Sunday, 17 March 2013

Recent Site Changes & Video Cover's

I've recently updated all of the Mac's UFO News video covers making them far more identifiable. They are variation's on the new site banner along with a description of the video.  A few may still be in the process of change..

Recent site up-dates include:
  1. Site banner
  2. Site background Picture
  3. UFO & Paranormal Talk Radio
  4. Video Bar top of HOME page. (Four most recent video's).
  5. Speech Welcome. - This will also be used in future to inform visitors of the more important up-dates and changes to the site.
  6. New theme in the Chat Room.
  7. Video size increase on posts.
  8. Mobile phone Blogger app. upgrade.  (Search on your mobile and add to Home for faster UFO News).

Thank you for visiting Mac's UFO News.