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Ufo News Links For 31st January 2012

Huge UFO Over Long View, North Carolina - UFODigest

UFO Caught on Video of Contrail in California

On looking far and beyond! – Pakistan Observer

California couple narrates scene while experiencing UFO sighting -...

Hunt is on for aliens, but who will pay for it? – Times of India

Yet More Apollo UFOs Revealed. « What’s All This, Then?

Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Neglected Lights: Mexico's 1970s Saucer Wave

Celebrities and Aliens: Stars Share Otherworldly Experiences – ABC News

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: Canadian TV Reports On Sky Noise Phenomena - Purports To Have Answer

Is There a UFO Wreck in Baltic Sea? – ABC News

Silver Screen Saucers: Area 51 movie “a work in progress”, plus more alien-themed ‘found footage’ movies on the horizon?

UFO sightings part of spiritual universe Big Bang that da Vinci explained in 1510 | HULIQ

The Haunted Skies Project: Daily Telegraph 30.6.58

Chris Holly's Last Article About The Real TIme Abductee Group

Mexico: More on the Mexicali UFO Chase

By Inexplicata
Monday, January 30, 2012
A few weeks Ana Luisa Cid advised us of the chase involving several police units in the city of Mexicali, Baja California. She has posted a video of a segment of the La Sobremesa program (dated 26 Jan 2012)in which she interviews journalist Juan Galván of the La Voz de la Frontera newspaper.

The La Sobremesa segment can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcKMbi0pc8k

Prof. Cid has sent us two photos - one is from the C4 camera system depicting the object that was seen over the airport; the other shows journalist Galván interviewing Officer Ruelas.
Mac: Here's The video
Mac: Translated with Bing:
Police mobilization by a UFO in Mexicali, Baja California (Mexico).
Actual images captured by C4 security camera.
Interview with reporter Juan Galván, the newspaper the voice of the border.
More here: http://analuisacid.com/?p=11167
Section UFO with Ana Luisa Cid
String three, Mexico, channel 28
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Conference of Alex Gonzalez on Saturday, February 4 at 6 pm.
Centre Street 56 Tabasco, La Joya, colonia Roma.
Reports: 04455-2862-3318 energia281@hotmail.com

Argentina: UFO Wave Ongoing in the Western Corridor

Source: Diario Popular and Planeta UFO
Date: 30 Jan 2012

Initially unnoticed, a photograph depicting four luminous dots in the skies over Moreno prompted action once again by researchers of the UFO phenomenon, involving the repeated manifestations of unidentified flying objects of unknown origin in the so-called "Western Corridor", where residents from a variety of locations in the outlying districts have reported and recorded said manifestations.

Fabian Torti, director of the Grupo Tecnico de Asistencia Psicologica OVNI (GRUTAP) told DIARIO POPULAR that for over seven months since the subject became a fixture after a series of cases in Ituzaingó, "phenomena have repeated themselves" with sightings of mysterious flying objects that his group in no way definitively classifies as extraterrestrial presences.

In this regard, Torti noted that the phenomenon also brought about a massive influx of eyewitness accounts and stories involving sightings and unique events related to these manfistations, everything ranging from "the disappearance of animals to abductions", subjects that GRUTAP places under scrutiny "given the application of psychological criteria with which to study such cases."

One of the manifestations received by the agency these days was a photo taken by social psychologist Gabriela Almirón, a member of the Group, who took a sequence of photos from the locality of Moreno. She was not aware until much later, however, that one of the images presented four points with a luminous appearance. One of them was shaped like a delta wing and another resembled an inverted "T".

According to Torti, Almirón has been a member of GRUTAP for ten years and while she is involved with studying eyewitness cases from a psychological standpoint, "[she] never imagined that she would capture such an image". As to the numerous cases recorded in the corridor, he states that "if only two out of ten cases cannot be explained, then that two per cent indicates something."

