Thursday, 14 June 2018

George Knapp the Roswell Alien Mummy Slides Blown Wide Open

COAST TO COAST AM: Mark Allin with Above Top Secret addressed the 'Roswell' slides controversy. The slides are now generally considered to be a mummified human child based on the de-blurring of the text in the placard in the image. Allin further noted that a woman in an A-line dress from the 1950s can be seen in the background of the photo, as well as another oddity in an enclosed display with a different placard. Jaime Maussan, who publicized the photo, now concedes that while it could be from a museum exhibit, he still believes the body has certain anomalies that suggest it's not human, George Knapp reported.

Queen Margaret Union to host Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference

The Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference is returning to Glasgow


The event promises to "take you on an exploration of the worlds beyond".

The Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference is to be hosted at Glasgow University's Queen Margaret Union.
The event, which includes guest speakers who will "take you on an exploration of the worlds beyond", takes place on Saturday July 28.
As described on the conference website, the speakers will "dare to ask questions, put forward new and exciting theories and bring evidence to light which proves that our universe is truly stranger than we could possibly imagine."
The lineup will include Ron Halliday and Alyson Dunlop, who have both been involved in organising the event. If you believe in your UFOs, your ghosts and your poltergeists, this is definitely one for you!Tickets for the conference cost £10 and can be purchased from the official website HERE

CISF, NSG get home ministry nod to shoot down UFOs near Indira Gandhi airport

Until now, Central Industrial Security Force and National Security Guards officials had to convey the threat to all agencies concerned, trace the object and then decide on ways to bring it down. (PTI/File Photo)

By Anvit Srivastava

While the term UFOs is generally used in the context of alien aircraft, in this case, they refer to any unidentifiable object flying near the airport. These could be drones or balloons.

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and National Security Guards (NSG) can shoot down so-called Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) seen near Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, where several such instances have been reported in the past year.
A committee set up the home ministry has authorised the shooting of these objects. While the term UFOs is generally used in the context of alien aircraft, in this case, they refer to any unidentifiable object flying near the airport. These could be drones or balloons.
According to senior CISF officers, a March meeting held to review the Delhi airport’s security ended with several changes being made in the rules of engagement with flying objects. The home ministry has been considering a policy allowing CISF and NSG to shoot down such flying objects across the country since last year.
“The review committee comprised officials from the ministry of civil aviation (MOCA), bureau of civil aviation, directorate general of civil aviation, the Delhi Police, CISF, NSG, Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) and other agencies concerned. The MOCA had sought suggestions on how to handle UFOs at IGI. In this regard, certain guidelines were made and CISF and NSG were given permission to shoot down UFOs identified as dangerous,” a CIDSF officer said on condition of anonymity.
He said there are certain parameters based on which the agencies will take such action. “The flying object must deemed a threat, carry explosives or harmful items such as chemicals, be near a sensitive area of the airport or engage in any act harmful to human life or machinery. Only in such situations will the UFOs be shot down.”
Until now, CISF and NSG officials had to convey the threat to all agencies concerned, trace the object and then decide on ways to bring it down.
In April, a balloon-like object grounded an Air India flight with 188 passengers on-board after it got stuck in the engine of the Delhi-to-Srinagar flight. The plane had to make an emergency landing. Officers said that had it been a drone, the aircraft could have been severely damaged . Last December, an unidentified flying object led to disruption of flight operations and affected as many as 15 departures and arrivals at the Delhi airport. A detailed hunt for the UFO was made but it cold not be found, despite the air traffic control (ATC) capturing it on its radar.
A week before that, an Air India flight arriving at the IGI Airport faced off with a drone-like object, prompting the pilot to immediately report the matter to the ATC. Seconds later, another flight that took off to Leh, also reported spotting the same flying object.
The UFO menace at IGI

