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Revisiting The Secret United Nations Meeting on UFO's 2008

A French aviation expert has come forward to reveal his participation in a secret meeting held at the United Nations New York headquarters that discussed the UFO phenomenon from February 12-14. Gilles Lorant is an attaché to the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS- National Center for Scientific Research ) which is a government-funded research organization, under the administrative authority of France's Ministry of Research. He is also a member Institute of Advanced Studies for National Defense (IHEDN - the French Organization that produced the 1999 COMETA Report). Both CNRS and IHEDN are prestigious scientific organizations in France, and Lorant was invited to attend the UN meetings in a professional capacity. A report released by a French UFO organization (Federation of European Airplane ), of which Lorant is an executive member, contained a summary of the UN meeting where he describes what happened at the meeting.
Lorant revealed that a series of UN meetings were held over a three day period. In the meetings there was discussion of a confidential report, prepared by the U.S. Air Force and a branch of the National Guard, concerning the societal impact of UFO sightings. The initial meeting was held on February 12 and, according to Lorant’s report, led to a request by three U.S. Senators for further discussions. Additional meetings were held immediately after on February 13 and 14. The implication is that three U.S. Senators attended the secret UN meetings. The meetings were very concerned about social upheaval from continued UFO sightings and the testimonies of individuals claiming to have first hand knowledge about UFO’s, extraterrestrial life, and future global events. It was reported that adverse public reactions to UFO sightings could have a dramatic economic impact that could lead to recessions in some countries.
The emphasis on possible societal upheaval due to growing UFO sightings was reminiscent of recommendations by the
1953 Robertson Panel, convened by the CIA, which identified adverse public reactions as a major security threat that could be exploited by foreign enemies. The UN discussions appeared to match concerns identified in both the 1953 Robertson Panel and the 1961 Brookings Report () to the U.S. Congress, over ramifications of UFO reports and the eventual discovery of extraterrestrial life.
2009 was raised as the year when an important change in official attitudes concerning the UFO phenomenon could be made. This suggested that the official debunking policy underway since the 1953 Robertson Panel would be abandoned and more serious study of the UFO phenomenon would occur. This indicated an important policy shift were the study of UFO’s would be officially encouraged. However, certain global conditions would have to be met for the official opening. Most important appeared to be social stability in G-8 countries and the maintenance of liberal democratic systems in developing nations. Lorant also suggested that an official opening in attitudes would only occur if UFO sightings continued to occur at present levels.
Lorant’s testimony provides independent corroboration for an anonymous source who first came forward on February 12 to reveal to two New York researchers (Clay and Shawn Pickering) that the UN meeting had taken place. The source’s testimony was revealed in two articles published by this author on February 13 and
20 , and a follow up article by Robert Morningstar on Feb 25. Lorant’s testimony gives more detailed information of what happened at the meeting, and is consistent with statements from the original source of the UN meeting concerning approximately 40 participants, multiple issues being discussed as well as the UFO phenomenon, and public reactions to increased UFO sightings. Most importantly, Lorant provides insight into reasons for a significant change in official public policy towards the UFO phenomenon.

The reported results of the UN meetings indicate agreement was reached for an international strategy to more seriously study the UFO phenomenon in a manner that maintains present levels of social stability. This raises the possibility that those presenting information on UFOs/extraterrestrial life deemed to threaten national stability or financial systems, would receive special attention by national security agencies. The meetings results suggest that an official change in government policy from ‘debunking’ to ‘openness’ concerning UFO’s would lead to official approval to narrowly define study of the UFO phenomenon. However, those claiming to have first hand experience of extraterrestrial life would be targeted as charlatans. The UN meeting thereby suggested continuation of policies aimed at exploiting divisions in the UFO community between researchers advocating a strictly scientific study of the UFO phenomenon, and those wishing to discuss testimonies/documentation concerning extraterrestrial life visiting Earth. An article exposing "Galactic COINTELPRO" is available

Lorant’s testimony finally suggests that governments are being driven to more open approach to the UFO phenomenon due to the recent increase sightings that are projected to continue well into 2009. What follows is a summary report of the UN meetings based on Lorant’s testimony that appears in a newsletter of the FEA and is available in the
original French.
[Acknowledgements] I thank Didier de Plaige for his kind assistance in helping confirm background information about Gilles Lorant, and for first revealing on
his blogsite details about Lorant who at the time requested anonymity through a mutual acquaintance of de Plaige. I also thank Jean-Luc Bozzoli and Victor Viggiani for their assistance in translating the original French document.


