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Laurence Fishburne to Star in and Produce Sony’s UFO Drama Series ‘Rendlesham’

By Stewart Clarke

Upcoming paranormal series “Rendlesham” just got some star power, with Laurence Fishburne signing on to appear in the show and exec produce.

Sony-backed Eleventh Hour Films is making the series and Sony Pictures Television is taking it out internationally. It is inspired by events that took place on a U.S. air base near the British village of Rendlesham where, in 1980, there was suspected UFO activity. UFO enthusiasts have dubbed it “Britain’s Roswell.”

“The Matrix” star Fishburne will play Tyrone, a retired American airman who was stationed at the U.S. base during the Cold War. With his wife Carol and son Brock, Tyrone returns to the area to visit Carol’s dying father, and is forced to face events that have haunted him his whole life.

Fishburne will exec produce alongside his producing partner Helen Sugland through their Cinema Gypsy banner. Eve Gutierrez and Jill Green will executive produce for EHF alongside Joe Ahearne (“Doctor Who”), who is also writing and directing.

Fishburne was last seen in Marvel’s “Ant Man and The Wasp,” and next up will reprise his role as the Bowey King in “John Wick 3.” He is repped by Paradigm, Landmark Artists and Del Shaw Moonves Tanaka Finkelstein & Lezcano.

Sony and EHF had already partnered on “Rendlesham” when the studio took a minority stake in the U.K.-based producer in a deal announced in September. The pair have also joined forces on an adaptation of “Point Blanc,” the Alex Rider teen-spy novel.


A series of real-life reported UFO sightings in Britain near an air base used by the U.S. Air Force will be the basis of a new drama series, “Rendlesham.”

London-based producer Eleventh Hour Film will make the series and Sony’s international TV production arm has come on board. The studio is backing the development of the project and will handle international distribution. There is not yet a broadcaster or platform attached.

Joe Ahearne (“Doctor Who”) will helm the show, which will recount the claimed UFO landings near the air base and Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England, in the 1980s.

A complex family drama will form the backdrop to the series, which will also fast-forward from the height of the Cold War to 2020, the 40th anniversary of the incidents, which are fabled among UFO enthusiasts and have been dubbed “Britain’s Roswell.”

Ahearne said: “When Eleventh Hour Films drew my attention to this extraordinary piece of British and American history it pressed all my buttons, and I think it will do the same for a wide audience.”
Eve Gutierrez and Jill Green will executive produce for “Collision” and “Safe House” producer Eleventh Hour Films.

“Joe is a master storyteller with a long-standing fascination for science fiction,” Gutierrez said. “Now working with Sony Pictures Television we are looking forward to bringing this timely, other-worldly story to the global market.”

Witnesses needed to help solve North Wales' greatest UFO mystery

Documentary planned which may shed light on decades old enigma, dubbed the 'Welsh Roswell'

By Steve Bagnall
Witnesses are being sought to shed light on one of North Wales greatest mysteries.
A new documentary is in the pipeline investigating the Berwyn Mountains incident in 1974 and investigator Russ Kellett is asking if anybody who was there to come forward.

Dubbed the Welsh Roswell, at about 8.30pm on January 23, in 1974, people reported hearing a huge bang, earth tremors were felt amid claims of a brilliant light in the sky above the mountain range.
The Berwyn Mountains
At the time families in the villages of Llandderfel and Llandrillo were settling down to watch TV when an explosion was heard and the ground shook which measured 3.5 on the Richter scale.

Police received reports and arrived in the area and a RAF search and rescue team was scrambled from Anglesey.
In the 44 years since there has been a huge debate as to what exactly happened that night, with TV documentaries made and books written on the subject.

Some researchers have claimed a UFO landed or crashed, with further claims “bodies” were retrieved and taken away by soldiers.
Other theories suggest it was a meteor shower combined with an earthquake – the epicentre of which was at Bala Lake – and the misconception of poachers on the hillside carrying lamps.

Documents seen by the Daily Post in 2008 showed many reports were coming into Gwynedd police that night that something out of the ordinary was occurring.
They included:

A witness who saw an object on the hillside said in a statement: “Saw bright red light, like coal fire red. Large perfect circle. Like a big bonfire. Could see lights above and to the right and white lights moving to bottom. Light changed colour to yellowish white and back again.” A message in a police log said: “There’s been a large explosion in the area and there is a large fire in the mountainside. I can see the fire where I am.”
Telex message to chief constable Gwynedd constabulary. 22.00pm approx 23/1/74: Saw bright green lights, object with tail – travelling west. Saw about Bangor direction – dropped down.

