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UFO News Links For 27th January 2012

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Gary McKinnon - Judges try to speed up hacking case

Perthshire Advertiser
Jan 27 2012

The High Court has expressed concern over the length of time it is taking the long-running case of computer hacker Gary McKinnon to come back to court.
Two judges attempted to speed matters up by listing it for a hearing in July. They acted after hearing that the Home Secretary is "considering afresh" whether Asperger's sufferer McKinnon should be extradited to the US to face trial for hacking into top secret US military computers in 2002.
Edward Fitzgerald QC, appearing for McKinnon, told the judges it was hoped Theresa May would now block US government extradition moves so there would be no more need for court action.
The evidence of medical experts before her showed McKinnon, 45, was "suffering from a serious mental disorder and there is a serious risk of suicide if extradited". Mr Fitzgerald said of the marathon case: "We hope it will never come back to court."
McKinnon, from Wood Green, north London, admits the crimes but claims he was looking for evidence of UFOs when he hacked into 97 Nasa and Pentagon computers from his flat.
Just before Christmas, his mother Janis Sharp called for her son to be tried in Britain and said attempts to remove him to America had "destroyed" his life. She said he was facing his 10th Christmas since his arrest and suffering severe depression amid predictions that he could receive a sentence of 60 years for hacking into top secret US military computers in 2002.
American officials have demanded that he is tried in the US despite expert opinions obtained by McKinnon's legal team warning that his mental condition could lead him to commit suicide.
Ms Sharp said in her latest media interviews: "Our argument is to try Gary here and to be given a proportional sentence." Another argument is that his removal should be delayed until his current treatment programme for his medical condition is completed.
Arrested in June 2005, an order for extradition was made against him in July 2006 at the request of the US government under the 2003 Extradition Act.
The move has triggered three successive applications for judicial review which have made headlines over the years and called into question the fairness of extradition laws, in particular the UK-US extradition treaty, which critics have condemned as "one-sided" in favour of the Americans. The latest legal challenge to the 2006 extradition order was launched early in 2010 but adjourned for a new home secretary to investigate the issues.

UFO's In South America - Disclosure Has Begun

Witness records huge UFO in Argentina

Tracey Parece's photo
Unexplained Phenomena Examiner
On January 25, 2012, an individual in South America spotted a UFO in the dark night sky above several tall buildings. This witness managed to record the unidentified flying object on video for a period of nearly three minutes.
According to a report by Ru-Fenomen, this new UFO sighting took place in Argentina. The video of the event shows what appears to be a huge unidentified flying object with four glowing white lights that hovered nearly motionless for several minutes.
Over the course of the UFO sighting, the four lights slowly changed positions in the night sky. When the lights moved into a different formation, it gave the impression that there may have been four smaller unidentified flying objects with one light each rather than one larger UFO with four lights.
The UFO sighting ended when the four lights slowly moved out of sight behind one of the tall buildings. Unfortunately, it is not possible to identify the exact nature of the phenomenon that was seen that night.  The citizens of Argentina have certainly experienced their share of UFO sightings. A UFO was spotted over the Capital Federal District in Argentina earlier this month while another UFO sighting in Mongolia was reported on the news in Argentina just last year.

Police in Mexico called to investigate large glowing UFO

Tracey Parece's photo
Unexplained Phenomena Examiner

On January 23, 2012, the Municipal Public Security Forces of Mexicali were called into action due to reports of a UFO spotted in the skies above Mexicali, Baha California, Mexico. Hundreds of witnesses saw and reported the large bright unidentified flying object that appeared at appproximately 7:43 p.m.
According to the website UFOs On Earth, Martin Ruelas, supervisor of the east area of the Dirección de Seguridad Pública Municipal (DSPM) observed that there were flashing blue and yellow lights affixed to the glowing white object. The DSPM is a police and public safety unit in Mexico.
Authorities were unable to identify the UFO, and the movements of the object made it impossible for police to determine its location or final destination. The UFO was recorded by urban security cameras in Mexico, and the video has been made available to the public.
The video shows that the UFO hovered motionless for quite some time when it first appeared on camera even though reports said it was moving too quickly to be followed. From the images on the video, it is clear that this UFO appeared in a heavily populated area.
It isn't surprising that the witnesses numbered in the hundreds given the UFO's prime location. Even though this UFO sighting was seen by hundreds and caught on camera, the quality of the video makes it unlikely that the object will ever be identified.

UFO News Clipping - Daily Mail 28.1.1958

UFOs, Noah’s Ark, and the Senator

Jan 25th 2012

Senator Barry Goldwater served as a Major-General in the Air Force, as the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States in the 1964 election, and as the Chairman of the U.S. Government’s Senate Intelligence Committee. On March 28, 1975, Goldwater wrote the following, highly thought-provoking words to a UFO researcher named Shlomo Arnon: “The subject of UFOs is one that has interested me for some long time. About ten or twelve years ago I made an effort to find out what was in the building at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base where the information is stored that has been collected by the Air Force, and I was understandably denied this request. It is still classified above Top Secret.”
Goldwater later clarified, and expanded on, this by revealing that years earlier none other than U.S. Air Force General Curtis Le May had given him, Goldwater, absolute hell for daring to ask if he could see the USAF’s top secret UFO data rumored to be stored at Wright-Patterson – which many UFO researchers believe may possibly include preserved alien corpses and recovered extra-terrestrial hardware and technology. Moreover, Le May told Goldwater, in just about the sternest of all tones conceivably possible, not to even think about bringing up this matter with him again – ever.
But, this was not the only time when Goldwater approached officialdom on a matter of some secrecy and relative to an enigma that was of interest to the U.S. Intelligence community. The second such example, however, was linked with a definitive puzzle of biblical proportions: that of Noah’s Ark, an issue that has fascinated and intrigued the CIA for years.

On September 1, 1978, Goldwater wrote a letter to the then-Director of the CIA, Stansfield Turner that began as follows: “You may think this is a screwball request and it may be, but I would like to know if you can do anything about it.” Goldwater went on to ask if “satellite photography” could be searched “to determine whether or not something in the way of an archaeological find might be located near or on top of” Mount Ararat.
Goldwater explained to the CIA director that he had received a letter “from a man in whom I have great confidence, who certainly is no nut, who knows Turkey rather well but who feels that there is reason to believe the Ark may be resting at or near the top of the mount. I assure that I will keep this at any classification you want it kept and if you desire me to go to the devil, I know the way.”
The CIA responded that it had no data on file suggesting the Ark of Noah had been identified or located anywhere on Mt. Ararat, or indeed anywhere else. Goldwater’s comment that he would understand if the Ark issue was of “any classification” that might result in the CIA telling him to “go to the devil,” however, is extremely – and eerily - reminiscent of that earlier experience with General Curtis Le May in the 1960s, in relation to the rumors concerning what may have been hidden deep below Wright-Patterson Air Force Base of a specifically alien nature.
If Goldwater – who had a deep, personal interest in UFOs – had even the slightest inklings or suspicions that official research into Noah’s Ark was somehow a matter of national security, rather than just a subject of religious or archaeological proportions, then this might very possibly explain why he anticipated being told to go to hell by the CIA in 1978, in much the same way that Le May had less than tactfully suggested to him years earlier in relation to rumors of captured UFOs held at Wright-Pat.
And why, precisely, might the CIA’s interest in Noah’s Ark be considered a matter having a bearing upon national security? Much more will be revealed this year…

UFO Hunters - Crash and Retrieval

New MUFON Captain on Priorities and Hypnosis

David "The Captain" MacDonald will become the next international director of the Mutual UFO Network effective February 1. MacDonald is experienced in MUFON leadership roles, including sitting on the current board of directors.
According to MUFON, MacDonald is a successful businessman, currently operating a school for pilots and aircraft dispatchers. He is the owner/operator of a charter airline, Flamingo Air.
I emailed MacDonald and congratulated him on his recent appointment as international director. I inquired if it would be okay to ask him a few questions, to which he agreed. Below are my questions and his responses, of which I appreciate him taking the time and attention to provide.
What do you identify as your most urgent and top priorities in your role as MUFON international director?
To continue to increase and improve the professionalism, stature, efficiency and financial well being of the organization.
What are you currently most pleased about MUFON?
The fact that it is the largest, most prestigious and well known UFO investigating organization in the world.
What are you least pleased, or most concerned, about MUFON?
Training of Field Investigators and State Officers. Much more needs to be done and we are working on it.
The MUFON mission statement reads, "The scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity." How would you evaluate the current MUFON execution of scientific study of UFOs, particularly as commonly represented in the MUFON Journal and its symposiums?
Since we are the only major organization that actually investigates UFOs, I say we are doing quite well. However, as stated above, there is a lot of room for improvement.
What is your stance on MUFON providing public platforms for individuals who use hypnosis as a primary investigative tool and as was recently the case when MUFON LA hosted and promoted David Jacobs?
As of this writing I have not even officially taken office. Therefore I prefer not to comment on issues of which I have not been fully briefed on. However, I will state if a chapter wishes to host a speaker to make a presentation on any investigative procedure, be it hypnosis, photo analysis or evidence collection, as it relates to UFO investigations, I have no problem.
What is your stance on MUFON chapters continuing to promote and practice hypnosis as a memory retrieval tool?
To me, the key word is tool. We do not promote the use of hypnosis. Rather, we accept its use, under stringent requirements and prerequisites, as a tool to aid in the discovery of latent memories. MUFON has considerable guidelines governing the use of hypnosis including a section of the training manual dedicated to ethics in investigations.

Fran Drescher abducted, implanted by extraterrestrials

Fran Drescher (credit: Manfred Werner - Tsui/Wikimedia Commons)

Fran Drescher claims she was abducted by extraterrestrials.
The actress, best known for her role as the title character on the 90s sitcom The Nanny, recently told the Huffington Post that both she and her ex-husband were abducted by extraterrestrials before they met each other. And she claims the situations in which they were each abducted are similar. She explained that her abduction occurred when she in junior high, driving down the road with her father. Her ex-husband, also in junior high at the time, was abducted while driving down the road with his father.
Drescher stated, “A few years later, we met, and we realized that we had the same experience. I think that somehow we were programmed to meet.” She even theorizes that an alien implant could be how the extraterrestrials programmed her actions. And she claims her ex-husband has one too. She explained, “We both have this scar. It’s the exact same scar on the exact same spot . . . that’s where the chip is.”