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UFO filmed while on Vacation in Mexico (Video)

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Filmed in Altata, Mexico. July 5, 2012.

Cluster of UFO's over Melbourne Australia (Video)

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Chasing UFOs S01E02 Dirty Secrets (Video)

Movie Star Thomas Jane Tweets About UFO Conference

Alejandro Rojas

Another celebrity UFO tweet has hit the twittersphere. Last October several stars tweeted about UFO sightings, however this paranormal tweet comes from Thomas Jane and is regarding an upcoming UFO conference in Las Vegas. I am particularly excited about this tweet because I am hosting the conference.
Tom tweets:
Space Geeks! : A conference on Science and #UFOs, check it out:
I met Tom last summer at the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Symposium in Irvine, California. Of course we were all excited to have a movie star in our midst. I was even more flattered to find that the friend accompanying Tom was a fan of my radio show, which at the time I was hosting with my friend Jason McClellan. Tom and his friend asked us a lot of questions on our opinions regarding various UFO topics and notable cases. Throughout the conference Tom mentioned how he thought there should be a UFO conference with more scientists and academics. I let him know I was thinking about doing just that so he asked me to keep him updated, which I have.
Tom isn't the only celebrity interested in the topic of UFOs. Among the celebrities that tweeted UFOs last October was Demi Lovato who apparently had her own anomalous sighting in LA . She tweeted:
Did anyone else see a UFO or weird thing in the sky tonight in LA???
Besides tweeting about UFO sightings, Ridley Scott has been saying that the idea extraterrestrials lent a hand in the advancement of humankind was a major inspiration for his latest movie.
Scott told the Hollywood Reporter:
NASA and the Vatican agree that it's almost mathematically impossible that we can be where we are today without there being a little help along the way... That's what we're looking at (in the film), at some of Eric von Daniken's ideas of how did we humans come about.
Erich von Daniken's work was made famous in the 70s, when he introduced the idea that many mysterious ancient earthworks around the world must have been developed using advanced extraterrestrial technologies. He calls this the "Ancient Astronauts Theory."
Read about other celebrity UFO stories from 2011 here.
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Roswell, Chase Brandon, and the law

By Robbie Graham

Billy Cox of the Herald Tribune has a very interesting post on his De Void blog right now. Taking his cue from political activist Stephen Basset, Cox points out that the recent allegation made by former CIA Entertainment Liaison Officer Chase Brandon concerning the ‘Roswell incident’ directly contradicts the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy’s official position that “The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race.”
Since June 23 of this year, Brandon has repeatedly made public statements to the effect that the wreckage recovered near Roswell by US military personnel in July 1947 was, in fact, extraterrestrial in origin and that alien beings were also recovered from the crash site/s.
Chase Brandon
In his latest blog post Cox draws our attention to Bassett’s “investigate-Brandon petition,” which requires 25,000 signatures to elicit a formal response from the Obama Administration. Filed on the White House website on July 10, the petition has, to date, garnered around 350 signatures, “so it doesn’t stand a chance of getting the administration on record again,” writes Cox, who also adds, quite rightly, that even if Brandon’s Roswell story is baloney – indeed, especially if it’s baloney – his claims raise serious questions -- questions the CIA and the White House have thus far shown no interest in addressing:

“Why did the CIA enlist such a loose cannon to protect its image in Hollywood? When is it OK for a high-ranking intelligence official to make up stories involving national security? Disinformation is obviously an age-old tactic to protect state secrets. Is it in play this time?”

Brandon – a 35 year Agency veteran – is sticking to his Roswell story, despite the Agency having already brushed aside his unequivocal claims. “Were this a more conventional security issue,” notes Cox, “Brandon would likely be telling his story under oath by now. And nobody would be waiting for 25,000 names to make it happen.”

In short, Cox is calling for the government to subpoena the Roswell ‘whistle-blower’.

Ufo Newspaper Clipping - The Sun 28.11.1967

Alien invasion would be like ‘Bambi meeting Godzilla’ according to Michio Kaku (Video)

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku appeared on CNN Newsroom on July 19 to discuss extraterrestrial life. He offered his opinion that, if we encounter extraterrestrials, they are likely to be friendly.

But, if humans ever have to face hostile extraterrestrials in battle, he thinks “it would be like Bambi meeting Godzilla.”

He supports this claim by stating, “If they’re that advanced . . . they can reach the earth from a distant star . . . they are already thousands of years ahead of us in technology, and we would present no military challenge to such an advanced civilization.” And although Kaku believes the more optimistic view that extraterrestrials are benevolent and will simply leave us alone, he cautions, “We have to prepare for the possibility that they’re not.”

