition calling for information held about UFOs and extra-terrestrials to be released and made public.
There have been 609 unexplained UFO sightings in the UK since 1961, so the petition will serve to lobby the government and call for a public enquiry, asking for files held about visitors from other planets to be revealed.
Anyone interested in getting their name down can go through to the petition from here:
Some would call it an enormous waste of public resources, but nutters who live in their mum’s shed with a home-made telescope rejoice and who knows – if they can get this mentioned in parliament they might be able to send Nick Clegg back to whatever deluded planet he was born on.

Early Cattle Mutilation? Or First UFO Hoax?

By Chris Capps

There's a long history to the UFO phenomenon. Some of the cases leave much to be answered, with a suggestion that there may be something else out there in this vast universe looking in on us and occasionally visiting. And then there are the hoaxes. But what was the first UFO hoax ever committed? If you think the first UFO hoax was in the 20th century, you may be off by a bit. The first widely accepted hoax is said to have occurred in 1897.

It was a brisk April morning in 1897 in Leroy, Kansas, when the Yates Center Farmer's Advocate first printed a story recalling the events of the 19th when Alexander Hamilton (not to be confused with the former Secretary of the Treasury) allegedly saw a UFO. The craft reported hovering in the sky was seen directly over his property hovering soundlessly with a long rope dangling down from a small box beneath it. The device Hamilton was describing would be the spitting image of the Derigibles that would begin appearing in skies a little over three years later. And the occupants of the craft were trying to steal his cattle!

Hamilton saw the cattle being raised from the ground with a rope around its neck, pulling it up into the sky. The cow was allegedly caught on the fence among the wires there. Try as they might to get the rope off the cow's neck, they could not and instead freed it from the fence so it would be able to float off. They would later attempt to track it down. Days later the remains of the creature were found in what many would describe as one of the earliest cattle mutilations in recorded history.

Hamilton went around and gathered signatures from all those around him, and each swore to the veracity of the story. It was reprinted in newspapers throughout the west. It would have been left alone to the history books as the first ever recorded cattle mutilation on record if not for one woman in 1976, who claimed to have overheard Hamilton bragging about it all being for laughs.

But while the case once again appears closed, it should be remembered that this incident took place during one of the largest UFO flaps of that century. From 1896 to just after the turn of the century, hundreds of witnesses came forward reporting mysterious ships with strange passengers on them. Just as with UFO sightings today, the sightings of the 1890's appeared to be piloted by strange beings - often described as strangely dressed people - and be far faster and more maneuverable than anything seen in the skies at the time. While it's difficult to imagine aliens could have piloted helium filled balloons to a distant world, the descriptions did occasionally include alien visitors. Among these were a few claiming to have hailed from Mars.

And so even in this story widely thought to be a hoax, there seems to be something more. It's almost as though the UFO phenomenon were itself somehow testing itself out, coming out of the woodwork and showing us that there is something else out there far beyond our understanding or technological abilities.

UFO Hunters - Giant Triangles (Video)

Roswell: The Area 51 Connection

In early July 1947, something very unusual plunged to earth on the Foster Ranch, located in the wilds of Lincoln County, New Mexico, not far from the now-infamous town of Roswell. The event has been the subject of dozens of books, official studies undertaken by both the General Accounting Office and the U.S. Air Force, a plethora of television documentaries, a Hollywood movie, and considerable media scrutiny.
The admittedly-odd saga has left in its wake a near-mountain of theories to explain the event, including a weather balloon, a Project Mogul balloon secretly utilized to monitor for Soviet atomic-bomb tests, an extraterrestrial spacecraft, some dark and dubious high-altitude-exposure experiment using Japanese prisoners-of-war, a near-catastrophic atomic-bomb-based mishap, the crash of a V-2 rocket with shaved monkeys on-board, and an accident involving an early “Flying-Wing”-style aircraft, secretly built by transplanted German scientists who had relocated to the United States following the end of World War Two.
And, as I’m sure many of you will be aware, last year yet another theory for the Roswell affair surfaced. The latest story appeared in Annie Jacobsen’s Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base. The book included details of a sensational story suggesting that the Roswell craft and bodies were, in reality, the diabolical creations of a near-Faustian pact between the notorious Nazi (and “Angel of Death),” Dr. Josef Mengele and Soviet premier, Joseph Stalin.

The purpose of this early Cold War plan, so the book told it, was to plunge the United States into a kind of War of the Worlds-style panic (echoing the Orson Welles affair of 1938) by trying to convince the U.S. Government that aliens were invading. And how would the plan work? By placing grossly mutated children (courtesy of the crazed Mengele) inside a futuristic-looking aircraft designed by the brilliant aviation experts, the Horten brothers, and then try and convince the U.S. of the alien origins of both.
Unfortunately for Stalin, the plot failed when a storm brought down the craft and its “crew” in the wilds of New Mexico, an event that did not lead to widespread panic, but that instead was hastily covered-up by U.S. military authorities.
Is the story true? Was Jacobsen duped? Is it a blend of fact and fiction specifically weaved by government insiders to even further confuse the true nature of what did, or did not, happen outside of Roswell back in the summer of 1947? The questions are many, but definitive answers are less so. But, there’s something else I want to talk about; something that is highly relevant to this particular saga.
The angle of insiders with links to Area 51 being told that Roswell was a Soviet hoax (involving genetically-altered human beings) is an intriguing one. Now, just so there can be no misunderstanding, I don’t mean that because it’s intriguing I believe it’s the answer to the puzzle. I certainly don’t think, at all, that this is the answer to Roswell. However, here’s the important thing: the scenario of Area 51-linked people being told such a story does not begin and end with Jacobsen’s informant.
In late 2010, my book, The NASA Conspiracies was published and included a whole chapter that told the tale of a man who had worked at Area 51 in the early 1970s, and who had heard a very similar story to that told to Jacobsen and which appeared in her 2011 book. It’s a strange and convoluted saga involving a man named John who was exposed to a series of weird and controversial files that told astonishing tales of alien visitation and UFO crashes in the early, formative years of the Flying Saucer era. But, were those files real? That’s the crux of John’s revelations, as you will now see.

