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UFO TV: President Reagan's ET Briefing (Video)

In an address to the United Nations on September 21, 1987, President Ronald Reagan stated, "I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world." Why would President Reagan have made such a profound statement about the possible reality of alien life in outer space? What did Ronald Reagan really know about extraterrestrials? An alleged internet briefing transcript gives an astounding glimpse of how newly elected President Reagan, in 1981, learned of our government's decades old secret involvement with the ET issue from CIA Director, William Casey and select advisers. Researcher, Jim Nichols shares a synopsis of this transcript's shocking revelations...!

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UFO over Dallas, Texas - May 29 (Video)

Published on 31 May 2012 by

"People observed and filmed three fast flying UFO over the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex again. Thanks to Juan Santibanez who has filmed these UFOs over Dallas, Texas on May 29, 2012. UFO OVNI Sighting in Dallas - Fort Worth. "

(Mac - watch on full screen).

Best UFO Sightings of May 2012 (Video)

The explosion of UFO sightings around the world continued in May 2012. Here are some of the best and most unique examples compiled on video.

The video, beautifully edited by the folks at AnonymousFO, a paranormal investigation channel on YouTube, pays deep respect to the transformation of the unidentified flying object phenomenon from its humble origins with production values approaching TV news or even cable channel quality.

Set to a moody soundtrack and joined together chronologically, the compilation highlights more than just the increase in interest and activity. With no narration other than the original audio, the diversity and increasing complexity of the incidents speak for themselves.

Scrupulously attempting to weed out obvious fakes and intentional hoaxes, the UFO sightings which remain in the collection still manage to defy explanation. The compilation also reflects the use of ever evolving, higher quality video tools available to the average consumer.

The images caught on camera phones, as well as more sophisticated attempts at dissection by users with powerful editing and imaging tools, tells the story with ever-increasing clarity and shows that the entire world is the platform for this mystifying and exponentially growing area of paranormal investigation.

More than just the flying saucer, silver orb or triangle mothership compilation, this collection expands the field by including sightings in space, inexplicable images caught by NASA cameras and, now, deep space satellites trained on the blazing sun, with imagery and access open to anyone with an Internet connection.

After seeing the nearly ten minute video, running the full range of strange objects caught by unsuspecting witnesses, to researchers actively seeking and digging deeply with new investigative tools, the main question driving this debate remains both compelling and, still, unanswered:
What is it? Here's the video:

Could Prometheus be true?

By Michelle Castillo

Prometheus, directed by Ridley Scott, hits theatres on June 8.

This summer, Earth is under attack. From action films like Prometheus and The Avengers, to comedies like Men In Black 3, aliens are appearing at the multiplex and threatening the fate of humanity.
But, not so fast, says the former director of the Center for SETI Research, Jill Tarter. The American astronomer believes that these films are just — duh — entertainment.
If extraterrestrial beings were to come to our world, they’d be so technologically advanced that they wouldn’t need puny human slaves or our meager food. Plus, there’s a giant possibility they wouldn’t look like anything we’ve seen before — or could even think of.
“Whether our imagination is up to the task of really appreciating what nature might do somewhere else remains to be seen,” Tarter told Metro World News. “Look at the body plan that evolved. Nature experimented and discarded some and modified other things. There are so many weird things on this planet that we are beginning to appreciate. I think that it might be weirder still from some other environment.”
Most of Tarter’s career with the non-profit SETI Institute — which stands for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence — has been dedicated to examining the universe for other beings.
Tarter, who recently retired, will be discussing her ideas about the possibility of aliens alongside real astronauts and Hollywood sci-fi actors at the upcoming SETIcon on June 22-24 in Silicon Valley, Calif.
Tarter believes that humans will discover extra terrestrial life in the next two years. It’s a valid question to ponder, especially because for thousands of years, humanity had to rely on priests and philosophers to tell them the “truth” about the universe. Now thanks to astronomy tools like the Kepler space observatory, we have discovered more than 2,000 extrasolar planet candidates to date. Many of them are similar to our home planet.
“We can almost taste the idea that Earth 2.0 is going to turn up in the near future,” she said.
Recently, Tarter has been searching for signs of technology in the universe, using it as a proxy for intelligence. While she and her colleagues haven’t found any spaceships or ray guns, Tarter doesn’t believe that means we’re all alone out there.
The data that shows that there isn’t any life is also consistent with the possibility that there is abundant life out there.
“We haven’t been searching for very long,” she admitted.