The Aztec UFO and Psy-Ops

According to a Technical Report prepared by the Air Force’s flying saucer study, Project Grudge, in August 1949: “Upon eliminating several additional incidents due to vagueness and duplication, there remain 228 incidents, which are considered in this report. Thirty of these could not be explained, because there was found to be insufficient evidence on which to base a conclusion.” Arguably, however, the most important and intriguing entry in the document appears in the Recommendations section. It’s one that many UFO researchers have not appreciated the significance of. It states: “That Psychological Warfare Division and other governmental agencies interested in psychological warfare be informed of the results of this study.”
The Department of Defense’s definition of psychological warfare is: “The planned use of propaganda and other psychological actions having the primary purpose of influencing the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior of hostile foreign groups in such a way as to support the achievement of national objectives.”
Thus, there’s a very good argument to be made that, ever since its earliest years, the UFO phenomenon has been used at an official level as a tool to fool, confuse and alarm the enemy – as well as to confuse the true nature of the UFO phenomenon, too, of course.
I’m on a bit of a crashed UFO kick right now: my previous post here at Mysterious Universe dealt with the way in which the infamous Spitsbergen “Crashed UFO” event of 1952 may have had its origins in a psychological-warfare operation. But, there’s an even earlier one I want to bring to your attention that may fall into precisely this same realm.

Next to the so-called Roswell Incident of July 1947, certainly the most talked-about “UFO crash” of all is that which is alleged to have occurred in the vicinity of Aztec, New Mexico, in 1948. According to information related to the author Frank Scully in the late 1940s (and subsequently published in his best-selling 1950 book, Behind the Flying Saucers), as a result of a number of separate incidents in 1947 and 1948, the wreckage of four alien spacecraft, and no fewer than 34 alien bodies, had been recovered by American authorities, and were being studied under cover of the utmost secrecy at defense establishments in the United States.
As Scully reported, the majority of his data came from two individuals: Silas Mason Newton (described in a 1941 FBI report as a “wholly unethical businessman”) and one “Dr. Gee,” the name given to protect eight scientists, all of whom had supposedly divulged various details of the crashes to Newton and Scully. According to Scully’s sources one such UFO was found in Hart Canyon, near the town of Aztec, in March 1948.
Although the Aztec affair has attracted the attention of numerous UFO researchers over the years, it’s a fascinating piece of documentary evidence relative to the Aztec case that surfaced in the late 1990s I wish to bring to your attention. It came thanks to the late, investigative author and former CIA employee, Karl Pflock, and it is one that may ultimately shed more important light on the psychological warfare angle of the crashed UFO mystery.
As Pflock stated: “In 1998, under curious circumstances, I was made privy to a fascinating document about one of the most controversial cases of the Golden Age of Flying Saucers, the so-called Aztec crash of 1948. I had little more than passing interest in the case until 1998, when a source, who insists on complete anonymity, showed me a handwritten testament, set down by the key player in this amazing, often amusing, truth-is-stranger-than-fiction episode. The contents of this ‘journal’ seem to lift the veil of mystery and uncertainty from important aspects of the case, while at the same time drawing it more closely around others.”

The story as told to Pflock was that the military was keeping a secret and close watch on Silas Newton when his tales of the Aztec UFO crash were at their height. More remarkably, military personnel were dispatched to visit Newton and told him something amazing: they knew his Aztec story was utterly bogus, but, incredibly, they wanted him to keep telling it!
According to Newton, when writing in his journal about his clandestine Air Force visitors: “They grilled me, tried to poke holes in my story. Had no trouble doing it and laughed in my face about the scientific mistakes I made. They never said so, but I could tell they were trying to find out if I really knew anything about flying saucers that had landed. Did not take those fellows long to decide I did not. But I sure knew they did.”
In view of the revelations that the USAF encouraged Newton to continue championing the Aztec incident (or non-incident!), Karl Pflock wondered: “Did the U.S. Government or someone associated with it use Newton to discredit the idea of crashed flying saucers so a real captured saucer or saucers could be more easily kept under wraps? Was this actually nothing to do with real saucers but instead some sort of psychological warfare operation?”
Within the crashed UFO research arena, researchers are generally polarized into two camps: (A) those who believe aliens really have crashed to Earth; and (B) those that conclude all the cases can be explained in prosaic terms (hoaxes, aircraft crashes and balloon accidents, etc). As both the Aztec affair and the Spitsbergen case demonstrate, however, we might have a better chance of resolving the crashed UFO enigma by digging into the 1947-era-onwards world of military psychological warfare operations than by looking for little men with big black eyes…

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Spacing Out! Ep. 12 – X-Files actor Dean Haglund on UFOs and his recent documentary film

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Dean Haglund is an actor, a comedian, an artist, and an inventor who is probably best known for his recurring role on The X-Files. We talk with Dean about UFOs and his recent documentary The Truth is Out There. We also discuss real-life X-files recently released by the UK, an interesting UFO crash in Russia, and other space and UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

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Mystery of the Men in Black: The UFO Silencers: Timothy Green Beckley: Kindle Store

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Weird Ancient Spiral Galaxy Discovered : Discovery News 

UFO X-Files Released By U.K. Reveal Desire To Weaponize Alien Technology

Illustration of an eyewitness account from the U.K. UFO files released on July 12, 2012.

