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Spacing Out! Ep. 46 - Scientists searching for extraterrestrial life

Published on 19 Apr 2013 By openmindstv
Researchers from fifteen UK research institutions have teamed up to search for extraterrestrial life. And a UFO encounter in Australia is being memorialized in a strange way. That and other space and UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

UFO Sightings Making Headline News In Cotulla, Texas


UFO Sightings: Colourful Fast Moving Object Spotted Flying Over Kentucky

A fast-moving object flashing three distinct colours was reported whizzing past the sky in Rush, Kentucky, on 15 April.

The sighting, alleged to be that of an Unidentified Flying Object, was reported on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). However there were no photos or videos of the object except for an illustration of how it looked. The witness had reportedly noticed the oval-shaped object when he was outside talking to a friend.
"This object looked to be about 1,500 to 3,000 feet up, and was much lower than any of the jets passing through at the time," the witness said as quoted by Examiner.
"It looked like it should pass directly over our heads. There was no sound from this object and it looked like it could be the size of a small automobile."
Describing the object the witness said, "Kind of oval in shape, it had three major colors which flashed extremely fast and bright. The front color was red, the middle was the white color and was extremely bright. The back of the object flashed an orange-ish red. The flashing was as best as I can describe being like fireworks. The flashing lights were so bright that it would hide the object as if the light rays were being projected outward away from the craft."

Kentucky has reported nine UFO sightings in March and is 14th highest UFO reporting state in the US. California is the highest with 53 UFO sighting reports.

UFO TV: Tales of the Hawk - A Secret UFO Insider - Bruce Maccabee, PhD

Uploaded on 28 Nov 2010 By UFOTVstudios
Tales of the Hawk tells the story of a Retired Air Force Colonel who worked at the Air Technical Intelligence Center at Wright Patterson Air Force Base which has been confirmed as a depository for recovered crash debris of extraterrestrial origin. His story is about his own "cover up" experiences. Dr Macabbee is one of the original developers of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and was instrumental in establishing the Fund for UFO Research.

The X-Conference is pleased to welcome UFO Researcher and Physicist Bruce Maccabee, PhD

The X-Conference is produced by X-PPAC (Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee) and The Paradigm Research Group, who's mission is to educate Congress, the Press and the Public about the Government imposed "Truth Embargo" and to bring about formal acknowledgment by the U. S. Government of an Extraterrestrial presence engaging the Human Race - Full Disclosure. UFOTV is pleased to present what will be all of the presentations that were given by all the invited speakers at each of the X-Conference events. Stay tuned as we continue to upload further video coverage.

We apologize for the commercials during this online presentation. As stated on our main channel page, the advertising revenue from this program helps to cover the heavy production costs of putting on the yearly X-Conference event.

UFO News Links For Friday 19th April 2013

Living with 'Shadow People'

Alien Abduction Insurance?

Topic: UFO - Today's Guest Debi Tripp - Contact and Abduction

Published on 12 Apr 2013 By Topic UFO
On this episode of Topic: UFO, your host Rick Scouler welcomes contactee/abductee Debi Tripp. Debi discusses her experiences with the Greys, and what it feels like to be totally powerless in their presence.

UFO Flies by Plane Window Over Hawaii

By UFO Casebook

Published on Feb 10, 2013 by looknowtv
Submitter states: A stunning UFO flies by plane window! A passenger caught this interesting UFO on tape on a trip to Hawaii. This is a must watch UFO sighting.

Thank you to the anonymous person who gave us exlusive rights to this awesome footage. Thanks for watching and; sharing!
(Editor's Note: We have had quite of few of these airplane sightings and video in the last 6 months or so. This one does have a flying object that to me is difficult to explain as a conventional object.
(Take a look and see what you think.)

Search for first Mars colonists to begin in July

Artist’s rendition of human settlements on Mars. (Credit: Mars One)

Mars One announced that it will begin searching for its first Mars colonists in July 2013.

The company plans to establish the first colony on Mars in 2023. Mars One will televise a two-year search for the initial four astronauts. According to, Mars One “will begin accepting application videos in July, charging a fee to weed out folks who aren’t serious about their candidacy.” The maximum fee will reportedly be $25, but will vary by country.
Mars One co-founder and chief executive officer Bas Lansdorp told that he expects “a million applications with 1-minute videos, and hopefully some of those videos will go viral.” The company reports that, although applications are not being accepted yet, 10,000 people have already expressed interest in becoming a Mars One astronaut.

Mars One co-founder Bas Lansdorp. (Credit: Mars One)
Mars One co-founder Bas Lansdorp.
(Credit: Mars One)
The number of astronaut candidates will be narrowed to twenty-four by July 2015. These individuals will be grouped into six teams of four people. These teams will then go through seven years of training. And once Mars One selects the final candidates, a global audience will select the four astronauts who will go to Mars. The entire process from astronaut selection to colonization will be televised as an interplanetary reality show. The company hopes that television revenues will help fund the $6 billion required to send the first four colonists to Mars.
Anyone at least eighteen years of age from any country is invited to submit a video to Mars One explaining why he or she would make a good Mars colonist. But applicants should keep in mind that this is a one-way mission. The colonists are moving to Mars permanently.