Newsletter No. 4 of the F.E.A, 25.02.2008
Posted by Jean-Jacques Yvars …

Dear Friends,

For strictly professional reasons and by coincidence, an active member of the FEA was invited to the UN in New York in the week starting February 11, 2008. This person took part in the development of discussions on the subject of UFOs, after the meeting of February 12. These discussions at the United Nations, brought forth further deliberations during three conferences held behind closed doors on 13 and 14 February, to which our member had the honor and pleasure to attend.
Here is a summary of the minutes that Mr. Gilles Lorant, invited to the meetings, kindly shared with us about what was said at the United Nations in New York:

On 12 February, the U.S. Air Force and the National Guard would actually presented a report on the subject of UFOs and the impact of sightings on many communities in the United States. Since this report was considered important for industrialized countries, representatives from several countries were invited to attend. Then, at the request of three United States Senators, a series of three meetings took place in the [two] following days, in the presence of forty representatives from twenty-eight member countries, including the Vatican (two countries did not send representatives). On both days, the subject of UFO’s was discussed, for no more than an hour and a half, as one of the causes of social upheaval of a country, due to the high probability of economic recession resulting from the speeches of ‘contactees’, charlatans, religious [figures], some scientists and prophecies. Sightings of UFOs increase sharply the risk of social unrest threatening the political systems of several emerging democracies.

According to Mr. Gilles Lorant, what was discussed was an opening in official attitudes when publicly considering, in future, how to treat the UFO phenomenon. An official opening to be held under two conditions:

1) Until the end of 2009, that social peace in the G8 countries is guaranteed around the liberal democratic model (US version)

2) By the end of 2009, that the UFO sightings disturbing "our neighbors" continues throughout the world.

Furthermore, also discussed was what position to adopt in case a non-aligned country decided to make public their findings on the [UFO] topic. The atmosphere was rather serious, according to Mr. Lorant, the participants were, in fact, cognizant of the “presence of our neighbors" in our environment.


The suggestion agreed upon at the United Nations by the representatives of the 28 nations, in the course of these exchanges, is of paramount importance for public recognition of the topic. The official treatment of information relating to UFOs could be a turning point at the international level, if the circumstances remain favorable. The coming years could show a surprising development of papers on the subject on the part of our governments.

[Original French Version available online
here and also archived here]


Open Minds Radio (Video) With Guest Paola Harris


SUMMARY: Paola Harris has been investigating the worldwide UFO phenomenon for decades. She began as an assistant for J. Allen Hynek. Born in Italy, and now residing in the US, she continues to lecture on the subject throughout Europe. One of her most recent contributions to ufology was an interview with Kim Arnold. Her father, Kenneth Arnold, saw one of the most important UFO sightings in history. His sighting, in 1947, was where the term “flying saucer” comes from. Apparently his daughter has recently revealed that he had many other sightings, which he never talked about publicly. Paola is also putting together a UFO conference in which all the speakers will be women. We will talk about all of this and more. Visit Paola at her website, and read more about her conference at

Judge: UFO Hacker Extradition to be Resolved

By Chris Capps 1/30/12

After ten years of battling the legal system to keep from being extradited to the US, a judge has ordered that the case of accused hacker Gary McKinnon be resolved either now or never with authorities either allowing him to be extradited or not. McKinnon, who is widely considered the most sought hacker in the world after hacking into NASA and Pentagon computers in 2001 and 2002 is currently wanted in the US for seven counts of hacking. His motivation, he says, was to uncover secrets on UFOs.

McKinnon has been accused of causing over $700,000 dollars in damage - a claim McKinnon expressly denies. But now after over ten years of dispute, it appears the hacker from Ireland may finally see his case resolved. If he is extradited to the US, he could be facing up to 70 years in prison and over $2 million in fines. So what did McKinnon see whil browsing the Pentagon and NASA's files? What did he discover in what is now being called the biggest military hack of all time?

In 2006, McKinnon had a revealing
interview with Wired Magazine where he outlined the discoveries he made while accessing the NASA computer database. According to the interview, not only did NASA computers have information on additional activity and surveillance on Mars, it also showed pictures of a strange object with geodesic spheres around it on the surface - unlike anything ever observed or made by the hands of man. Is it possible he was looking in on an extraterrestrial craft? Or could it have been an experimental probe designed for purposes unknown on the surface of Mars? In addition to the massive photo of the strange object on Mars there was also a list of names labeled, "Non Terrestrial Officers." McKinnon said after examining the list that the names could not be found anywhere else. Needless to say this raised more than a few eyebrows when he announced it.