Newly released X-Files from the United Kingdom's National Archives reveal the role of that country's Ministry of Defense UFO Desk officers, what they actually thought about possible alien visits to Earth and their ideas on harnessing alien technology as a weapon.
There are 25 files, comprising more than 6,700 pages, that include UFO policy, parliamentary questions, media issues, public correspondence and, of course, UFO sighting reports. Overall, more than 10,000 UFO reports came through the special Ministry of Defense unit from 1950 to 2009.
"These are probably the most fascinating and bizarre government files ever made available to the public," said Nick Pope, who was the UFO Desk officer from 1991 to 1994.

Nick Pope explains some of the new U.K. X-Files.

"There's massive public interest in UFOs, and at one point, the MoD was getting more Freedom of Information Act requests about UFOs than any other subject," Pope told The Huffington Post in an email. "The files contain the usual mixture of policy documents, sighting reports, photos, sketches and papers discussing how best to handle the subject with Parliament, the media and the public."
File DEFE 24/2080/1 is a collection of MoD UFO information from 1972 to 1995 that includes intelligence papers that were declassified from "secret."
On page 157 of this file is a briefing prepared for the MoD before a 1979 House of Lords debate in which an intelligence officer asks why aliens would want to visit "an insignificant planet (the Earth) of an uninteresting star (the sun)." He wrote that this sort of visit "would probably not occur more than once in 1,000 years or so, even if one assumes that every intelligent community made 10 launches a year." The officer concluded that "claims of thousands of visits in the last decade or so are far too large to be credible."
Pages 38 to 43 of the file contain a 1995 briefing by a UFO Desk officer, calling for a full study of UFOs, since national security implications had never been assessed. The writer suggested that, "If the sightings are not of this Earth, then their purpose needs to be established as a matter of priority."
In that same briefing, an intelligence officer indicates the need to capture UFO technology for U.K. use. "If the reports are taken at face value, then devices exist that do not use conventional reaction propulsion systems; they have a very wide range of speeds and are stealthy. I suggest we could use this technology, if it exists."
File DEFE 24/2090/1 references a U.K. study of what were called Unexplained Aerial Phenomena, or UAP. Page 47 of this file reports that some UFOs/UAP might be rare atmospheric plasmas or ball lightning that could be harnessed or used by the military as "novel weapon technology."
A recent Huffington Post story included statements from former undercover CIA officer Chase Brandon, who said that in the 1990s, he found a box labeled "Roswell" at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. Brandon said there was information in that box that was related to the alleged 1947 UFO crash outside of Roswell, N.M.
File DEFE 24/1985/1 brings up the subject of the Roswell incident in a Jan. 3, 1997, response to a question raised on whether or not the MoD had ever been briefed by the CIA about Roswell. The response by a Defense Intelligence official states, "We have no data on the alleged 'Roswell incident' or any 'crashed UFO incidents in the UK.' In short, DI 55 has no records of any UAP/UFO 'crashes' in either the UK or US and have never, as far as we can tell from existing files, received any briefs from any US agencies, including the CIA."
"The question of whether or not we're alone in the universe is one of the biggest and most profound questions we can ask," said Pope. "People are fascinated with the idea that we might have been visited, and these files chart MoD's attempts to grapple with the subject."
There is much more to be revealed about the U.K. files, including how Prime Minister Tony Blair was briefed on UFO sightings in 1998, and how the efforts of David Clarke of Sheffield Hallam University were instrumental in getting the MoD to release the UFO files to the public.

National Archives consultant David Clarke introduces the new U.K. UFO files.

The UFO files are available to be viewed by the public for free for one month.

Hacked off: 'UFO' hacker declines extradition psychiatric test in row over Home Office expert

The Mirror

He turned it down as the Home Office expert doing it has no experience in looking for suicidal tendencies in people with autism.