Jaden Smith says Obama confirmed aliens are real


Jaden Smith told Wonderland magazine this week that a conversation with President Obama at the White House confirmed to him that aliens are real. Smith is the son of superstars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. He is an up and coming superstar himself. He has appeared in the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, and starred in the remake of The Karate Kid with Jackie Chan. He is also making a name for himself as a rapper and a dancer. His latest project is After Earth, a M. Night Shyamalan sci-fi adventure film which Jaden co-stars with his father. It premieres in June.
Promotional poster for “After Earth.”
(Credit: Columbia TriStar Marketing Group, Inc.)
A recent Open Minds UFO Radio interview with co-writer of After Earth, Gary Whitta, revealed that there are aliens in the futuristic movie. It just so happens, aliens are one of Jaden’s favorite topics. “I like aliens!” he told Wonderland. “I think aliens are really cool, because they exist.”
Jaden says that a conversation he had with President Obama has confirmed his belief. Jaden and the rest of his superstar family got a chance to visit the White House. While in the President’s Situation Room, Jaden saw his chance to press the POTUS for the skinny on extraterrestrials. He says:
I talked to President Obama about extraterrestrials. He said he could neither confirm nor deny the existence of aliens, which means they’re real. If people think we’re the only people that live in this universe, then something is wrong with them.
After Earth will be Jaden’s second movie with aliens. His father, Will, has starred in five, including the popular Men in Black franchise and the cult classic Independence Day. If this trend continues, Jaden has no worries. Hollywood will ensure that extraterrestrials continue to be a part of the Smith family’s lives for years to come.
To hear more about Jaden and Will Smith’s latest movie, After Earth, listen to our interview on Open Minds UFO Radio with co-writer Gary Whitta here.


UFO's in formation fly low over Cork, Ireland

Published on 10 Apr 2013 By UFODisclosureIreland
This amazing footage scrubs every explination out the window, these very heavily lit powered craft caught UFODI attention and needed to be shown! Antishake is stabalized and the footage is (AWESOME) Source: Naktis Ireland

SETI 'Earth Speaks': Want To Say Hello To An ET?

Want to say hello to an ET? SETI scientists are here to help.
People in Seattle and other parts of the Northwest recently weighed in on what they would want to say to intelligent creatures from another planet.
At the SETI Institute in California, home of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, an ongoing program called Earth Speaks is collecting messages from citizens of Earth, young and old. They're looking for public opinions on the best way to say hello to the cosmos.
And what kinds of things are people submitting?
  • "If you want to come visit us here on Earth, you're welcome...but be prepared to witness a huge mess. Sorry 'bout that."
  • "Greetings from the People of Earth, the world we call our home. We come from many types of governments, faith groups and beliefs, yet are all of the same world. Many of us believe we are alone in the vast Universe, yet others think we are part of a vast Interstellar family, and if you are reading this, we hope that if we are part of that family, we will become a happy family together."
For half a century, SETI has scanned the skies with radio telescopes, looking for any type of intelligent, non-terrestrial evidence that might prove earthlings aren't alone in the universe.
While a few random signals have been picked up by the telescopes, there has never been a pattern that could be considered as having an intelligent, extraterrestrial origin.
Broadcast signals that emanate on Earth theoretically travel on a never-ending path across space. A technology-savvy civilization, on a planet orbiting a sun near our own solar system, may be just now picking up old radio and television broadcasts that left our world decades ago.
“If you take your rabbit ears and put them on a planet around Alpha Centauri and try to pick up the original broadcasts of “I Love Lucy,” you wouldn’t be able to. But if you built a big enough antenna, you could pick them up at any distance,” said Seth Shostak, senior SETI astronomer.
Earth Speaks is SETI's research project to help scientists determine the proper way to introduce ourselves "out there."

Watch SETI Scientist Douglas Vakoch On Talking To Aliens

"It's a project to shift the discussion from just a handful of scientists who've been thinking about what happens if we detect intelligent life beyond Earth, and really make it a global discussion," said Douglas Vakoch, SETI's director of Interstellar Message Composition. Vakoch, a clinical psychologist from the California Institute of Integral Studies, is the only social scientist employed by SETI.
"At this point, we've had people from over 70 countries submit their messages," Vakoch told The Huffington Post. "The second thing we do is analyze those responses that people are sending us and look for some of the broader themes and also look at what that says about us here on Earth."
Vakoch points out the similarities that people want to say to potential extraterrestrials.
"We discovered that a major theme is: 'We are the humans of planet Earth.' What's striking about that is that we identify ourselves in these messages to extraterrestrials. We focus on our connectiveness and our commonality. People aren't typically saying, 'I'm from Australia' or 'I'm from the United States,' 'I'm Buddhist' or 'I'm Catholic.'"
There's one thing, especially, Vakoch says, that many people have consistently submitted in their messages that they hope will someday be sent into space -- one theme that resonates with men and women, young and old.
"The big message that cuts across all ages in both sexes is a very simple one: 'Please Help.'"
Check out these following message samples that have been submitted. If you want to see many more, go directly to SETI's Earth Speaks message page.

Vakoch suggests one of the reasons why there haven't been a lot of ongoing projects to transmit messages and try to make contact is because, in some ways, people have a cosmic inferiority complex.
"What do we have to tell another being? If they're so old and powerful, what do we have that matters? I could well imagine that, of all the civilizations in our galaxy, we're the ones that have the most exquisite balance of joy and sorrow. There's something about being at this critical juncture of our history as a civilization that may be very unique, and I think is more important to communicate and to reflect on for ourselves, whether or not there's even anyone out there."
To help get you in the mood to offer a heartfelt message to the stars, let's put this into a proper perspective -- the perspective of how very tiny we are compared to everything else around us.
In 1990, the Voyager 1 spacecraft was nearly 4 billion miles away from Earth, leaving our solar system at 40,000 miles per hour. Astronomer Carl Sagan asked NASA to turn Voyager's camera around and snap a picture of our home planet. It became known as the Pale Blue Dot photograph in which Earth appears at the center of a ray of light, resulting from the angle between Earth and the sun. (See this amazing image below)
tiny earth

"We're really trying to understand our place and significance in the universe," said Vakoch. "It's completely insignificant on a cosmic scale and supremely important.
"It's symbolized so beautifully by the Voyager spacecraft. When it finished its science mission of going through the solar system, it took this snapshot that showed Earth as this pale blue dot. In that sense, that spacecraft was saying, 'Look, on a cosmic scale, everything on this little planet that we view as so important is insignificant in the whole universe.'
"But the beautiful thing about that spacecraft is the message it bore said exactly the opposite, which is, 'Look, whatever our limitations as a species, we can learn about our universe, we've developed a science and the audacity to explore beyond our own planet."
According to Shostak, radio waves can be used to carry audio and pictures, and you can put any kind of information you want on them.
And what would Shostak send into space as his own contribution to Earth Speaks?
"I would send the Internet, because the more you send, the greater the likelihood they'll figure some of it out," Shostak told HuffPost. "I'd just send everything. It's also one-way communication. They're probably far away and you're not going to get into a discussion about what you sent, so I'd just send it all. That's me."
You can go to SETI's Earth Speaks website 24 hours a day to submit your message and become part of the project of what earthlings would like to say to extraterrestrials.
At this point, there's no specific planned date for transmission of those messages into space, but SETI scientists want to gather as many as possible. They also want to know if the people of Earth think we shouldn't be sending a message to the cosmos.

Five new alien-themed TV projects in development at SyFy

By Robbie Graham
SyFy is developing 10 new sci-fi TV projects, five ofwhich will explore contact and conflict with alien life. reports that, in addition to Defiance, Syfy is currently working on ambitious small screen projects including:
Ringworld “A story about human explorers traveling to the farthest reaches of space to investigate an alien habitat the size of one million Earths. They crash-land and discover ancient civilizations, miraculous technology, and a possible salvation for Earth.”
Apparently, Syfy considered making a Ringworld miniseries nine years ago, with a different crew. It is now being developed as a four-hour miniseries. The story is based on Larry Niven’s books.

Childhood's End

Also being developed as a mini-series, based on Arthur C. Clarke’s classic novel, Childhood’s End will see a peaceful alien invasion of Earth by the mysterious Overlords, whose arrival brings all human conflict to an end, turning our planet into a near-utopia.

Upstream Color director Shane Carruth told he loved Clarke’s book for its unique take on an alien invasion: “even the victims don’t know that they’re victims. It’s a closed loop of a story, to have a race show up and provide everything, and that's the way that they conquer, in a way that nobody would ever recognize or resist.”
The miniseries will be executive produced by Michael DeLuca (The Social Network).

“This one starts out with an alien ‘armada’ appearing near Pluto. Earth sends the only interstellar ship we have, created by a billionaire industrialist out of secret alien technology we discovered in the 1960s. But after the ship engages the alien fleet, it falls into a wormhole and winds up in deep uncharted space, searching for a way home.”

Coming to us via Alphas writers Ron Milbauer and Terri Hughes, this series will focus on the character of Orion, “a female relic hunter who tracks down valuable items in space, while also trying to piece together her own mysterious past. And meanwhile, the human race is in the middle of an intergalactic war with an alien race. Orion has special abilities, but she can't decide whether to use them to save herself, or to find the hidden artifacts that could save the human race (no guesses which one she'll choose).”
High Moon

In which the nations of Earth start establishing colonies on the Moon to exploit its valuable natural resources — only to discover “a new form of life,” causing chaos to break out on the lunar surface.
High Moon is to be Executive Produced by Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies). The pilot has been written by Jim Danger Gray (also Pushing Daisies).