Is it possible Mars has been visited by people looking to exploit some vast untapped resource? McKinnon cited the Disclosure project which had previously held a massive press conference in May of 2001 during which Dr. Steven Greer had appealed to the public press stating that UFO witnesses included some very high ranking names in the military and NASA.

The theory suggested by the testimony McKinnon puts forward is not necessarily that there is a far reaching vast conspiratorial cooperation between humans and aliens, but rather a reverse engineering of technology discovered from somewhere else. In the past we have discussed the possibility of Von Neumann Probes and their relationship to the Fermi Paradox. But is it possible in all the fantastic stories of alien encounters that the aliens spotted could be carefully designed biological machines made to be explorers and not the species they represent?

UFO Chased by Mexicali Police Spotted Again? (Video)

By Tom Rose
February 01, 2012 10:55 AM EST
Has the mysterious UFO chased by police in Mexicali resurfaced? This YouTube video seems to be the same unidentified flying object, which caused so much panic last week, it led police on a high speed chase. This latest sighting was filmed in the skies over Tijuana, Mexico.
News reports speculate it may be the same OVNI because of the similarity in its appearance to the earlier object. This latest video shows a glowing orb over Tijuana, Mexico, which changes colors from white to red and blue. It's definitely not like any known kind of aircraft.
A similar UFO was spotted last week near an airport in Mexicali that frightened witnesses so much, police were called. They chased it until it disappeared from view. It was even tracked by airport security cameras.
At that time, police were unable to keep up with the UFO because it was moving so fast. They were only able to radio the position of the object to other police units in the area, who then took up the chase until it zoomed away.
The object in this video does not seem to be moving as fast and the videographer mentions in the comments he took video as long as he could until his battery died.
Here's the video:

Phew! 21-mile wide monster asteroid hurtles safely past Earth

Daily Mail Online

Did the Earth move for you last night?

If so, it may be down to the solar system's second largest asteroid hurtling rather close to Earth.
Asteroid '433 Eros', which is 400 times the City of London, came within 16.6million miles of our planet yesterday evening.
The massive hunk of rock posed no threat, but is the closest an asteroid of its size has come to Earth in a long time.

Close shave: Asteroid '433 Eros' has passed 16.6million miles close to Earth - the nearest a rock of its size has come to the planet in a long time

The last time Eros got up close and personal was 37 years ago in 1975. Its next visit won't be until 2056.
Stargazers who missed the fly-by can now aim their telescopes in the direction of constellations Leo, Sextans and Hydra, where the asteroid will be until February 10, according to researchers
Eros orbits the Sun every 642.9 days and rotates once every five hours and 16 minutes.
It was discovered in 1898 by Gustav Witt in Germany and Auguste Charlois in France.
A smaller bus-sized asteroid passed even closer to Earth last week.
Asteroid 2012 BX34, came within 36,750miles of Earth at about 3.30pm on Friday, according to NASA's Asteroid Watch programme.
Even though this is more than five times closer than the moon, at 11 meters wide, it didn't pose any threat.
‘It wouldn't get through our atmosphere intact even if it dared to try,’ Asteroid Watch scientists tweeted.
Nevertheless, with NASA estimating there are almost 1,000 asteroids over one kilometre in length and 19,500 over 100-metres, scientists at the Institute of Planetary Research are trying to find a way to protect Earth.
The EU-funded NEOShield project will look for a way to protect earth from the space rocks, expected to take three years to complete.
Some of the ideas being tossed around at the moment include repelling asteroids with projectiles or explosives or using gravity to change its course.

UFOs and the Military Industrial Complex (Video)

In the years immediately following World War II, the U.S. military discovered that UFOs were a serious national defense issue. To secretly investigate this mysterious phenomenon an ad hoc military bureau was formed by President Harry Truman named "Majestic-12" or "MJ-12". Over the years since its inception this covert agency has likely gained more autonomous power than the nation it was commissioned to serve. In 1961 President Dwight Eisenhower warned against the potentially dangerous influence of the "Military-Industrial-Complex". The material in this video essay explores the evolution of this unique aspect of our National government and how it effects the lives of all Americans to this day.