(Translation (c) 2012, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

Remembering Lucius Farish (1937-2012), a great American ufologist

Open Minds Jan 31, 2012
It was last Friday that I learned that Lou Farish had passed away on January 26. It was not a surprise since I knew that Lou’s health was deteriorating rapidly and he was at a care center in Arkansas. Let’s reproduce first the announcement of Lou’s death by his close friend Jerry Blackburn, posted originally in UFO Updates and then copied elsewhere:

Lou Farish (right) with the mayor of Eureka Springs, at the opening of either the 1st or 2nd Ozark UFO Conference in 1989 or 1990. (Credit: Antonio Huneeus)
Friends of Lou,
I’m sorry to have to tell you that Lou died of cancer this afternoon at 4:55 PM CST in Morrilton, Arkansas at the River Chase Rehabilitation and Care Center where he had been under hospice care since early September. He died peacefully, was not in pain, and was surrounded by a small group of friends. A memorial service is tentatively planned for 2:00 PM on Saturday, February 4, at the Harris Funeral Home in Morrilton, AR. Confirmation of the date and time will be in an obituary to be posted in a day or two on the Harris Funeral Home website at www.harrisfuneralhomes.net. If I can provide additional information, please let me know.
If you cannot attend Lou’s memorial service, but would like to send me a short statement to be read at the service about how you knew and/or will remember Lou, I will be glad to do that for you. We may also include these statements in a program to remember Lou this April at the Ozark UFO Conference in Eureka Springs. Also, if you have any favorite photos of Lou that we can use in the service, I would appreciate it if you would scan or photograph them and send them to me, and especially any early photos from the 70s and 80s.
Since Lou did not have a wife, children or siblings, he left his estate, including 80 acres of land, to a trust to be used to encourage UFO research and education through awards, fellowships and mini-grants over the next several years.
Lou was one of the most interesting people I ever met, and like many of you, I thought of him as one of my best friends. He was one of a kind, and will be greatly missed, both as a person and for his many contributions to ufology. His circle of friends goes far beyond the e-mail list I’m sending this message to. If you have email addresses for others who knew and cared about Lou, please forward this message on to them.
Jerry Blackburn

Lou Farish (right) with Prof. James Deardorff at the podium in one of the early Ozark UFO Conferences in the early 1990s. (Credit: Antonio Huneeus)

A great and humble ufologist

Everyone would agree that Lucius Farish was one of the great American ufologists and yet he never published a book, stopped writing articles years ago, never lectured and almost never appeared on TV. So, how did people know about him and his work? Lou was a humble researcher that never promoted himself or his ideas. He lived for years in Plummerville, Arkansas, working for the U.S. Post Office and cultivating ufology on the side. He joined APRO, MUFON and other UFO and Fortean organizations in his youth, publishing articles for various magazines and newsletters in the sixties and seventies. Lou developed an interest in historical UFO research and wrote some articles about this topic with Jerry Clarke. Then sometime around the mid-seventies, Lou began compiling his monthly UFO Newsclipping Service, a 20-page digest on legal size with reproductions of local newspaper articles throughout the USA on sightings, events, etc. It had an international section (mostly UK and other English speaking press) and a “Forteana News” section on the last four pages for the latest about Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Atlantis, monuments in Mars, remote viewing, etc.

Front page of the December 2005 UFO Newsclipping Service.

It’s hard to fathom the importance for something like the UFO Newsclipping Service back in the old days when people didn’t have the web and all the new social media. Nowadays any UFO story anywhere in the world can be found instantly, but not back then when it took the dedication of someone like Lou to put together the pieces of what the print media was saying about UFOs. Then in the late eighties Lou found his second highly successful niche in American ufology. In the Spring of 1988, an Arkansas researcher called Bill Pitts organized a conference in Eureka Springs, a picturesque spot in the Ozarks, to launch what was supposed to be a New Project Blue Book. It was a historical event in that some of the people involved in the old air force project did attend and talk. (See my interview with Major Dewey Fournet on this site.)
Pitts’ New Blue Book didn’t prosper but Lou Farish, who was helping the conference with local MUFON people, saw the advantages of both the picturesque location of Eureka Springs and the need for a UFO Conference that could service the Midwestern and some southern states. Thus was born in 1989 the Ozark UFO Conference, held annually in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, in April, which in a short time became one of the largest and most important American UFO events. In the early days it was also supported by MUFON, and counted with the appearance of many seasoned researchers like Linda Moulton Howe, Timothy Good, Dr. John Mack, George Knapp, Wendelle Stevens, and many others, including myself who attended many times in the 90s and will speak again later this year. I had the privilege of assisting Lou in a couple of things, including helping to bring a speaker (Sergei Bultantsev) from what was still the old Soviet Union, and presenting the year later the Russian documentary Planet of Aliens by Vladimir Avinsky.

A 1978 newspaper article and drawing from the March 1978 UFONS.

The Ozarks Conference continued to expand and Lou kept running it until the last couple of years when due to his health he turned over to the people who had worked with him. I have no doubt that Lou’s open and honest personality had much to do with the success of the Ozark’s Conference. Everyone liked Lou. It was obvious that you were dealing with someone who was both rational and passionate about the subject, who never engaged in self-promotion, fanatical ideas, personal attacks, and some of the other features that unfortunately accompany some of American ufology. He was unique, a great American ufologist who never published a book, gave lectures or appeared on TV, but whose contributions to the field via the Newsclipping Service and the Ozark Conference will be remembered for a long time. All those who knew Lou will miss him greatly.
You can check the 2012 program of the Ozark UFO Conference here.

Was That A UFO Filmed Over Utah?

The Gralien Report
2:43 pm January 30, 2012

What was this strange object filmed over American Fork, Utah, this past Friday evening? According to witness Anthony Piceno, who filmed the strange blue “craft,” it appeared to be “a strange blue object” that was “neon blue (with) red flashing lights.”
According to information posted at The Weather Channel’s website, “Mysterious blue lights hovered in the night sky above American Fork, Utah, Friday. Earthly explanations include a radio-controlled model airplane, or paraglider outfitted with lights. No official explanation has been released.”
Kimberly Kratochvil, who was in Provo at the time the Piceno film was made, described seeing the same object with her husband, and that it was accompanied by other lights in the sky. “It was to the west that we saw them early in the evening,” she said, commenting on the original post at weather.com, and that “they were not remote controlled airplanes or a paraglider.” Another commenter, Elizabeth Stevens of Manhattan, Kansas, noted that odd lights were seen almost exactly one year ago over the town of American Fork. “If you will Google “strange lights in Utah” or something like that, you’ll get reports from a year ago,” Stevens wrote. “Just a little fishy, I’d say.”
Does the paraglider explanation really fit the circumstances, as suggested in the news report above? Or is there another explanation for the odd blue light Piceno managed to film? In truth, after watching the video above, it’s already become pretty clear to most of us that this wasn’t any paraglider… but instead, merely a young entrepreneur advertising his business logo by means of a good old fashioned, garage-tailored “UFO”! Hey, it still looked pretty good in Piceno’s video… ;)
Special thanks to Red Pill Junkie of The Daily Grail for passing this along.

Close Encounters of the Giant Kind

Jan 30th in UFO Phenomenon

For decades, within the annals of Ufology, countless types of apparent alien entity have been reported by startled witnesses to UFOs and their other-worldly crews. The list of extraterrestrial life forms is truly bizarre and includes beings that resemble (a) huge, flying jellyfish; (b) oversized bananas; (c) the Michelin Man; and (d) long-nosed, scrawny humanoids with glowing red eyes. But, such beings are most assuredly not typical of those reported in the vast majority of close encounters of the ufological kind. Indeed, they are firmly in the minority. Dominating the UFO scene are without doubt the human-looking Space-Brothers, the insect-like Grays, and the sinister Reptilians. But, there are a surprising number of reports on file describing giant-sized aliens, too…
While the tales of alien giants most certainly do not attract the same sort of attention and acclaim as their long-haired cousins did way back in the Contactee-driven era of the 1950s, and the emotionless Grays do today, that does not mean such issues are of no consequence. In fact, one could convincingly argue quite the opposite!
Two such notable cases emanate from with the British Isles; the details of one of which were given to Charles Bowen, a former editor of Flying Saucer Review magazine, and that were duly published in a classic book on alien entities that Bowen edited himself, The Humanoids.
The year was 1958 and the location was very near to Balmoral, Scotland. As part of their basic training, an Aberdeen-based unit of the Territorial Army had been dispatched to the area in question to take part in a weekend of maneuvers.

During the course of the exercise, two of the group were deployed to guard a small hilltop and, fully equipped, set about digging themselves a trench for cover. On the first morning, just as dawn was breaking, both heard what they later described as a strange “gurgling” sound that seemed to originate from behind a dense group of trees, several hundred yards from their position. Unsurprisingly somewhat curious, they set out to investigate, when two giant, humanoid figures suddenly emerged from the shadows and proceeded towards them in ominous, lumbering fashion.

Naturally overcome with overwhelming terror, the pair hastily retreated. As they ran in panicked style, they heard a “swishing noise,” and glancing over their shoulders saw a gigantic, disc-shaped object in the sky above which appeared to be following them. Reportedly “pulsating,” the UFO swooped low over their heads and – to the complete and utter relief of the pair – quickly disappeared, curiously trailing a shower of sparks as it vanished from view.
A similar case, involving the Schwab family, who was then living in the English city of Bath, occurred late one weekend night in mid March 1978, while they were attending a family get-together in the county of Wiltshire. While driving passed the legendary Stonehenge around 11.00 p.m., they were shocked to the core by the startling sight of a “twelve-foot-tall thing, like a giant man,” standing in the middle of the road.
Not surprisingly, Mr. Schwab brought the car to a rapid, screeching halt, and he, his wife and son watched amazed as a bright light from above suddenly enveloped the mighty being, and which ‘”lit it up and we could see it was like me and you, but twice as tall and in a silver suit and two big eyes [sic].”
Even more startling, the huge creature then began to slowly rise into the beam of light – which, the three could now see, was “coming out of the bottom of a big square-shaped object in the sky, and black [in color] that hummed so loud and made us all feel sick.”
Within seconds, the giant and the beam of light were gone, and the mysterious craft duly soared into the heavens, leaving the Schwab family wondering what on earth – or, very possibly, off it – had just happened.
Rogue cases of Goliath-like aliens in decades past may not attract the same levels of attention and fascination as those of today’s alleged DNA-stealing, pasty, skinny, denizens of Zeta Reticuli, but that does not mean they are without merit.
After all, if extraterrestrials are visiting us, then perhaps – just like us, the Human Race – they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes!

Seeking the truth on UFO sightings

Eastbourne Herald
Tuesday 31 January 2012

A PARANORMAL expert has published his latest book – taking a second look at UFO sightings in his native Scotland.

Malcolm Robinson, who works here in Eastbourne, having traded the Highlands for the Sunshine Coast a few years ago, is considered the number one authority on all things unexplained north of the border.
He has already published volume one of UFO Case Files of Scotland, to widespread critical acclaim, and back in 2009 became the first Scot to deliver a lecture on the paranormal at a major UFO conference – taking to the lectern in Nevada.
Since then he has been working on the follow up to his debut publication and helping edit a leading paranormal magazine.
That book, UFO Case Files of Scotland (Volume Two) The Sightings, has just hit the shelves and Mr Robinson is now looking forward to seeing a film script he wrote hit the screens later this year.
The 54-year-old has been working closely with movie makers DRB Entertainment for the flick which will cover one of the most famous cases Mr Robinson has worked on – the suspected alien abduction of Gary Wood and Colin Wright on a road out of Edinburgh on August 17 1992.
On that night the pair claim they saw a two-tiered disc-shaped object hovering 20ft above the road as they were driving from the capital to Ayr.
According to witness statements, the disc then sent out a silver mist which engulfed the car for what seemed like little more than a few seconds.
But, when the duo arrived at their friend’s house they were more than an hour and a half late.
Strange dreams followed and, under hypnosis, Mr Wright said he remembered seeing Mr Wood put in a chair and subjected to an examination which included being poked in his eye by a poker-like object. Both men recalled seeing three small figures stop their car.
That is just one of the incidents Mr Robinson has delved into in his quest to explain the unexplained - a quest which, he says, began from a far more critical standpoint than most UFO believers.
“I got into this business initially to disprove things - to prove that ghosts, UFOs and the like did not exist – and 99 per cent of UFO or paranormal cases are easily explained,” he said.
“However, I soon found the one per cent that can’t be explained and it is these cases which fascinate me.
“My goal is to continue researching cases pertaining to the strange world of UFOs and the paranormal and to hopefully provide some form of answer to account for what at present eludes us.”
So, does Mr Robinson thing the truth is still out there? “The information provided at this conference clearly showed that there are vehicles operating in the skies of the world, which clearly are not our own,” said Mr Robinson. “UFOs are real, of that there is no question.
“There have been literally thousands of first class UFO reports coming from all parts of the world.
“We are at the bottom of a long ladder of understanding and each day brings us closer to the truth.”
UFO Case Files of Scotland (Volume 2) The Sightings is out now priced at £14.99 and available from www.healingsofatlantis.com and www.amazon.co.uk.

UFO Secret - Alien Contacts The Best Evidence (Video)

Mahwah UFO Probed By Montana 'Hunter'

UFO hunter says he believes objects that appeared in the sky above the township could be from a parallel universe.

A Montana UFO hunter has turned his eye to the sky over Mahwah.
William Puckett has been investigating a “diamond-shaped flickering” in the night sky over Mahwah for about a year, the second time in three years the former government worker's attention had been turned to the township.
A resident of Helena, Puckett is a retired National Weather Service meteorologist and Environmental Protection Agency worker from Washington state. In 2003, he formed the ‘UFO’s Northwest’ investigative team, which investigates reports from civilians who claim to see “unidentified flying objects.”

Last year, Puckett looked into a “a flickering orange light that seemed to be following a typical approach path to Newark airport [from Mahwah].” It did not display the typical characteristics of a meteor, and flickered like a candle before disappearing, according to the resident who reported it to UFO’s Northwest. It was a nighttime report, and only one witness reported seeing anything.
In 2008, Puckett said he investigated a “much more interesting” sighting above the township. Several witnesses reportedly saw multicolored circles that hovered over the township for about two hours. The lights had no detectable sounds associated with them and appeared in several different colors, witnesses said.
“Two hours is a long time,” Puckett said. Though this case may be a bit tougher than most for him to explain, Puckett says he doesn’t consider this his “smoking gun.”
“My personal opinion is that UFO’s that we can’t explain are either something we are seeing from another dimension or a parallel universe, but not necessarily something extra-terrestrial,” he said. “I am still waiting for that one case that gives me the conclusive scientific evidence to answer that question, but I haven’t come across it yet.”
Puckett said he is one of many independent UFO investigators across the country, but because each operates on its own, conclusive data is hard to come by.

William Puckett

“What I do is basically investigate sightings that seem to defy explanation,” he told Patch. “A lot of times, there is meteorological information, a celestial phenomenon, a local space station or military base that can explain what people see. But, other times those things aren’t there.”
Puckett says he looks closely at all of the data he is sent, and can spot the “many fakes that are out there on YouTube and other places.”
“I rarely do field work,” Puckett, who has appeared on two episodes of The History Channel's 'UFO Hunters,' said. “With an Internet connection coupled with my experience, I can explain the causes of many of the reports I get.”
If you have photos or video of a UFO that you’ve seen and want to be explained, you can submit it to Puckett at the UFO Northwest website.

UFO News: Most Convincing OVNI Ever? (Video)

By Tom Rose
January 31, 2012 05:10 AM EST
In the latest UFO news, a new video out of Costa Rica is being called the most convincing OVNI footage ever filmed. Is it an alien drone? It's obviously too small to fit a human-sized pilot. Are aliens smaller than humans?
A carpenter working on a project hears a loud buzzing sound and he's startled to see the circular object floating just a few feet off the ground within yards of his workshop. Rushing to get his camera phone, he is able to take the few seconds of video shown below.

By the time he calls to a friend to witness the OVNI, the object disappears. The video does show what looks like the unidentified flying object wobbling out of control. But the UFO is nowhere to be found when the carpenter and his friend get to the spot looking for it.

Experts viewing the video confirm the object is much smaller than many other aircraft investigated in UFO news. Could it be a drone of some kind? Whatever it was, it disappeared. Luckily, this video caught an image just in time.
Check it out:

Ufo hunters - Cops Vs Ufo's

Sighting report: UFO captured on camera in New York

A mass UFO sighting occurred in New York City on October 13, 2010. There were varying reports, indicating that there was more than one UFO event that took place that day. The sighting that caused the largest media frenzy was quickly explained away as balloons that escaped from a party at a Long Island school. Based on descriptions provided by various witnesses, not everyone shared the opinion that the UFOs were mere balloons.
Recently, Ralph Paradiso, a witness to one of the October 13, 2010 New York UFO events, submitted his eyewitness account, along with photos of what he saw that day.

UFO photographed over Chelsea, NYC. (credit: Ralph Paradiso)
Here is the sighting report provided by the witness:
This object was taken at 3:00 pm in Chelsea, NYC on 10-13-10 at the corner of 23rd street and 8th (north east towards the Empire State Building).
The sighting lasted from 9:30 am (when the objects were first spotted in Chelsea) until 11 pm. There were no helicopters or airplanes flying over the area during the time of the sighting (due to a gas leak at the same time as the sighting, they had to close all the airports in the tri-state area). Channel 2 news NY and NY1 news were there and they would not focus their cameras or zoom in on the orb/discs that were flying low in the area. They focused on the big object in the sky that was to high up to focus on. That object stayed in the same place for hours. I was there for a least 3 hours. There were around 50 – 60 people standing around watching. The object that was being shown on the news stations was the biggest one. It was there the 3 hours I was watching. It stayed in the same place and would fade in and out. The smaller objects were flying around at a high rate of speed. I saw around 5, but a lot of people said they saw more. The objects looked like they were high polished aluminum.

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Ufo News Links For Monday 30th January 2012

Another UFO sighting reported in England - Examiner.com

Search for Aliens Is on Again, but Next Quest Is Finding Money – New York Times

Lights in Friday night sky launched by artist – KSL-TV

Abduction and UFO's in Missouri - UFODigest

Man catches suspected UFO on tape - 9NEWS.com


UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: Are Skeptics Getting Desparate About The Sky Noise Phenomena?

UFO Captured on Video - Wisconsin - 2009

The Canadian National Newspaper: Aliens and Nazis: Ten Holographic-like UFOs -- Over one state alone

Fran Drescher UFO Alien Abduction Prompts Sammy Hagar Similarities

By Lalate

Fran Drescher UFO Alien Abduction Prompts Sammy Hagar Similarities

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Fran Drescher UFO alien abduction revelation is mirroring Sammy Hagar’s thoughts about aliens. Fran Drescher claims a UFO alien abduction happened to her and her ex-husband, separately, as children. The news follows reports that Shirley MacLaine allegedly has insurance coverage in the case of future alien abductions as well.
Fran Drescher’s laugh dominated TV history on The Nanny. But Drescher is not laughing about her history on the UFO. Drescher says as a teenager she was abducted by aliens. She said that she traveled on a UFO briefly. And when returned to earth, Drescher says she was implanted with a chip by her alien friends.
Drescher is not particularly certain why aliens implanted her with a chip. But she says that her ex-husband got his own chip as well. Drescher’s ex-husband clams he too was abducted as a child by aliens. But he claims that a cut on his head is not from an abduction but a fall. Drescher tells new that the aliens have programmed her husband to believe that.
In March 2011, Sammy Hagar detailed his life with aliens in “Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock” life, and Hagar’s life among aliens. Hagar claimed one night during his sleep the aliens “were plugged into me. It was a download situation … Or, they uploaded something from my brain, like an experiment.”
Hagar also asserted that he was visited by an alien spaceship, at age 4. But unlike the adult encounter, aliens only visited and observed Hagar as a youth, claims the rocker.
Shirley MacLaine is allegedly worried about aliens as well. Parade Magazine claimed in March 2011 that McLaine allegedly has a special insurance policy provision that protects her future alien abductions. The $25 million policy protects her in the case of an abduction. Reportedly twenty-thousand U.S. citizens have such a policy. It remains unclear how many insurance claims have been paid out to date for abductions.

