Sunday, 8 April 2012

Wikileaks UFO Analyzed: What Is It? (Video)

A UFO video released by Wikileaks has been analyzed and enhanced, revealing never before seen details. It still doesn't really answer the question: What is it?

The video is reviewed by the prolific paranormal researcher AmericanBunker who has many YouTube videos analyzing supposedly supernatural events. While she doesn't draw any definite conclusions about what's on this Wikileaks release, her powerful video analyzing tools open some definite possibilities.

The original, unenhanced video opens the segment showing what looks like a "mothership" type craft blossoming out to release several smaller craft into the night sky over a populous, unidentified city. A towering crane is nearby, shrouded in darkness, but silhouetted by the dimly lit horizon.

As she heightens the contrast between the objects, it seems to show that this film clip is actually two separate videos cleverly pieced together. It certainly explains a lot.

AmericanBunker never actually draws a conclusion, seeming to believe the video enhancements reinforce the opinion this is a real UFO. If not, then what is it? Here's the video:

NASA ISS Desktop Photo Confirms UFO Disclosure NOW

By Unexplainable.Net

Apparently the ISS computer's desktop background is UFO's flying in space. And that image happens to be the logo for a pdf file named: The Importance Of Disclosure. Really- Direct From NASA. Unarguable. Is this the proof we been waiting for?  Look closely at the image.

Here's a link to the full image (in case NASA takes it down).

Now here is the official NASA link:

As you can see- clearly there are UFO's on NASA's ISS Desktop. This is unarguable.

Now here is a cut in of what we believe the desktop image source is.

Now this image comes from a PDF file called :The Importance Of Disclosure.

Clearly the astronauts aboard the International Space Station are in support of disclosure. And there is no reason to doubt the existance of space visitors after seeing this with your own eyes.

Ancient Aliens - The Da Vinci Conspiracy (Video)

Elevated exposure for MUFON?


As the new point man for the Mutual UFO Network, David MacDonald likes to tout the numbers: 3,000 members in 39 countries, 947 of whom are field investigators. With those sorts of resources, one would expect the 43-year-old outfit to have an inside track on collecting UFO data in the USA.
But according to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Control manual, updated on Feb. 9, “Persons wanting to report UFO/unexplained phenomena activity should contact a UFO/unexplained reporting data collection center, such as Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) (voice: 1-877-979-7444 or e-mail:, the National UFO Reporting Center, etc.”
MUFON = “etc.”
MacDonald, who succeeded Clifford Clift (of Colbert Report fame) as MUFON’s International Director in February, hopes to turn the visibility thing around in a big way. He recently hauled MUFON’s entire inventory — from 17 filing cabinets of reports, photos and tapes to an old Vanguard rocket engine — from its previous headquarters in Colorado to Ohio’s Lunken Airport, the municipal reliever for Cincinnati International. It took four men five hours to unload the stuff, some of which MacDonald hopes to showcase in the near future.

Ooh-la-LAAH! Sometimes you've just gotta take your eye off the ball/CREDIT:

At 65, MacDonald is a longtime pilot, and president/CEO of Flamingo Air Inc., which its website proclaims as “Cincinnati’s most outrageous airline.” That’s because, among other things, it offers hour-long “Mile High Club” flights in a Cherokee 6 that advertise chocolates, champagne, curtains, and “one very discreet pilot.”
Two months into the MUFON gig and MacDonald says everything’s coming up roses. The HQ staff is small — MacDonald and his wife, plus a third assistant — but they’ve managed to unscramble a slack records-keeping system, and having its logo on display at an airport doesn’t hurt.
“Hundreds of people see us now, and I’m not just talking local people either,” says MacDonald. “I’m amazed at the number of airport people who come up and say ‘Dave? I’ve been a member of MUFON for years.’”
MacDonald wants to promote MUFON’s commitment to professionalism, which covers not only a front-end screening for volunteer field-investigator applicants, but recurring tests for certification renewal. Not to mention continued public-records background checks, a fractious issue among some MUFON investigators a couple of years ago. MacDonald says it paid off:
“We weeded out a number of criminals and scam artists and at least one pedophile. Can you imagine sending a thief or a pedophile into someone’s house? I don’t even want to think about those liability issues.”
MacDonald also talks about more aggressive PR, press releases alerting media to new interesting cases, maybe even a year-in-review roundup. But what about the Bigelow outfit, where the FAA is steering public UFO queries? Robert Bigelow, the deep-pocketed hotel-chain tycoon hoping to cash in on space tourism, briefly financed MUFON’s research efforts a few years back before terminating the contract.
“We have little or no contact with Bigelow,” MacDonald says. “I don’t know what’s going on with that. MUFON and the FAA have not exactly been on the friendliest of terms over the years.”
Meanwhile, in an email reply to De Void, a Bigelow rep stated, “BAASS is still actively seeking reports of unidentified aerial phenomenon. This includes reports from the FAA, pilots, air traffic control personnel, as well as from other sources.” However, “Our policy does not allow us to provide any information on case numbers or investigations.”
De Void would rather think about Flamingo Air’s Mile-High Club …