A Sensational Saucer Saga!

By Nick Redfern

Just recently, I was giving some thought to which UFO-related stories could be considered the most outrageous, controversial and sensational in nature and content. Well, I know one thing for sure: there’s certainly no shortage! But for one that really stands out, we have to turn to a long-forgotten saga and a man named Samuel Eaton Thompson, who claimed an encounter in March 1950 that certainly set the scene for a whole range of similar Contactee-like tales that would soon follow in its bizarre wake. The respected UFO authority Jerome Clark justifiably described Thompson’s story in his classic title, The UFO Encyclopedia, as “surely the most outlandish story in early UFO history [and] also one of the most obscure.” And, with that said, read on…
That Thompson’s tale surfaced on April-Fool’s Day in 1950, has led some commentators to suspect that his claims were merely borne out of a good-natured prank; others, meanwhile, are not quite so certain that fakery was a dominating factor. As Thompson told the story, on the night of March 28, 1950, he was driving between the towns of Morton and Mineral, Washington State: he had been visiting relatives in Markham and was headed towards his Centralia home. Tired, and needing a break, Thompson pulled his vehicle over to the side of the road in a heavily-wooded area, and took a walk along a nearby logging-trail. He was shocked to the core by the scene upon which he stumbled.
As he reached a clearing in the trees, Thompson maintained that sat before him was a large object, “shaped liked two saucers fused together,” that was around eighty-feet in width, thirty-feet in height, and hovering very slightly above the forest-floor. Two naked and heavily sun-tanned, human-like children were blissfully playing near the entrance to the craft, which could be accessed via a small ramp.

Thompson added that as he got to within about 50-feet of the craft, he felt extremely hot; at which point several adults – humanoid, “attractive,” and also naked – appeared in the doorway of the strange object. When Thompson succeeded in convincing them that he meant no harm, they invited him aboard what he quickly deduced was an alien spacecraft; but not before being made to remove his shoes and socks.
Thompson learned from the crew – who spoke in a stilted form of English – that there were twenty adults and twenty-five children aboard the craft, who originated on the planet Venus, and that this was not merely a space-vessel: it was their home, too, as they adventurously explored the solar-system. Strangely, as Jerome Clark noted when commenting on Thompson’s recollections, the entities seemed to operate “more by instinct than by intellect.”
As Thompson watched the aliens’ actions, he noted that although they understood which levers to pull and which buttons to press to operate their craft, it was all done parrot-fashion, and without any actual understanding of their actions.
Evidently, this didn’t bother Thompson: he claimed to have spent forty hours romping around
the ship – during which time he learned a great deal, such as the revelation that several of their craft had been shot-down by military forces on Earth; and that everyone of humankind’s problems stemmed from astrology, and specifically because human-beings were born under a variety of star-signs (which always led to conflict), whereas Venusians were all born under the sign of – what else? – Venus.

And Thompson seemed to accept, quite matter-of-factly, the startling assertions of the aliens that he, Thompson, was nothing less than a fully-fledged, reincarnated Venusian! Thompson was also told that the aliens were vegetarian, enjoyed excellent health, and desired to help us by ushering in a new era of humanity that would culminate in a return to our planet by Jesus Christ in 10,000 A.D.
According to Thompson, he remained on the spaceship until March 30. He did admit, however, that at one point he quickly returned home to get his camera, so that he might capture the moment on film for posterity. The photographs came out as either “just blank” or as mere blobs of light. Before he finally left for good, Thompson was given a friendly warning by his cosmic friends that he should keep “certain information” strictly confidential.
Whether or not the aliens were impressed by Thompson’s decision to spill the interplanetary beans to the Centralia Daily Chronicle on April 1 is unknown. However, since Thompson was not blessed with a return visit from the Venusians, we might correctly assume they were hardly cheered by his decision to blow the whistle on their actions.
There is an interesting sequel to this odd affair: after Thompson’s story hit the headlines, none other than Kenneth Arnold interviewed Thompson. He concluded that Thompson was not a purveyor of fakery. Rather, he believed the man had undergone some form of psychic experience – “whatever that actually means,” as Jerome Clark wryly commented.
Many people would simply relegate Thompson’s odd, and frankly unbelievable, tale to the garbage-can, and maybe their actions would be justified. Yet, such similar tales literally abound within the domain of the Contactees. Sensational, controversial and outrageous? Yes! Truth? Fiction? Hallucination? Wishful-Thinking? We’ll probably never know…

Witnesses say they spotted UFOs over Long View, Hickory

By: Sharon McBrayer | Hickory Daily Record

The western part of the state has been a hotbed of activity for Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) recently, if you believe reports submitted to The website reported there was a sighting on Sunday and one on Monday in the area.