UFO sightings suspected to be balloons, drones, Chinese lanterns have hit flight operations at IGI airport a number of times
However, no such UFOs have ever been captured by the security agencies despite appearing on ATC’s radar
On any such sighting, the Airport Operations Control Centre, which comprises CISF, Indian Air Force, DIAL, Delhi Police, is alerted
A detailed search within the airport premises and on the outer periphery is conducted to check out the threat, until which all flight operations are put on hold

Recent horrors
April 29, 2018 A balloon-like object got stuck in the engine and grounded an Air India Delhi-Srinagar flight with 188 passengers on board.
Dec 28, 2017 An unidentified flying object led to disruption in flight operations and affected around 15 departures and arrivals.
Dec 15, 2017 A drone-like UFO and an Air India flight landing at IGI airport almost had a face-off, triggering the Air India pilot to immediately report the matter to the Air Traffic Control. Seconds later, another flight to Leh also spotted the smae flying object.
March 31, 2016 An UFO spotted over the apron area of IGI airport. It, however, disappeared before security forces

March 13, 2016 A balloon-like structure spotted close to an operational runway at the Delhi airport.
January 27, 2016 Another unidentified object spotted in the vicinity of the airport, but could not be traced.
October 30, 2015 An UFO spotted over runway 27 thrice before it completely disappeared from the radar
Oct 27, 2015 Another suspicious object spotted over runway 29 by ATC officials.

Five strong signs that aliens have already been on earth

By Nirmal Narayanan

The existence of aliens has long been a debating point among conspiracy theorists and space experts. Even though space agencies like NASA have long refuted claims of alien existence, they are still on the hunt to find extraterrestrials which may be living in the outer space.
However, conspiracy theorists strongly argue that aliens have been visiting earth for hundreds of thousands of years, and they are blaming the government and space agencies like NASA for covering up the existence of extraterrestrial life.
Here is a glance at five strong signs often put forward arguing that aliens have already been on earth.
Flying saucers everywhere
Surfing the internet using the word 'UFO' will populate too many videos showing unidentified flying objects hovering across the skies in various parts of the world. Even though many of these videos are being made using CGI, there are some authentic clips which still remain unanswered and  mysterious.
One such authentic clip was captured from Turkey on May 13, 2009, at around 2.20 AM. The video shows an eerie flying object hovering across the skies, and interestingly, through the transparent UFO, we can also see two aliens sitting on the deck.
As the video turned viral on the internet, the Council for Scientific and Technological Research set up a team to check the authenticity of the clip. After nine years of extensive research, the team found that the flying object spotted in the video did not have an earthly origin. The report also added that the video was not subjected to any kind of editing.
UFO research agencies like MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) are getting regular reports of UFO sightings which happen in various corners of the globe, and this clearly indicates that some strange phenomenon is going on in our skies.
However, a section of people believe that these crafts are actually secret military crafts developed by the United States and Russia. The imminent question is -- Do these craft have an alien origin, or are they secretive military vessels like the alleged TR-3B?
Ancient cave paintings hide a million mysteries
A few years ago, archeologists in India discovered some bizarre cave paintings in rocks at Charama, Chhattisgarh. Interestingly, these rock paintings depicted alien-like figures wearing suits very similar to modern day space suits. The startling drawings also featured disc-shaped flying saucers, each with a fan-like antenna and three legs.
After analyzing the cave drawings, archeologists came to the conclusion that these cave drawings were painted before 10,000 years. For humans beings, space travel became a reality in the 20th century, then how can ancient Indians draw paintings featuring aliens and flying saucers?
Another popular depiction of aliens in cave paintings can be seen in Christina Lake, British Columbia, Canada. These paintings feature flying saucers with large wings hovering above a group of people.
Recently, renowned television anchor Giorgio Tsoukalos, known for presenting 'Ancient Aliens' in History Channel revealed that aliens used to visit humans in the ancient ages. The television conspiracy theorist also revealed that ancient humans have misrepresented alien visitors as deities and their advanced technology was interpreted as magic. Those who believe in this theory argue that aliens had brought these advanced knowledge and culture to the human civilization on earth.
Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program
In December 2017, Pentagon shocked the entire world by admitting that they have conducted a UFO search program under the name 'Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program'. The million dollar project was carried out to unravel the mysteries surrounding UFO sightings.
The US Defense Department also released a video featuring an unidentified flying object being trailed by a US F-18 jet. Interestingly, the UFO spotted in the video flew across the sky defying all the known laws of physics, and it indicates that this object is made from advanced alien technology.
Impeccable ancient structures
There are several structures on the earth like Ancient Egyptian pyramids at Giza, Nazca lines, and Sacsayhuamán that are too big, too complex and too heavy for the ancient humans to build. Even in the modern days, humans will find it hard to build such marvelous structures with impeccable architecture. So, who built these massive structures? The answer still remains an enigma.
Admission from a top Canadian Minister
Last year, Paul Hellyer, the former Canadian Minister of National Defence, emerged out of nowhere to claim that aliens have been visiting earth for thousands of years. The former cabinet minister also said that the US Air Force has been using weapons and crafts made with alien technology since the 1960s.