At approx 10pm on 23/1/74: Saw a circular light in the sky at an estimated height of 1,500 feet. This object exploded and pieces fell to the ground. Mr ...... estimates the pieces would have fallen into the sea between Rhyl and Liverpool.
Russ Kellett

Russ who has investigated the incident for years, said: “I have been investigating this for 25 years.
“I have been approached by a company in America to make a documentary, the Americans are fascinated by this.

“If there is anybody who may have witnessed what happened at the time or may have seen military or anything else, could they please get in touch with me.”

Witnesses can contact Russ on 07368 417871.

Scotland’s most famous UFO encounter now an ex file after cops close 40-year probe

Mystery still surrounds the 1979 incident in which Robert Taylor said aliens tried to abduct him in West Lothian.


The investigation into Scotland’s most famous UFO encounter dating back nearly 40 years is now closed, police have confirmed. Mystery still surrounds the 1979 incident in West Lothian in which Rober Taylor said aliens tried to abduct him.
Robert Taylor, who died in 2007, said he saw a 30ft metallic sphere hovering in Dechmont Law woods in Livingston
The forestry worker said he saw a 30ft metallic sphere hovering in Dechmont Law woods in Livingston. As he approached, two smaller spheres emerged and started to drag him before he blacked out.

Robert Taylor visiting the site where he says aliens abducted him from in 1982

Police later found unusual marks that didn’t match any known vehicle. Tests showed his clothes were likely ripped by a metal device pulling upward. 
But Police Scotland, responding to a query by UFO expert Malcolm Robinson, said their X-File into the alleged assault by “persons or a person unknown” was now closed.
Mr Taylor, who died in 2007, survived with cuts and grazes, and a pair of torn trousers, which Mr Robinson now owns. He said: “I would’ve hoped they’d have kept the case open because they never identified who assaulted him.”

Marc Hoover: Falcon Lake’s mysterious UFO event

By The Clermont Sun

Is there a subject that causes more commotion than a UFO? Since the dawn of time, people have debated on whether other life-forms exist. I don’t believe in little green men or alien creatures with an assortment of eyeballs, but I think it foolish to discount other life-forms. UFO sighting are nothing new. They are traceable to China as far back as the 11th century.

Sometime around 1088, a respected poet named Shen Kuo wrote about a UFO that he claimed resembled a giant pearl. It’s even believed his sighting is the earliest reported UFO sighting. Although some UFO sightings may be legitimate, most can be discounted. They may either be weather balloons, airplanes or something else. Travis Walton and Stefan Michalak are known for their association with two of the most highly publicized UFO cases.

Marc Hoover

On May 20, 1967, Stephan Michalak, an amateur explorer was walking through the wilderness around Falcon Lake, a lake near Winnipeg. While prospecting for silver and other metals, he saw a strange glowing object in the sky. It was two cigar shaped anomalies floating in the sky. It then landed on a rock. Once it landed he noticed its resemblance to a spacecraft. He thought it might be a military airplane so it didn’t alarm him.

After a short wait, he approached the strange spacecraft. It smelled like sulphur and he could hear something resembling a humming motor and felt a gush of air. He noticed an open door and heard illegible sounds coming from the strange craft. Assuming it must be soldiers, he approached to offer his help.

But no one responded.

He tried to touch the spacecraft. Big mistake. The ship was so hot it melted his glove. A blast of air then struck Michalak and knocked him down. His shirt and cap then caught on fire.

Afterward, the ship left.

The effects of the strange craft made him sick. He vomited and stumbled through the forest. He would check himself into a Winnipeg hospital where staff couldn’t fully determine the source of his injuries.

The alien spacecraft severely burned his chest. He also had grid shaped sores on his stomach. For weeks he suffered diarrhea, headaches and weight loss. He also blacked out.

After he told authorities about his experience, he couldn’t foresee the madness that would soon engulf his life in controversy, ridicule and disbelief. The media was all over his story as it has since appeared on television documentaries and in books. His son, Stan Michalak, published a book about his father’s experience. He said he can remember how sick his father became after what would become known as the Falcon Lake Incident.

Stephan Michalak thought it best he share his experience with the world. He would live to regret the decision. He would go to his grave in 1999 wishing he would have kept his encounter a secret.