Battle: Computer hacker Gary McKinnon
Battle: Computer hacker Gary McKinnon

Hacker Gary McKinnon has declined to take a psychiatric test to see if he is fit to be extradited to America, his mother revealed today.
Janis Sharp said Asperger’s sufferer Gary, 46, turned it down as the Home Office expert doing it, Professor Thomas Fahy, has no experience in looking for suicidal tendencies in people with autism.
She said: “It is not a refusal – he had no choice. It is an impossibility because the assessor would not be able to diagnose him.”
McKinnon, 46, admits hacking into 97 US military and NASA computers using the name Solo in 2001/02 – but insists he was looking for evidence of UFOs.
His mother criticised the Government for continuing with the case when experts had warned Gary could kill himself if sent to the US to stand trial.
She said: "Gary's ordeal has gone on for far too long.
"The Home Office should accept the very clear and incontrovertible evidence provided by the country's leading psychiatric experts in this field.
"It's time to make the right decision and end Gary's torment of extradition.
"When he's fit and ready, as we have said all along, the CPS could try him in this country for his foolish acts that happened over a decade ago."
She went on: "No one has ever been extradited from America to the UK for conduct that took place in America so why is Britain extraditing British citizens to the US for actions undertaken on British soil?
"It's cruel, unnecessary, and for years has blighted not just Gary's life but mine and our family's too.
"The victims of extradition include the friends and family of those facing extradition.
"Parliament passed a motion in December for treaty change to take place as pledged pre-election by the coalition. Hopefully this will be implemented soon."
Ms Sharp added: "Gary has endured 10 years of mental trauma and has lost 10 years of his youth. We so need a good end to this.
"I'm sure that Theresa May will do what's right, and make a just and compassionate decision now and allow Gary to begin to regain some of the life he has lost."
A Home Office spokesman said: "The Home Secretary will make a decision as soon as possible.
"This is a complex case, in a complex area of the law, and a large amount of material has been submitted, some of it relatively recently.
"She needs to consider all the material carefully before making a decision."
Mark Lever, chief executive of the National Autistic Society, said: "Asperger syndrome is a complex condition and it would be impossible for anyone without specialised training to fully understand its impact.
"If Gary is forced to undergo an assessment that doesn't take account of his needs and he is consequently extradited, it could have very serious and potentially tragic ramifications."
He went on: "This situation has dragged on for over 10 years - and the stress of this in itself will undoubtedly have had a negative impact on Gary's mental health.
"The Home Secretary must urgently take the necessary steps to recognise Gary's needs."
Mr McKinnon, of Wood Green, North London, faces up to 60 years in jail if convicted.
A hearing will take place at the High Court on Tuesday.

The Spitsbergen UFO: A “Plant”?

If there are two things we can say for sure about reports of alleged crashed UFOs, it’s that (A) there are a hell of a lot of them; and (B) many are highly controversial in nature. And one of those cases that falls firmly into category B is alleged to have occurred off the coast of Norway on the island of Spitsbergen in mid-1952. It’s a case that a few UFO researchers accept as being genuine, but that a great many believe to be nothing less than a complete and outrageous hoax. There’s another possibility too, however: that the story was a deliberate, government-created “plant” to confuse the truth about tales of UFOs crashing to earth, whatever that truth might really be…
Now-declassified CIA files of 1952 on the Spitsbergen affair begin: “Writing in the German magazine Der Fliger, Dr. Waldemar Beck says that a flying saucer which recently fell at Spitsbergen has been studied by eminent Norwegian and German rocket experts. He writes that Dr Norsal, a Norwegian expert in rocket construction, went to the place where the flying saucer had fallen a few hours after it had been discovered in the mountains of Spitsbergen by Norwegian jet planes.”
The CIA continued: “In the wreck of the apparatus the expert is said to have discovered a radio piloting transmitter with a nucleus of plutonium transmitting on all wavelengths with 934 hertz, a measure that has been unknown so far. The investigation has also shown that the flying saucer crashed because of a defect in its radio piloting system. The saucer which carried no crew has a diameter of 47 meters. The steel used in the construction is an unknown ally. It consists of an exterior disc provided at its peripheral with 46 automatic jets. This disc pivots around the central sphere which contains the measurement and remote control equipment. The measurement instructions have an inscription in Russian.”

Was there some substance to this report? And if so, was this crashed flying saucer Russian or extraterrestrial in origin? Having an interest in the case, I dug further, and came across several pages of U.S. Air Force material that showed shortly after the incident was reported by the media, the intelligence arm of the U.S. Air Force made inquiries with the Norwegian military who asserted that they had no knowledge of the crash. But still the story refused to die.
Three years later, I discovered, a seldom-seen account of the crash was printed in a Stuttgart newspaper, the Stuttgart Tageblatt. A translation of the account read:
“Oslo, Norway, Sept. 4, 1955 – Only now a board of inquiry of the Norwegian General Staff is preparing publication of a report on the examination of remains of a UFO crashed near Spitsbergen, presumably in early 1952. Colonel Gernod Darnbyl, during an instruction for Air Force officers, stated: ‘The crashing of the Spitsbergen disc was highly important. Although our present scientific knowledge does not permit us to solve all the riddles, I am confident that these remains from Spitsbergen will be of utmost importance in this respect.’”
I continued to review the article, and was intrigued to see that Colonel Darnbyl was now specifically denying that the disc was Russian in origin: “Some time ago, a misunderstanding was caused by saying that this disc was of Soviet origin. It has – this we wish to state emphatically – not been built on earth. The materials used in its construction are completely unknown to all experts who participated in the investigation.”
The Stuttgarter Tageblatt had still more data to impart: “According to Colonel Darnbyl, the Board of Inquiry is not going to publish an extensive report until some sensational facts have been discussed with U.S. and British experts. We should reveal what we found out, as misplaced secrecy might lead to panic.”
The newspaper continued: “Contrary to information from American and other sources, Second Lieutenants Brobs and Tyllenson, who have been assigned as special observers of the Arctic regions since the event at Spitsbergen, report the flying discs have landed in the polar regions several times.”
Said Lieutenant Tyllenson: ‘I think the Arctic is serving as a kind of air base for the unknowns, especially during snow storms when we are forced back to our bases. I have seen them land and take off on three separate occasions. I notice that, after having landed, they execute a speedy rotation around their discs. A brilliant glow of light, the intensity of which is variable with regard to speed at landing and at take off, prevents any view of the things happening behind this curtain of light and/or inside the disc itself.’”
These are certainly fantastic revelations, but how much can be authenticated? The British researcher Philip Mantle looked into the case in 1985 and had received an outright denial that anything remotely resembling the Spitsbergen crash had ever occurred on Norwegian soil. “The whole story seems utterly unfounded,” Mantle was told by Arild Isegg, the head of the Information Division, Norwegian Royal Ministry of Defense. Moreover, despite its 1952 interest in the matter, the CIA later came to accept the whole thing as a complete fabrication that the media ran with and which spiralled wildly out of control.