But local officials say they haven’t received any reports of anything unusual flying in the sky.

The names of those reporting the sightings are not given, either in the reports or in the story that appeared on the website.

The report on the Sunday incident said the witness was driving along Interstate 40 about 5 miles east of Statesville when they saw two jets flying in a clear, blue sky leaving condensation trails behind. The report goes on to say that a large condensation trail came down between the other two trails and then “a large shaped disk, very bright glowing and reflective” showed up. The disk, which was described as a color of white to metal, stuck around for six or eight seconds and then “retracted” back up into the sky and took the condensation trail with it.

“Approximately 30 minutes prior we witnessed two small objects in front of our vehicle flying on both sides in apporimately (sic) same level of skyline and same discription (sic) of the larger disk object, but they were much smaller,” the report said.

The report about the incident on Monday said the witness was driving along US 70 to go to lunch at Amos Howards restaurant just after 11 a.m. At first, the witness thought it was an airplane coming from Hickory Regional Airport. But the object was flying low and had no wings. The person reporting the incident described it as oblong or oval and estimated it at 100 feet long, bulging 30-40 feet in the middle.

The object was a white metal color but had a black featureless circle in the center rear.

“The craft began traveling along above the road slowly at first then all of a sudden it shrank to a black dot and then disappeared as if it shot forward at an impossible speed,” the report says.

An airport official on Tuesday said he doesn’t know of anything connected to the airport that would explain what the witness saw.

And Long View Police Detective Raymond Denton said no one reported any sort of sighting to the department. He wondered why, if it happened in broad daylight, that no one reported it to the police. Even if he was out of the office at the time, he would have heard about, Denton said with a chuckle.

Denton said the 911 emergency system would have “blown up” and he would have heard about it if something like what was described actually occurred.

But Israel Curiel, who is public relations director and a data analyst for The Mutual UFO Network of North Carolina (MUFON-NC), said he gets it when people are skeptical of those who say they’ve seen some type of UFO. He catches flack for his believing in them. And it’s catching flack or people thinking they’re crazy that has kept many from speaking out about sightings.

Curiel said a lot of the people who have reported sightings are professionals such as bankers, professors at big-name universities, pilots, engineers and police officers. The sighting on Sunday around Statesville was from an engineer coming back from a MUFON-NC meeting in Fayetteville. He said it’s rare that he talks to someone insane who is reporting an incident.

In his day job, Curiel is a business analyst for a financial institution.

Curiel said until someone sees something in the sky that defies explanation or their understanding of normal he recognizes that people think its odd.

There has been an explosion of sightings of UFOs in the state and last year had a record 6,000 reported cases, Curiel said. Previously, it was normal to get four to six reports a month. He received 30 reports in January, Curiel said. A lot of reports lately have been from the western part of the state, he said.

Curiel said UFOs can be either something that looks like a triangle-shaped craft, a traditional flying saucer or red and orange orbs about the size of a minivan or white orbs about the size of a basketball.

UFO Hunters - Reverse Engineering

Unmanned UFO scanner reported in Samnanger, Norway [video]

Unexplained Phenomena Examiner
A UFO sighting reportedly took place on January 31, 2012 at 8:33 a.m. in Samnanger, Norway. The UFO was recorded on a video that lasts just one minute and forty-one seconds. It shows a vaguely pink orb slowly making its way across a valley.
This UFO was reported by 7terw. The unidentified flying object was described as an unmanned UFO scanner. According to UFO Facts, these UFOs " . . . are unmanned and often disc shaped. Their size can vary from very small 5-10 cm up to 1 meter of width. They can register all kind of metrological data, and also a person's thoughts, emotions and intentions."
Unmanned UFO scanners are also called telemeter discs or foo fighters.
On the video, you can see that the UFO picked up speed as it moved across the sky. Nonetheless, it seemed to be traveling at a fairly slow rate of speed as it traced the path of the power lines beneath it on a hill. The cameraman zoomed in on the UFO several times, but the close-up images failed to reveal additional details of the unidentified flying object.