Canadian government officials recovered Michalak’s hat, shirt and soil samples. The soil tested positive for radioactivity and the burns in Michalak’s were without explanation. Regardless, it didn’t stop the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) from commemorating the Falcon Lake Incident.

The RCM even announced earlier this year they will mint a limited number of special coins depicting the famous UFO incident. Although Michalak died nearly 20 years ago, his sighting is one of the most well documented UFO sightings in history. Skeptics claimed Michalak’s injuries, burned hat and clothing could have been caused by something with an earthly origin. Yet, as much as anyone disbelieves his story, no one has ever arrived at a logical conclusion as to what Michalak saw or the injuries he sustained.

I will never understand why so many people think human beings are the only occupants in the universe. And I find this an even stranger mystery than a UFO sighting.

Ep.12 - UFOs...Seriously

By Open Minds

We take a look at the serious topic and related issues of objects observed in the skies above us that remain a mystery. Host Alejandro Rojas shares updates and credible information regarding Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) including the search for extraterrestrial life and our quest to become a space fairing species.

UFO spotted in Rendlesham Forest confirms location as the ‘UK’s ROSWELL’

UFO spotted in Rendlesham Forest confirms location as the ‘UK’s ROSWELL’ (Image: GETTY)

By Sean Martin

UFO hunters have returned to the UK’s major alien hotspot and discovered that extraterrestrials are STILL targeting the site, according to paranormal researchers.
On December 26, 1980, a patrol around RAF Woodbridge reported seeing lights, which appeared to land in the near by Rendlesham Forest.
They rushed to the site, thinking the lights might be a crashed human aircraft, however, they claimed to have found a round, glowing metal object with coloured light that scared animals in a nearby farm.
Now, paranormal investigators have returned to the scene of the crime and spotted more strange activity at a place dubbed the UK’s Roswell.
Over the course of October 8 and 9, a group known as Ghostech Paranormal Investigations spent time in the Rendlesham Forest searching for alien activity.
To their surprise, they spotted what they believe was UFO and even obtained footage.
As the bright lights of a UFO were seen in the distance, Jeff Young, lead investigator of Ghostech Paranormal Investigations told that their walkie-talkies stopped working and that “there was not one bird, squirrel, owl, no wildlife” seen during their investigation.
Mr Young said: “On the first night we managed to not only see the lights for ourselves, but we also captured them on film.
“We were the only people in the forest and we had to walk three miles through the forest to reach the location so there are no roads or any other explanation for what we had witnessed.
“Knowing where we had seen the UFO’s moving within the tree’s, on the second night we positioned our camera’s facing those area’s but this time I would walk a half a mile to the opposite side so I could observe the whole area as well as my team being positioned at the landing site so we may get a better look at these objects.
“This time we all saw the UFOs moving through the tree’s and again captured them on film but this time much more clearer than before.”
At this point, Mr Young says that Apache helicopters hovered above the investigators, seemingly tracking the bright lights in the forest.
He continued: “As we watched the UFO’s there then appeared a Apache Longbow helicopter above me, and it then made its way over to where the rest of my team was at the landing site, the helicopter circled us several times where then another joined it followed by a third.
The Ghostech Paranormal Investigations team (Image: GHOSTECH PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS)

“We then realised that they had also been tracking these UFOs as well as us with our cameras.”
The team then decided to leave the forest as they feared persecution and having their evidence removed.
After the original Rendlesham Forest incident of 1980, Army recruits returned to the site the next morning and all they found were a number of triangular impressions on the ground.
A witness of the event, retired U.S. Airforce officer Steve Longero, said December 2016: “I think it was something not from this world.”

Rendlesham Forest even has a UFO trail (Image: GETTY)

“We then realised that they had also been tracking these UFOs as well as us with our cameras.”
The team then decided to leave the forest as they feared persecution and having their evidence removed.
After the original Rendlesham Forest incident of 1980, Army recruits returned to the site the next morning and all they found were a number of triangular impressions on the ground.
A witness of the event, retired U.S. Airforce officer Steve Longero, said December 2016: “I think it was something not from this world.”
He said of the object found in the woods: “From what I remember it was like aglow, it was really glowing like a reddish, greenish light.
"It was really glowing, like something was really hot and it was just glowing.”
He also recalled how the object vanished. He added: “As people were getting close to this thing it kind of came nearer to us and then it would go forward and then go back and all of a sudden it just disappeared, like something out of Star Trek, it was like warp speed and we were all ‘what was that?’”