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‘UFO’ ? Near Mercury'

Is a giant, cloaked spaceship orbiting around Mercury? That’s been the speculation from some corners after a camera onboard NASA’s STEREO spacecraft caught a wave of electronically charged material shooting out from the sun and hitting Mercury.
Theorists have seized on the images captured from the “coronal mass ejection” (CME) last week as suggestive of alien life hanging out in our own cosmic backyard. Specifically, the solar flare washing over Mercury appears to hit another object of comparable size. “It’s cylindrical on either side and has a shape in the middle. It definitely looks like a ship to me, and very obviously, it’s cloaked,” YouTube-user siniXster said in his video commentary on the footage, which has generated hundreds of thousands of views this week. Now, how this user was able to determ
ine that the object was “obviously” a cloaked spaceship with no other natural explanation remains as much a mystery as the object itself.
Of course, there’s another scientifically sanctioned explanation for the curious images, though we’re not certain that skeptics and UFO enthusiasts such as SiniXster will endorse it. Natalie Wolchover of Life’s Little Mysteries put the question to scientists in the solar physics branch at the United States Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). They’re the people who analyze data from the Heliospheric Imager-1 (HI-1)–better known in this context as the camera that shot the footage in question.
Head NRL group scientist Russ Howard and lead ground systems engineer Nathan Rich say the mysterious object is in fact Mercury itself. And what we’re seeing in the footage is the equivalent of Mercury’s wake, “where the planet was on the previous day,” as it travels through the solar system on its natural gravitational path.


UFO filmed live on TV in China's alien hotspot
Michael Cohen


A television news camera crew has managed to capture footage of a UFO as it moved above commercial buildings in China (see video below). The images were beamed directly into the living-rooms of millions of stunned viewers in a special broadcast. The event occurred last month in the city of Shandong, now China's undisputed UFO capital. The possible alien craft was described by witnesses as being diamond or pyramid shaped. The UFO rapidly changed colors before disappearing into the night sky.
One of China's most significant UFO events took place in Shandong in 2009 when a huge, rotating, saucer-shaped craft was seen by thousands of residents as it hovered above their heads. China's government is believed to be intensely interested in UFOs and some have even suggested that attempts to make peaceful contact with alien races are already underway in Beijing.


Debating Disclosure, 2012 Style

Sign the Petition w: URL - 33As Disclosure advocates we may have a dream, but first we have to earn it.
People say it's too hard to get 25,000 signatures on the White House "We the People" site in a single month. The number should be lower or the time should be longer. The site is erratic, they say, and our signature totals are being suppressed, others chime in.

Well, yes, but so what?
If we can't get 25,000 signatures in 30 days -- despite serious obstacles to organizing -- then we aren't really much of a social movement, are we? OWS protestors are getting pepper-sprayed but we can't be bothered to sign an Internet petition?
So, one week in to The Need-to-Know Petition, we know what has to be done. We have to kick it up. We have to kick it way up. We need over 1000 new signatures every day starting now.

If you're reading this, you need to actually get 25 friends to sign, too. And it has to go a level beyond sending it to 25 people on Facebook but actually following through to see that they actually do sign. Good intentions won't count.
There is nothing subjective about what victory is. 25,000 legit signatures from anywhere on Earth at by midnight on December 30 (we started November 30). That is hard, cold, objective reality.
Now let's imagine that we kick start things starting now. We get those 25,000 signatures, and more. And that we do it well before the deadline. Wouldn't that be a news story?
Then, no matter what the official response on the official White House website is, the media will ask the presidential candidates about their positions on the content of the petition itself.
Stakes Alive - Petition
What will those men and woman who want to run the country say? What will President Obama say if he is asked about the content of this petition in a national debate in prime time of October 2012? How would the media react then?
You can have a ticket to that show. Think about it but not too long. Then sign the petition. Thank you.
Debating Disclosure - PetitionSign the petition. Tell 25 friends.

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