UFOs Reported to Michigan Coast Guard Station

A night-time UFO sighting left residents of Muskegon Lake in Michigan so perplexed, they contacted local media, who then called in the United States Coast Guard.

Mysterious sightings like this one seem to be occurring with more frequency lately. For some reason, people around the world are now paying closer attention to phenomena in the skies above.

Unfortunately, there is no video of Saturday's encounter, so you can only rely on witnesses' accounts and a couple of still photos. The snaps are pretty decent quality, and you can clearly make out two stationary orange lights hovering above the lake.

It's odd the Coast Guard couldn't provide an explanation for the glowing lights. There is probably a rational explanation for the "UFOs."
Petty Officer Ronnie Mason said the lights could have been reflections off of boats, but admitted he was "stumped." Is the government hiding anything?
Several witnesses claimed the "UFOs" were totally soundless, and hovered for a while before zooming off at lightning speed.

Space Shuttle Prophecy?

On January 29, 1986, a formerly secret document was dispatched to the then-director of the FBI, William H. Webster, by a special agent who was based at the Bureau’s Boston, Massachusetts office and that told an extraordinary and controversial story. Two days before the destruction of NASA’s Challenger Space Shuttle on January 28, declassified FBI files now reflect, the newsroom at Boston’s Channel 7 television station received a very worrying call from an unnamed source that had a direct bearing on the Space Shuttle explosion…
It was at 8.35 p.m. on the night at issue, recorded the FBI, when “the caller indicated that he was part of a group of three people who were going to sabotage the Shuttle, causing it blow up and kill all aboard.”
The FBI – astutely realizing that even if the call might have been nothing more than a hoax or fantasy of very bad-taste proportions, it simply could not afford to ignore the matter – quickly ordered a number of its special agents to descend upon Channel 7 with the utmost haste, and to speak with the particular person at the station who had taken the call.

The FBI agents extensively interviewed staff at the station and were told that the mysterious caller spoke of a series of “horrible, horrible things were going to happen,” and that “at least five people are going to be killed” by a secret group that was said to consist of three individuals. The Space Shuttle Challenger, the caller had starkly claimed to the news channel, was about to fly its very last mission – and it was a mission that was going to end in death and complete tragedy, no less, for all of those who were on board.
Despite the problematic fact that the man chose to leave no name, the FBI actually had a very good idea of who he might have been, as is clearly evidenced by the following that is extracted from the FBI’s files on this particular matter: “During briefing of SAC [Special Agent in Charge], ASAC [Assistant Special Agent in Charge], and appropriate supervisory personnel relative to aforementioned and employment of agent personnel, it was recalled that in September of 1985, a walk in complainant, of questionable mentality, had intimated that he had been responsible for the delay of previous Shuttles, plane crashes and other catastrophic events.”
The FBI quickly set about trying to find the man – and, luckily, they soon did so. He was found nonchalantly eating dinner at a nearby Franks Steak House, where he was duly apprehended and arrested. It was noted immediately, and diplomatically, too, by the FBI agents present at the scene, however, that the man was clearly “not in possession of full faculties.”
And, as a direct result, he was released into the specific care of an unnamed, local medical unit for a “five-day mental evaluation.” Ultimately, as a result of his dazed and confused condition, no prosecution was ever brought against the still unidentified individual.