Argentina Farmer Claims UFO Landed in Corn Field, Left 600 Meter Landing Strip


[Photo-Image: Google Earth map, Pujato, Argentina]
The website reported an Argentine farmer filed a complaint with the local cops a UFO (OVNI) landed in his cornfield leaving behind a 600 meter by 6-ft. swath of crushed corn plants. Six hundred meters equals 1968 ft..
Along with the damage witnesses who claimed they saw “a ship with strange lights and colors flying over the area”. The location of the alleged UFO landing, Pujanto, 42 kilometers west of Rosario.
(Google translation)
“Raul, a farmer aged 62, appeared before the Commissioner of the town of Santa Fe to perform the particular complaint, in principle by damage taken. The funny thing is that it is not clear who or what caused this evil. In fact, there was no theft of the crop or vehicle tracks were in place. Only the patch of flattened.
Neighbors said the area also witness a ship with strange lights and colors flying over the area, according to the journalist told Radio 2 Hector Lopez. These are people who were in the area of ??the cemetery (as if the note had no seasoning and color), at the entrance of the town on Route 33.
The incident occurred around 3 am and the mark left by the supposed UFO is about 600 meters by six feet wide.
The commissioner, Walter Freniche confirmed the complaint and told Radio 2 that was found crushed the field area. He noted that there was no theft or planting could be observed vehicle tracks, “but maybe the incident occurred four or five days ago and not seen.”
Freniche noted that “neighbors reported seeing lights” although none of them went to the branch. “The comment is, but have not come to testify,” he said, adding: “It’s a difficult case.”

Extraterrestrial life in Martian lava tubes?

Extraterrestrial life could be hiding in recently discovered lava tubes on Mars.

Pit-chambers on Mars. (Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum))

Photos taken by the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Mars Express spacecraft reveal rows of “pit-chains” lining the sides of volcanoes in the red planet’s Tharsis region. These pit-chains were likely caused by ancient volcanic activity. The ESA explains, “Lava streaming from a volcano solidifies on the surface, leaving a molten tube of lava running below. Once volcanic activity ceases, the tube empties, leaving behind a subterranean cavity.” Similar lava tubes were discovered last year on Earth’s moon by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Image of the lunar pit (Credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University)

These pit-chambers could have also formed due to strains in the planet’s crust, or even as a result of groundwater leading to the collapse of surface rocks.

Scientists believe tubes like these could provide a safe environment for life. Jason Major of Universe Today explains, “Even though the surface of Mars can receive 250 times the radiation levels found on Earth, the layers of soil and rock surrounding the tubes can provide adequate protection for life, whether it be ancient Martian microbes or future explorers from Earth.”

UFOs and Mind Manipulation

One of the most significant aspects of countless Contactee-driven encounters is the fact that the experiences at issue occurred in significantly altered states of mind, and while the Contactees were often situated in distinctly isolated locations. Let us examine the evidence. An early Contactee encounter that was brought to the attention of the FBI occurred in August 1947, and involved a “Mr. Jones of Los Angeles.”
According to Jones’ story, around 10.00 a.m. on the day at issue he had hiked into “the mountains” and was “laying on the ground” when he observed about one-half block away from him a large, silver, metal object that was greenish in color. Thereafter, Jones’ mind became dominated by thoughts relative to extraterrestrial concerns about our burgeoning atomic technology. This was a trend that was only set to continue.
Samuel Eaton Thompson’s tale – of a March 28, 1950 encounter with multiple aliens in the woods of Washington State – occurred after he fell tired, and was forced to rest for a while. And Truman Bethurum’s encounters with curvy Captain Aura Rhanes of the planet Clarion began after Bethurum decided to “take a little snooze” while parked on Mormon Mesa in the early hours of a 1952 morning.

Skeptically-minded souls might offer the opinion that Jones, Eaton and Bethurum merely fell asleep and experienced particularly vivid dreams of a UFO-like nature. Such a scenario is not impossible: hypnagogia is a term that was coined in the 1800s by a French scholar named Alfred Maury. However, it has a history that extends long before Maury came on the scene.
References to this strange condition can be found in the writings of the Greek philosopher, Aristotle; in the works of the English Elizabethan occultist, astrologer and herbalist Simon Forman; and in the written output of the Italian renaissance mathematician and physician, Gerolamo Cardano. So, with that said: precisely what is Hypnagogia?
Basically, it’s a term that describes the stage between wakefulness and sleep – a stage in the sleep process that may be dominated by a wide and infinitely varied body of sensory experiences. For example, those in hypnagogic states have reported hearing voices ranging from barely-audible whispers to wild screams.
Others have heard random snatches of speech – largely nonsensical, but occasionally containing unusual fictional names (not unlike some of those used by the Space-Brothers, it could be argued), and others have seen disembodied heads, or what appear to be fully-formed entities in their bedrooms. Humming, roaring, hissing, rushing and buzzing noises are also frequently reported by people experiencing hypnagogia.
It is not out of the question that some claims of Contactee-type encounters could have been due to Hypnagogia. After all, Truman Bethurum’s initial experience atop Mormon Mesa was initiated after he was groggily awoken by “what I can only describe as mumbling;” which is a classic facet of Hypnagogia. But, as is the case with so many aspects of the Contactee enigma, the matter is not so clear-cut.
It appears to be the case that the phenomenon that is responsible for many encounters of the Contactee kind has the ability to induce radically altered states of mind, perception and awareness, including hypnagogia.

It may do so to ensure that the witness perceives the phenomena in a fashion that accords with a pre-planned agenda based around communication, manipulation of the mind, and control of the audio-visual senses.
In other words, even if hypnagogia does play a role in the Contactee arena, it may be an induced role, rather than one that always occurs at purely at random and as a result of the internal complexities of the brain.
With that all said, however, what, exactly, is the nature of the phenomenon that seems to affect and alter our state of mind and perception with such apparent ease? That is the paramount question for which we still require a definitive answer, unfortunately…