However, Spitsbergen refused to roll over and die. UFO investigator Bill Moore spoke with the French investigator Jean Sider, who had uncovered a clipping from a Nancy-based newspaper that referred to a Nazi-developed craft built in the closing stages of the Second World War, the description of which sounded remarkably like the craft recovered at Spitsbergen.
By far the most intriguing aspect of this saga, however, came from none other than the National Security Agency. From the NSA I obtained a translation of a 1960s Russian media article on the UFO subject. Contained within the article, I was interested to see, was a passing reference to the Spitsbergen incident, which stated:
“An abandoned silvery disc was found in the deep rock-coal seams in Norwegian coalmines on Spitsbergen. It was pierced and marked by micro-meteor impacts and bore all traces of having performed a long space voyage. It was sent for analysis to the Pentagon and disappeared there.”
This was certainly a new slant on the case; but what really caught my eye was the National Security Agency’s reaction to the mention of Spitsbergen. Instead of dismissing the matter as a hoax, a still-unidentified NSA agent circled the paragraph of the article referencing Spitsbergen, and wrote in the margin the intriguing word “PLANT” in bold capitals.
Had the NSA been exposed to data that could conclusively lay the legend of Spitsbergen to rest, once and for all? If that was the case, the NSA weren’t saying, and no further evidence pertaining to National Security Agency involvement in the Spitsbergen incident came to light.
And yet, that curious one-word note, scrawled many years previous by an anonymous NSA employee, continues to puzzle me. Rather than indicating an outright hoax, the “PLANT” reference suggested that the Spitsbergen story (even if bogus) had been disseminated officially, possibly to cloud and confuse the rumors surrounding crashed-UFO incidents in the late 1940s and early 1950s.
Of course, this begs the questions: (A) How many more “UFO crash” stories may have had their origins in the world of government/intelligence-orchestrated programs of disinformation and psychological warfare; and (B) why the need for such actions?
Perhaps certain governments really do have crashed UFOs in their possession and wish to swamp the real data with so much faked material that the former will get buried, hidden and confused by the latter. Or, maybe there has never been a real crashed UFO event – ever – but certain governments, at the height of the Cold War, dearly wished to promote such scenarios as a means to frighten and intimidate the enemy.
After all, effectively telling your potential foe that “We have alien technology in our hands and you don’t” may have worried more than a few generals – whether in the Kremlin or the Pentagon, or both - when the Flying Saucer mystery kicked off all those years ago. And that the stories of crashed UFOs may not even have been true demonstrates how a well-placed lie can have a profound effect…

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Mac's Ufo News, April - June 2012

UFO Sighting Near Russian Nuke Plant (Video)

A UFO video on YouTube shows what look like two glowing orange orbs hovering in the twilight sky over a Russian nuclear power plant. As the video plays, each of the objects wink on and off. They don't look like conventional aircraft, so, what are they?

In the video it sounds like a Russian mother is talking to her child and looking out the window as she films the mysterious, unidentified flying object hovering over what is described as a nuclear facility. The poster of the video says the film was shot in February. It certainly looks bleak enough.

As the mother videotapes, the glowing UFO orbs flash steadily, but suddenly blink out for a few seconds before illuminating again in a different part of the sky. Why would aircrafts do that?

The objects are too far away to make out with any certainty, but they don't behave the way aircrafts would if they were authorized to be flying over such a sensitive and most likely restricted airspace.
So, what are they? Here's the video:

Unknown Object Videotaped over Tijuana, Mexico

By Ufo Casebook
UFO Image
Originally published on Jul 16, 2012 by UltraUfoChannel
According to the videographers statement, he had just returned from work, when he saw this unknown object in the sky.
He ran and grabbed his video camera, and captured what you see here.
It is hard to assign a definitive shape to the UFO, at times it seems to have a triangular shape, and also a disc-shaped.
Some have suggested this is nothing more than a balloon, but see what you think.
The original video is over 5 minutes in length, see it at:

Ufo Newspaper Clipping - The Sun 27.10.1967

Kecksburg to host UFO festival, creature-encounters conference

The 2012 Kecksburg Old Fashioned Days & UFO Festival will be held July 28-29 at the fire department's festival grounds in Kecksburg, Mt. Pleasant Township.
The seventh-annual festival was founded by the Kecksburg Volunteer Fire Department. The two-day event will feature a parade, a classic-cars show and the famous Burn Out Contest.
Prizes will be awarded for the best UFO entry in the parade, as well as for the best alien costume. New this year will be contests for the Best UFO Alien Pet Costume and Best UFO Motorcycle.
On July 29, the popular "Out of This World UFO" hot dog-eating contest will take place at 1 p.m. Also on July 29, from 1:30 to 5 p.m., the Kecksburg UFO Committee will host its second-annual Kecksburg UFO Conference "Mysterious Pennsylvania UFO and Creature Encounters." The conference is free, but a donation at the door is appreciated to support the Kecksburg VFD.
The 2012 Kecksburg speakers lineup:
• Stan Gordon, author and UFO-Bigfoot researcher. Gordon is the principal investigator of the 1965 Kecksburg UFO incident. He will speak about "Strange Encounters of Pennsylvania." The illustrated discussion will focus on the history of UFOs, Bigfoot and other strange creatures reported across the state, including recent incidents.
• John Ventre, author and Pennsylvania state director for the Mutual UFO Network. Ventre will talk about his recent appearance on the "Anderson Cooper" television talk show. Ventre will discuss UFOs and how the Cooper program was edited.
• Eric Altman, director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. He will talk about past and present Bigfoot encounters reported in Pennsylvania.
• Dave Dragosin, assistant director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society for Western Pennsylvania. Dragosin will discuss the implication of forensic sketches in relation to Bigfoot investigations.
During the two-day festival, various Pennsylvania UFO, Bigfoot and paranormal researchers and groups will set up displays in the social hall. Those who are expected to attend -- in addition to Gordon, Altman, Ventre and Dragosin -- include Dan Hageman, director of the Butler Organization of the Unexplained; Brian and Terrie Seech of the Center for Unexplained Events; Keith Bastianini, UFO researcher and graphics artist; Jim Brown, of Brown Electronics Lab-Independent Research Associates; and Joe Kosczuk of Westmoreland Paranormal Investigations.
Kecksburg is about 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. The rural community has become a location of international interest after a mysterious object reportedly fell from the sky into a nearby wooded area on Dec. 9, 1965. What the metallic, acorn-shaped object with strange hieroglyphics-like symbols might have been still being debated. The military that arrived on the scene that night apparently recovered the device and hauled it away.
The Kecksburg festival will be held on the VFD festival grounds at 5128 Water St., Kecksburg. For more information and details of events, visit at or or call 724-423-9540.

Veteran Russian Cosmonaut Georgi Grechko wants to meet aliens

In an interview published in the Russian tabloid My Secret Stars, veteran Russian cosmonaut Georgi Grechko made an astounding statement that he wants to meet humanoid aliens in December of 2012, right during the dreaded date of the end of the long cycle of the Mayan calendar. Grechko was quoted saying, “humanoids could visit our planet in 2012, during the shorter winter days, from 21 to 23 December, and I would like to meet them! To talk, to look at their famous flying saucer!”

Georgi Grechko as a Salyut-6 cosmonaut in the 1970s. (Credit: Russian space program)

Georgi Grechko is one Russia’s most famous cosmonauts. Born in 1931 in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), he graduated with a doctorate in mathematics at the Leningrad Institute of Mechanics. He later became an assistant of Sergei Korolyov (also spelled Korolev), the legendary chief space designer who orchestrated all the early triumphs of the Soviet space program, including the first Sputnik satellite in 1957 and the first man in space in 1961. During the sixties Grechko trained to go the moon before that secret Soviet project was cancelled after the American Apollo landings. Nevertheless, he flew in several missions, including the very first Salyut-6 in December 1977, where he made the first spacewalk in an Orlan space suit. He received twice the medal of Hero of the Soviet Union and has a minor planet 3148 named after him.
Russian-American ufologist Paul Stonehill, author of three books (two with British researcher Philip Mantle) about UFOs in Russia, speculates that Grechko’s interest in UFOs might have come from Korolyov himself. Stonehill wrote in his article “Sergei Korolyov And Russian UFO Secrets”:
He [Grechko] did mention (albeit briefly) in his memoirs a mysterious “laboratory for the study of flying saucers.” Korolyov’s interest was primarily in the engine design of alien crafts. Soviet cosmonaut Georgy Grechko confirmed it. In the late 1950′s Grechko worked with Korolyov. They were developing ballistic trajectory for the MAR-I spaceship. Grechko was an ardent proponent of the E.T. explanation of the Tunguska Phenomenon. At the Korolyov designer bureau he found six more scientists who believed likewise. They found a report put together by A. Zolotov (who was murdered in 1995). The report stated that there was a nuclear explosion of alien spaceship in 1908 over the Siberian taiga. An expedition to the site was long overdue, in the opinion of seven scientists. Korolyov heard them out, and to their surprise, fully agreed. But he would not fund it, although his bureau had plenty of funds. Valentin Krapiva, a UFO researcher who has collected information about Korolyov, thinks that the latter wanted to conceal the fact of such an expedition. But he did find a way to help them pay for it. Grechko’s memoirs were published in Stroitelnaya Gazeta newspaper (November 25, 1989).
Previous Grechko statements on UFOs
In his well documented book about the history of ufology in Russia, published originally in French, OVNIS en Russie – Les deux faces de l’ufologie russe (UFOs in Russia – The two faces of Russian ufology), Saint Petersburg researcher Boris Chourinov (also spelled Shurinov) mentions some previous equivocal statements by Grechko about UFOs. Shurinov cites a March 1978 interview with Vetchernaia Moskva (Moscow Evening) in which cosmonaut Yuri Romanenko described a UFO sighting he and Grechko had onboard the first Salyut 6 EO-1 space station in December 1977: “During the course of the last two [orbital] revolutions, we were followed by an unidentified flying object which was a little larger than no matter what known objects launched from Earth. We can say that it was metallic since it shone with the sun.”

Retired cosmonaut Georgi Grechko next to a painting of Yuri Gagarin, the fist man in to fly space. (Credit:

A few days later, however, Grechko dismissed the whole incident to the Soviet media, declaring it was just a waste container ejected by the Salyut. Grechko, who had a reputation as a humorist, then came up with a second explanation. Shurinov paraphrased it as Grechko saying that, “as he stuck his fist against the glass of the porthole, small particles of ice broke away from the ship creating the illusion they were being pursued by a UFO.” Ice particles near a spacecraft linked to a UFO case?…shade of the famous NASA STS-48 mission UFO footage of 1991, which was also explained as ice particles flying away from the Discovery space shuttle.
Grechko talked again about UFOs in a 1980 article published by Sputnik magazine (the Soviet equivalent to Reader’s Digest), “UFOs Through the Eyes of Cosmonauts,” which had appeared originally in the Tekhnika-Molodyozhi (Tevhnology & Youth) magazine. Ten Russian cosmonauts and two American astronauts (both participants of the joint 1975 Apollo-Soyuz space link-up mission) were interviewed for this article and one of them of course was the outspoken Grechko. “Before blasting off for outer space, the cosmonaut always expects to encounter something unknown,” began Grechko, but the expectation was soon quashed by this statement: “Naturally, no unusual thing observed in outer space has anything in common with nonsense like little green men or their flying saucers. Such things are above all scientific phenomena.”
Yet at the end of his statement, Grechko seemed to hedge his bet when he declared: “The hypothesis of non-earthly civilizations is in the believe-it-or-not series. I for one assume that other civilizations exist and believe in the possibility of coming upon intelligent beings from other worlds. I am inclined to think that it will lead to a revolution in natural science.”

Grechko’s latest UFO position
The Russian tabloid My Secret Stars published two short pieces on Georgi Grechko in their website. They appear to be part of the same interview, although it’s not clear whether this interview was done by that paper or they picked it from another source in the Russian media. But regardless, here are the exact quotes from Grechko (bear in mind possible inaccuracies due to the fact I am using Google Translate):
“No, I did not see little green men, they did not look me in the window of the rocket, but I think that they exist! And I believe in higher intelligence, which presents us with the goals and guides from above to achieve them. It was on the orders of the higher mind that I became an astronaut!”
The article goes on the describe a long list of harrowing escapes from death or serious injury suffered by Grechko over his long life, including being shot by Germans during World War II, a motorcycle accident, the time he missed a plane that later crashed, etc. “There is always some unknown force that saved me,” said Grechko, adding that “I suddenly realized that I should become a cosmonaut and perhaps meet with aliens.” The article also mentions “a prophetic dream” that Grechko had in which he saw his wife dead…two hours before she actually perished in a car accident!

Painting by cosmonaut Alexey Leonov showing the docking of the Salyut 6 space station with a Soyuz probe, made into a Russian postcard in 1978. (Credit:

My Secret Stars went on: “Today is Grechko’s day at the ancient astronauts society ‘Paleokosmonautika.’ He actively seeks out and examines the evidence of ancient civilizations having contact with extraterrestrials and I am sure that very soon he will be meeting with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations!”
“According to one version,” said Grechko, “the aliens will visit our planet back in 2012, during the shorter winter days, from 21 to 23 December. I think however it happens, I’d like to meet them, and not only see them but also touch their flying saucer.”
“I’m friends with people who are studying UFOs in Russia,” continued Grechko, “so as soon as the aliens appear on earth, I must be told about it! Of course, I’ll come to a place where there will be a flying saucer. I am sure the aliens will invite me inside. I go up to them on board and so simply say as a human, ‘me, astronaut, you, astronauts,’ so let’s sit down and talk…”
Always a humorist, Grechko added that even if the aliens wanted to eat him, he was willing to take to risk. “I’m ready for it! For the sake of science, I’m going to make any sacrifices!” Finally, Grechko said that before his death (he is now 82 years old) he wants to see a humanoid: “After all, they exist! I’m sure! There is a higher intelligence that guides us from above.”
Coincidentally, I just published a feature story in the current issue of Open Minds magazine (Issue 15, Aug.-Sept. 2012) titled, “Russian Cosmonauts – UFO Sightings & Statements.” The article doesn’t cover the Grechko story but deals primarily with the famous May 5, 1981 Salyut-6 UFO incident, now disclosed to the world by its main witness, cosmonaut Major General Vladimir Kovalyonok. We published both his statements and his original drawings of a pulsating unidentified object that at one point resembled a barbell. In fact, Grechko’s line that he didn’t see any aliens from the windows of his spacecraft may be a reference to a distorted account of the Kovalyonok case, published by Henry Gris in the National Enquirer and subsequently in many European magazines, in which the aliens purportedly flew out of their vehicle and approached the Salyut’s portholes. Needless to say, Gen. Kovalyonok confirmed that a true UFO sighting did take place, but not the Hollywood-like alien flyby.
My Secret Stars original Russian stories about Georgi Grechko can be seen here and here. A long interview in which Grechko reminisces over his long career as a cosmonaut, published in Spacewatch magazine in 1993, can be read here. Finally, Paul Stonehill’s article on “Sergei Korolyov and Russian UFO Secrets” can be seen here.

Retired air force colonel talks about investigating and debunking UFO sightings (Video)

It seems that more and more retired military officials or ex government workers are coming forward to share their testimonies on secret government projects in which they were involved. A story made national headlines recently, when a 35 year CIA Veteran named Chase Brandon came forward and stated to Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post that he viewed CIA held documents confirming the Roswell Incident was of extraterrestrial origin.

Retired Air Force Colonel Dick French. (Credit: Open Minds)

Recently at the International UFO Congress, an ex-fighter pilot approached Open Minds Antonio Huneeus and asked to share his story. Retired Air Force Colonel Dick French’s 27 years of military experience has taken him around the world. He’s flown fighter jets in Vietnam and Korea, operated in military intelligence, and been exposed to some of our nations biggest secrets. His career started in the AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations) where he would conduct stakeouts to remove personnel who were breaking the military’s code of conduct. French then moved on to pilot training school and later was put in the 6004’s Air Intelligence Security Squadron where it was his duty to investigate any reported UFO sighting. He would collect any photographic evidence, question witnesses on the size and shape of the object, its estimated capability, and any other occurrences that surround the sighting. In the end though, French claims that his superiors told him to debunk these sightings however he could. This position also allowed him to travel to many interesting UFO hot spots while meeting high-ranking officials; he even claims to have met Colonel Philip Corso.
While we’re still investigating French’s background, we do know that he was in the AFOSI, and part of his duties were to debunk UFO sightings and occurrences. Just how much of French’s story can be confirmed is still being decided on, but Open Minds will continue to investigate his story and this fascinating person.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

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Chase Brandon & Roswell: the story continues

By Robbie Graham
Exclusive artwork courtesy of David Sankey

On July 6 of this year, Silver Screen Saucers published the world’s first in-depth article examining statements made June 23 on Coast to Coast AM by former CIA operative Chase Brandon concerning the Roswell incident of 1947. The story was picked up by the mainstream media two days later and has since become a major talking point within and beyond the UFO community. You can read our original article here. Brandon’s statements and the media’s response to them are also summarised in the opening 15 minutes of this recent Mysterious Universe podcast and in the latest episode of Open MindsSpacing Out...
On July 8, I was interviewed as a guest on The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett, along with Grant Cameron and Victor Viggiani. We discussed Brandon’s Roswell statements for around an hour and we each had chance to clarify our individual positions on why this former CIA man said what he said in the way that he said it. The interview begins at 55:07 here (NOTE: my grainy audio is cleaned up after the first commercial break).
On July 11, Silver Screen Saucers published an official statement by the CIA’s Office of Public Affairs denying Brandon’s Roswell claims. The CIA was responding to a written enquiry submitted by this author and co-signed by Dr Matthew Alford, Grant Cameron, and Victor Viggiani. Read the CIA’s response here.
The following night, on July 12, Chase Brandon again appeared on Coast to Coast AM, this time being interviewed by George Noory (his original host was John B. Wells). This new interview is every bit as fascinating (and frustrating) as the first. Grant Cameron of has begun the task of transcribing the most salient points made by Brandon in this new interview and has already published a brief summary on his website.
You can listen to the new Chase Brandon interview in full right here (begins at 38:20)...
Of particular note in this interview, host George Noory asks Brandon if the CIA has ever used Hollywood – and specifically filmmaker Steven Spielberg – as a conduit for delivering to the public factual UFO information disguised as fiction. In this short audio clip (simply click ‘download the file’ to stream the audio) courtesy of Giuliano Marinkovic, Brandon’s uncharacteristically long pause before he essentially dodges the question speaks volumes.
On his website, Grant Cameron notes: “If Brandon is the new CIA Falcon every word he says should be studied very carefully.” I agree. And if you’re unfamiliar with the story of the Falcon, you can put that to rights over at
For ongoing developments on the Chase Brandon-Roswell story and further analysis of his statements, watch this space.