As I note in my book, The NASA Conspiracies: “John stressed that although the documentation at issue certainly looked genuine, he was never able to entirely dismiss from his mind the possibility that his exposure to the files could have been a part of some large, and very curious and convoluted, mind game on the part of NASA and the intelligence services, such as the CIA, Air Force Intelligence, and the National Security Agency.”
I continue in the book as follows: “Since his work at Area 51 and his access to the files surfaced as a direct result of his FBI contacts, John speculated that his superiors may have exposed him to totally bogus materials at Area 51, and then watched his every move to see if he spoke out of turn, and to those without security clearances. The fact that John never did speak out of turn in that twelve month period, and was thereafter considered utterly trustworthy, led him to be rewarded with a near decade long career in the private security sector. It was a career that saw him move, practically effortlessly, within highly influential circles in the world of U.S. Intelligence that were totally unconnected to UFOs.”
To me, at least, this is all very refreshing. Whistle-blowers are generally extremely keen to have their story believed; but John noted to me from the absolute outset (and as the above extract clearly demonstrates) that the nature of the data to which he was exposed should be addressed very carefully, and not accepted uncritically at all. Maybe, as John noted, the documentation was entirely bogus, prepared by disinformation specialists to test his reaction and response.
But, there’s more. John related an aspect of the story to me, that was published in my NASA book, and which dealt with one specific set of papers that, today, we can see is highly relevant to the account provided to Jacobsen. I described it in the pages of my 2010 book like this:
“…John did assert, however, that there was a brief collection of documents dating from July 1947 speculating that this might have all been the result of a very ingenious hoax on the part of the Soviets – until, that is, it very quickly became acutely apparent to one and all that not even the Soviet Union would have had the required expertise to successfully pull off such a fantastic ruse, much less biologically alter, or mutate, a number of human beings into something very different.”
To me, this is important, as we have old files seen and read by John (that ultimately found their way to Area 51 – they did not originate there) discussing the two central points of the story told to Jacobsen: (A) the idea that Roswell was a Soviet ruse; and (B) the theory that the bodies found at the crash-site might have been biologically altered or mutated by the Russians.
The story told by John, and published by me in late-2010, is astonishingly close to the one provided to Jacobsen and that appeared in her 2011 book. The big difference, of course, is that Jacobsen’s Area 51 source believed the Russian theory, while the originators of the files read by John at Area 51 – and John himself, too – clearly did not accept it as having any validity at all.
But, that such files did apparently exist at Area 51, and did refer to both the Russian hoax angle and the issue of genetically altering human beings, does make me think that this Russian-themed story/theory was indeed in circulation amongst Area 51 personnel at some point decades ago.
And maybe some of those people who were exposed to the files, to the rumors, and (as John speculated as a possibility) to some weird loyalty-testing mind-game, came to accept the Russian story as being utterly genuine (such as Jacobsen’s source), when in reality the truth, as John noted, may have been very different.
This controversy, I suspect, is far from over…

UFO Over Tehran, Iran On Live TV News (Video)

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UFO caught on live video. UFO vanishes in flight.

New type of planet discovered

Scientists recently announced the discovery of a new type of alien planet. The new planet, GJ 1214b, is in a new class of exoplanets that was discovered by NASA’s Hubble space telescope. According to, the new “super Earth” is “a watery world enshrouded by a thick, steamy atmosphere.”

Artist's impression of GJ 1214b.
(Credit: David A. Aguilar, CfA)

In a statement released by Zachory Berta from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA, who is the lead author of the research study, “GJ 1214b is like no planet we know of . . . A huge fraction of its mass is made up of water.”
GJ 1214b is located 40 light-years from Earth in the constellation Ophiuchus, and is approximately 2.7 times Earth’s diameter. And while the planet might be home to some type of life, with a surface temperature of 446 degrees, it is much too hot for life as we know it.

Asus warranty does not protect computers during alien invasions

Asus computers are not protected by its warranty in the event of an invasion by aliens from outer space, it has been revealed.
The unusual clause in the Asus warranty was recently spotted by a number of technology news outlets, suggesting that lawyers might have a sense of humour after all.
It is not clear if this exclusion will affect sales, as no studies have been conducted regarding how many alien abductees are loyal Asus customers.
Asus warranty does not protect computers during alien invasions
It might also be possible that Asus knows more than the rest of us about the possibility of extraterrestrial life.
We wonder if competitors will now start including a similar clause. Of course, trying to get a refund for a zapped computer might be the last thing on our minds when the little green men start landing.