Thursday, 27 February 2014

Reports Of Lights In The Sky Throughout Jacksonville FL & First

Published on 26 Feb 2014 By  Isaac Wilee
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Reports of moving lights in the sky are being recorded throughout the First Coast.

New UFO show features MUFON


A new UFO television show from the History channel premieres on Friday, February 28 titled Hangar 1: The UFO Files.

According to MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network),

The premise of each episode is to examine a number of MUFON cases, looking for patterns that tie in to historic UFO events and try to show what the alien agenda may be. Actual footage and recreations will be used along with expert testimony. The “HANGAR 1” title comes from the actual Hangar One where the vast archive of 75,000 MUFON cases and evidence are stored, including the Leonard Stringfield files. The show will showcase MUFON’s mission to educate the public about the UFO phenomenon.

UFO investigators, researchers, and journalists present case details in the show, while event recreations help the viewer to better visualize the cases as they are described. Hangar 1 features MUFON’s Pennsylvania state director John Ventre, MUFON STAR Team investigator Jeremy Ray, and Jason McClellan of Open Minds. Richard Dolan, Grant Cameron, Leslie Kean, Michael Schratt, and MUFON’s executive director Jan Harzan make appearances in the series as well.
Hangar 1: The UFO Files premieres on History’s H2 channel at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on Friday, February 28 following a new episode of the popular program Ancient Aliens. H2 provides the following description of Hangar 1‘s premiere episode:

Hangar 1: The UFO Files Presidential Encounters
Fri February 28, 10:00 PM
From Truman to Obama, our modern day Presidents have all had rich and controversial histories with UFOs and extraterrestrials. In fact, Eisenhower, Nixon, Carter, and Reagan are each rumored to have had personal encounters. Inside HANGAR 1, MUFON files ask, “What do our presidents really know about the existence of UFOs?” Are some Presidents kept in the dark because they aren’t trusted with that knowledge and how they might use it? Or, are they all aware, but the secrets are too dark and deep that full disclosure becomes a risk they just can’t take?
Following the premiere, this eight-episode series will continue to air new episodes every Friday.

Alien-themed ‘Are We Alone’ week returns to the Science Channel

Once again, the Science Channel is reprising its popular extraterrestrial-themed Are We Alone? week.

As previous years have demonstrated, the Science Channel does an incredible job packing the first week of March with highly entertaining and provocative shows exploring UFOs and extraterrestrial life.
As the network explains, “This March, Science Channel returns with its programming event dedicated to one of mankind’s most pressing questions with ARE WE ALONE? – a week-long campaign dedicated to satisfying viewers’ appetite for aliens.” Science Channel’s executive vice president and general manager, Debbie Myers, states, “So many people are obsessed with the existence of aliens . . . ARE WE ALONE? ignites their imaginations with bold new questions, and engages current research happening in the field of extraterrestrial life. It’s programming that asks questions and makes you think. We hope ARE WE ALONE? advances the conversation even further.”

The week of alien and UFO programing begins on Sunday, March 2 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT with new episodes of NASA’S Unexplained Files. Other new programs, like the series Close Encounters, will air during the week. And Morgan Freeman’s Through the Wormhole, which has been featured in previous years, returns to Are We Alone? week. The show Uncovering Aliens, featuring Open Minds’ Maureen Elsberry, is also airing during the week.
The Science Channel partnered with Open Minds to premiere some of these shows at the 2014 International UFO Congress where they were well-received.
Check the Science Channel listings to see when shows will air.