Our Opinion: UFO monument is an attention-grabber

Sheffield's aliens are back in the spotlight. No, we aren't talking about a caravan of border-hopping intruders; in fact, conventional man-made barriers and a platoon of ICE officers wouldn't be able to stop this crew.

The site where, according to local lore and the testimony of residents, an "off-world" encounter occurred in 1969 will once again become the subject of a TV documentary, this time for the History Channel. Ever since a nine-year-old Thomas Reed and three other members of his family testified that they made contact with extraterrestrials while crossing the Upper Sheffield Covered Bridge, the town, while not exactly known as the "Roswell of the East," has benefited from a small but steady stream of pilgrims who have come to visit the concrete monument with its official plaque bearing the state seal and an authenticating proclamation by Governor Charlie Baker.

Taking into account that some 40 people came forward to corroborate the sighting of strange lights on the night Mr. Reed says he and family members were briefly transported to a hangar-like structure before being safely returned to their car, the veracity of the incident appears to be less controversial than the ultimate location of the monument.

As is well known on this planet — and probably on others, as well — puny Earthlings have a species-specific tendency to complicate otherwise simple matters, and a dispute has arisen over whether the installation is on public or private land. The memorial, erected in 2015, was moved a few feet just weeks after its original dedication.

While a local farmer claims it is now on his property, Town Administrator Rhonda LaBombard avers that it remains on town land and ordered it removed by May (Eagle, April 11). It is now June, and the monolith has stayed put in a cosmic nose-thumbing to terrestrial laws and the flip-flop of the governor's office, which now disavows the proclamation.

Whatever the eventual outcome of the location brouhaha, even visitors from another galaxy would probably agree that there is no such thing as bad publicity. With luck, the new documentary will help Sheffield and its alien encounter site take its place among the Berkshires' must-see destinations.

Site of Roswell UFO crash to be opened for tours

By Dan Lake

The site of the so-called UFO crash in Roswell is being opened to the public for the first time in 71 years.
From July 5 visitors can buy tickets to private tours at the site, costing between NZ$130 and NZ$650.
Included in the ticket is an authentic Mexican meal, chicken & cheese enchiladas with beans and rice. 
Organisers say there are plenty of 'surprises' during the tour.
The location has become synonymous with conspiracy theories about the US government's knowledge of alien life.
In 1947 a local farmer called Mack Brazel noticed a strange object on his farm.
It was described as metallic sticks held together with tape, chunks of plastic and foil reflectors, as well as glossy paper-like material.
The local sheriff and army air base were called.
Over the next few days soldiers collected debris from across the area and took it away in armoured trucks.

On July 8 the headline in the local paper read "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region" but the claim was rejected by local authorities who said it was a weather balloon.

Until now, theories and rumours have spread far and wide about what came down in that field, many convinced that whatever it was, it came from somewhere other than Earth.