It is ironic that although the man in question was clearly mentally disturbed to a very significant degree, had no real intention of ever blowing up Challenger or any of NASA’s other Space Shuttles, and had made similar, previous threats and claims to the effect that one of the Shuttles was going to be destroyed (none of which had ever come to any sort of fruition), on this occasion he got it practically spot-on: shortly after the man’s call to the newsroom of Channel 7, both the Shuttle and its entire crew really were gone – forever.
Sometimes, truth actually is stranger than the wildest of all science-fiction scenarios. Synchronicity? Coincidence? Paranormal prophecy? A conspiracy yet to be unravelled? The jury remains out.
The final word on this particular matter went to the FBI, who recorded, somewhat wearily and warily, one strongly suspects: “It is entirely feasible, and in all probability likely, that [the man] will make similar calls prior to departure of future Space Shuttles.” Currently available FBI files do not reflect any evidence that the man at issue crossed paths with agents of the Bureau ever again, however.
Thus a very strange and once-secret saga of the doomed Challenger Space Shuttle came to a quiet close.


Sheraton Bucks County Hotel
Langhorne, Pennsylvania
More information: MUFONPA

On September 28, 2012, Frank Feschino, Jr. will show a powerful new powerpoint presentation, based on his new book.

The Braxton County Monster
The Cover-up of the "Flatwoods Monster" Revealed

This action-packed 100-slide presentation documents the entire story of the "Braxton County Monster" incident and other terrifying events that occurred on September 12, 1952, during 21 hours of sustained UFO sightings. Mr. Feschino is presenting this new powerpoint to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the "Braxton County Monster" event.

NOTE: Feschino, an author and illustrator, has also formatted his very visual powerpoint with subtitles and words that accompany his slides. This will enable hearing impaired persons to view and follow the storyline of his presentation.

Baltic Sea UFO Hunters Look To Identify Mystery Object

Sonar image of a mystery circular object that's sitting on the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

A mysterious cylindrical object is sitting 300 feet at the bottom of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland, and nobody knows what it is -- yet.
Deep sea divers using remote-controlled cameras are heading to the site on Friday. They'll try to determine the exact identity of the object, which side-scan sonar first revealed in June 2011.
"My guess is that they won't find anything. They may just find a large roundish rock," well-known skeptic Benjamin Radford, deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer magazine, told The Huffington Post.
"Side-scan sonar is not a photograph and it can create false echoes, so it's not crystal clear what exactly it is that you're recording," Radford said. "The object that we're talking about is basically flush with the ocean floor, and side-scan sonar is much less reliable for things like that."
In what's been compared to an episode of "The X-Files," Peter Lindberg, captain of the Ocean Explorer, and his co-researcher Dennis Asberg made global headlines last year when they presented sonar images of a nearly 200-foot-wide circular anomaly -- looking very much like the fictitious Millennium Falcon spacecraft from the "Star Wars" movies.
"We don't know whether it is a natural phenomenon or an object," Lindberg told Fox News.
Is it a spaceship, a Russian warship or an ordinary stone formation?
The researchers will spend between six and 10 days at the site, using sonar to create 3D images of the bottom of the specified part of the Baltic Sea.
Explanations for the odd anomaly include a meteor, a naturally-occurring gas well and the possible remains of a 19th-century Russian warship.
Of course, let's not forget about all of those hopeful souls who would love this to turn out to be a crash-submerged spacecraft from another world.
"If this were a UFO, that would indeed be a strange thing," Asberg told Fox News. "I'm just not sure, but we'll see soon."
Radford, who is also the author of "Scientific Paranormal Investigation: How To Solve Unexplained Mysteries," said he thinks the mystery will only continue if the divers don't find anything.
"Because then they'll say, 'Whoa, hold on here. We have this image that was taken in 2011. How come they're going back there and not finding it there?'" Radford said. "And there will be conspiracies about that."
Watch this video about the discovery of the Baltic Sea anomaly: