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Mac's UFO News - May 2012 (Video)

Hovering Orange Lights Witnessed in Virgina and Washington

Witnesses in Virginia and Washington report hovering orange lights in the sky in separate cases on June 25, 2012, a national UFO phenomena that appears to be escalating and is being studied by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).
"While most orange objects reported are Chinese lanterns, military flares/buoys or incoming aircraft, my research has shown that several sightings in both the MUFON and National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) databases reveal that some of these objects are intelligently controlled, and when grouped, working together," said Marie Malzahn, MUFON's director of investigations and a board member.
The Virginia witness was at home and first saw the light from the living room in MUFON Case 39830.
"I saw a bright flash of orange light which led to me seeing a massive hovering, orange light in the sky off to the northeast," the witness stated.

Photo credit: MUFON

As in other cases, the witness first rules out conventional objects before thinking that the object might be something odd.
"The object measured anywhere from 700 to 900 feet wide, perfectly circular, stationary, light, brightly orange, bright enough to light up my entire backyard and several other buildings around my house."
After watching the object for about 12 minutes, something else very odd occurred.
"The object then emitted a bright white light that shown to the ground. Not sure where as my view was obstructed by several other houses. Then after emitting the beam the light, it slowly faded away until it was completely gone."
Then on the same date in Washington State, a witness reports watching an orange light "rise up from the foothills" in MUFON Case 39822.
The witness was sitting outside smoking a cigarette and happened to look toward the foothills area.
"All of a sudden a bright, reddish-orange ball ascended up out of the foothills," the witness stated. "I immediately stood up and looked through my binoculars to see if I could see if a body shape. All I could see was a bright red orb."
The witness described the object's movements.
"It slowly moved up a few degrees and then stopped," the witness stated. "At this time I noticed it was fluctuating in size and color. I yelled for my son and my husband to look outside. It then slowly moved to the east. All this time it was below the mountains and the cloud cover, but it was inside a thick level of a fog."
The witness attempted to videotape the object, but was too late.
"It did not move away. It did not go behind a building or trees. It just disappeared. The area that I witnessed this in, I am very familiar with. It appeared right above Franklin Elementary School and there is no way a plane or helicopter could be flying in that low in that area."
MUFON has been taking in a high number of cases over the past year where the object is being described as an orange or red light.
"The more we study these phenomena, the less we understand as these objects continue to change size, shape and color," said John Ventre, MUFON's Pennsylvania state director. "One has to start considering that they are not solid and might be alive or interdimensional."
""It's a phenomenon that bears further investigation, and most definitely, an open mind to the possibility that they are extraterrestrial," Malzahn added.
MUFON's Illinois State Director Sam Maranto also believes this type of object should be studied and hopes that there is more digital photo and video evidence. "There a good number of distinct characteristics as long as the witness is close enough to observe them."

New crop Circle in Wiltshire U.K. (Video)

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Crop Circle 25th June at Cherhill, nr Calne, Wiltshire, UK.
The crop is Barley.

A Third of Earthlings Believe in UFOs

By Natalie DiBlasio

Aliens often compete with superheroes, vampires and zombies to top hit movie lists - but more than a third of Americans say UFOs are not a fantasy.
That's the word from a new National Geographic Channel study finding that 80 million Americans are certain UFOs exist and that one in 10 believe they've spotted one.

"We wanted the pulse on people's opinions," says Brad Dancer, senior vice president of research and digital media for National Geographic. "We wanted to get a sense of how Americans view UFOs, what people believe and how mainstream pop culture may or may not be playing into their opinions on it."
The results are in: Seventeen percent of Americans don't believe UFOs exist, 36% think they do, and 48% aren't sure.
The survey was commissioned for National Geographic Channel's series Chasing UFOs, premiering Friday at 9 p.m. ET.

About 79% of those surveyed think the government has kept information about UFOs a secret from the public, and 55% believe there are real-life Men in Black-style agents who threaten people who spot UFOs.
So what if they stopped by? The survey shows:
•22% would try to befriend the alien, 15% would run away, 13% would lock their doors, and only 2% would try to inflict bodily harm.
•If angry aliens did attack Earth, 21% would call the Hulk in to deal with it, 12% would call Batman, and 8% would call Spider-Man.
•Nearly 65% think Barack Obama would be better suited than Mitt Romney to handle an alien invasion.
Extraterrestrial beings could not be reached for comment.

Ufo Newspaper Clipping - The Sun 10.11.1967.

Film Crew Catches UFO Rising from the Sea? (Video)

A strange UFO, apparently rising from below the ocean waves near an unidentified beach, was caught on film by a professional camera crew making a promo video. What is it?

The video, created by Chris Ward Productions, catches a somewhat bizarre scene of a woman's legs lolling in a sandy beachfront. What they're trying to convey is anyone's guess, but what happens next is truly weird. A small, dark object suddenly flies past the HD camera lens and out of sight in a matter of seconds. As the publisher says, the strange object was not noticed until the footage was viewed in post-production.

The UFO seems to emerge from beneath the waves just offshore, and, as the video plays out, the activity is slowed down several times to just 5% speed. The segment ends with a zoomed-in clip at slow speed which does little to help identify what this object could be or where it emerges from.
It doesn't look like a bird, and there are no insects which can leap so quickly from sea water. It's obviously not an airplane or a balloon.

Are Some UFOs Living Space Beings?

Rather than alien spacecraft, could some UFOs actually be living beings which normally inhabit the cosmic void?

Picture added by Mac (credit Google Images)

"Zeroid" is the generic term applied to bioforms which may populate the recesses of free space. This domain is characterized by virtually zero temperature and zero atmospheric pressure.
While biologists might contend space is unsuitable for biogenesis, Russian astrophysicist Dr. V.l. Goldanskii argued that appreciable quantities of prebiotic material should be able to accumulate in the regions surrounding nebulae, or titanic gas clouds.
With the protracted passage of time, such matter could ultimately evolve into some form of life, suited to the brutal confines of space. Already dozens of organic compounds have been identified in space, including formaldehyde, prussic acid, and cellulose. In short, there is an abundance of basic building blocks out there to allow for the evolution of zeroids.

Considering that our island universe is approximately 13.7 billion years old, it is conceivable that zeroids represent the earliest life forms in the cosmic backdrop, perhaps even existing for nearly that entire time!
With such an elongated span of time at their disposal, zeroids could easily have trod many different evolutionary paths: They may range in dimensionality from the microscopic to the macroscopic.
Morphologies may vary from the utterly simple to the extraordinarily complex. They may live singly or in vast colonies. It should, of course, be stressed that humanoid forms are not to be expected. But, intelligence might be a developed feature.

For sustenance, zeroids' primary bill of fare might well be intergalactic dust and gas. Also not to be overlooked is the distinct possibility that larger zeroidal entities might possibly feast upon smaller ones.
Zeroids may have migrated to all sectors of space -- both within and without galaxies. Endowed with both mobility and intelligence, it is conceivable that some may have actually penetrated our zone of existence and been seen as UFOs!
Atmospheric friction might parboil some zeroids to cinders, and our planet's gases and temperature might prove lethal to still others.
Yet, some may have evolved a protective shield -- either physical or electromagnetic in nature -- that has enabled them to survive entry into our domain. These would be the living UFOs!

Actually, two UFO cases appear to support this intriguing concept. In 1976, in the Cluj-Napoca region of Romania, there materialized what appeared to be a living sphere of light exhibiting decidedly-animate behavior. Photographs taken of the entity passed all tests for legitimacy.
And, in British Columbia in 1978, researcher Dorothy Wilkinson snapped the first of many shots of bizarre string-like forms of light that resembled space worms!
So, considering the vastness of both space and time, it is certainly within the realm of feasibility that at least some UFOs may actually be living space creatures!