Thursday, 2 May 2013

Citizens Hearing On Disclosure 'Highlights' Part 3

Top Secret Memo: "the most highly classified subject"
Grant Cameron testifies before the committee describing and reading from a Top Secret memo from the Canadian government that is certified and acknowledged adn the memo say"The subject is the most highly classified subject in the United States"

"The truth was too difficult to report publicly " Animal Mutilation & Genetic Harvest
"The truth was too difficult to report publicly"

Linda Moulton Howe Testifies at the hearon on disclosure regardingg animal mutilation instances and how that relates to possible genetic harvest incidents from extra terrestrial sources.

Gary Heseltine Testifies about Police and UFO Incidents
Gary Heseltine Testifies about Police and UFO Incidents in England and around the globe
Citizen Hearing on Disclosure May 1, 2013

Finding the Hard Evidence of UFOs and Extra Terrestrials
Dr. Robert Wood says that to help most accurately explain UFO and Extra Terrestrial phenomena, he has tried to dedicate his exploration to authenticating important (and in some cases Classified) documents that hold direct proof of incidents. Here's Wood's explanations of at least one major document he has studied

Former UK Police Officer Compiles Law Enforcement UFO Reports
Former UK Police Office Gary Heseltine now spends his time tracking and compiling the reports of law enforcement officials across the UK in regards to UFOs, extra terrestrial activities and unexplained phenomena. Heseltine says that the caliber of his witnesses should bring more prominence to the stories of the incidents he is tracking.

Open Minds Interviews Participants Of The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

China UFO Expert Dr. Sun Shili Interview 
Published on 2 May 2013
Dr. Sun Shili is a leading UFO researcher in China. He helped start China's leading UFO research organization, and was able to get the government to print his first UFO journals. He participated in the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in Washington D.C. where we were able to interview him. He does not speak English, however he was Chairman Mao's Spanish translator. We have Antonio on hand to translate from Spanish to English for us.
Rendlesham UFO Interview from Citizen Hearing on Disclosure
Published on 1 May 2013
Today we interviewed (from left) John Burroughs, Jim Penniston, and Nick Pope via Skype. They are currently participating in the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in Washington D.C.

John Burroughs and Jim Penniston were U.S. Air Force security personnel in late December of 1980 when there was a mass UFO sighting outside of two Royal Air Force bases, RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge, that were being used by the U.S. Air Force. Burroughs and Penniston went out into the Rendlesham forest to investigate unidentified lights. They came across a craft that Penniston actually touched before it lifted up above the trees and took off at a very fast speed. Nick Pope is a former employee of Britain's Ministry of Defence, where he officially investigated UFOs.

In this interview Penniston and Burroughs explain how they have had problems obtaining their service and medical records during the time of the UFO event. The former congress members who heard their presentation today vowed to help them get their records, even if it means going to the President.

UFO Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Update | April 30, 2013
Published on 30 Apr 2013
Alejandro Rojas talks with Antonio Huneeus and gets an update on day 2 at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure.

Steven Greer UFO Int @ Citizen Hearing on Disclosure
Published on 30 Apr 2013
We were able to catch up with Steven Greer yesterday over Skype after his talks at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. We asked him how he felt about his involvement in the hearing, and some of his thoughts on his new film, Sirius. We also touched on some of the controversial subjects in his film, including free energy, his process for calling in extraterrestrials, and the Atacama humanoid.

Topic: UFO - Today's Guest Frank Stalter - UFO's The Truman Years

Published on 30 Apr 2013 By Topic UFO
Rick welcomes Frank Stalter for a look back at the UFO activity that took place during the Truman Presidential years. This includes the UFOs sighted over the White House, as well as the Kenneth Arnold story that coined the term Flying Saucer...

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