UFO Tracks US Aircraft Carrier In Persian Gulf, now sent to Iran.

By Scott Waring

As Russia Today broadcasted news about Iran blocking oil in the Arabian Sea, near a US Aircraft carrier was what looks like a disk. Although this footage was used by RT News in January, it has the date of December 2011 at the Persian Gulf on its label. Very interesting, is it one of ours or alien? It is possible it was not visible to the human eye but the digital camera picked it up.

Out of this world and into your mind

By Andrea Ayala
The Daily Titan January 30, 2012

Photo by Camille Tarazon

Let’s face it: It’s hard enough grasping the tangible world through studies in college.Amidst the business that is school, especially back to school, students don’t usually take the time to lift their heads out of their books and lives long enough to ponder what lies outside of reason.
Reason is college.
Earth to Cal State Fullerton: there’s life outside of school.
There may even be life outside of the planet, according to some. This idea is what’s got the members of the Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network (MUFON) going. MUFON International tries to answer difficult questions about unexplained occurrences on this planet, and raise questions as to what is happening in other planets. Regular MUFON meetings are held all over the world. The meetings usually include professional speakers who have done extensive research on the subject.
In a recent gathering of the MUFON Orange County Chapter, on Jan. 18, speaker Christopher O’Brien discussed unexplained occurrences in ancient times, such as the carving of stone heads with glass by the Olmec and space-ship like figures in medieval time art.
When most think of unidentified objects, UFOs and aliens specifically come to mind, and images of long gray faces with big round eyes from childhood animated shows and movies reappear. However, O’Brien argued that unidentified objects aren’t necessarily inclusive of just aliens. Other unexplained phenomena such as crop circles can be classified as unidentified objects as well.
Even miracles, he explained, could be considered unidentified circumstances and occurrences such as the miracle of Our Lady of Fatima, in which the Virgin Mary was said to have appeared to three shepherd children, fall under the category of UFOs or unidentified flying objects. At the gathering, O’Brien encouraged people to get creative when looking at ancient cultures in order to better understand the past.
Neena Dolwani, a Newport Beach resident, is on the board of directors for the MUFON Orange County Chapter. Dolwani explained that she joined the board of directors in the hopes of encouraging more young people to join the MUFON. Despite the fact that a majority of the MUFON gatherings are populated by middle-aged or older members, many young people may still remain interested in the research of unexplained occurrences. It is important, she says, to “bridge the gap.”
Stephanie Martinez, 26, a biology major, is a good friend of Dolwani. She recently decided to tag along for one of the meetings. “I’ve always had an interest in extraterrestrials… I was an X-Files fan,” said Martinez.
Martinez stated that it’s important to maintain research on UFOs, saying, “There’s just so many unanswered questions, it’s something we should investigate.”
Karl Jara, 19, a CSUF business major, said that most of the information he gets about extra-terrestrials comes from movies or YouTube. Jara said he believes in the possibility of life outside Earth, “not like robots or transformers, not that kind of aliens…but maybe the big headed aliens.”
Jara says that his interest in the unexplained would not necessarily encourage him to attend one of the MUFON meetings. “It would scare me if I found out that there are aliens,” said Jara.
Still, the MUFON could attract many young visitors who are steering away from traditional beliefs and shifting towards the possibility of an alternative explanation for occurrences on Earth.

Mysterious lights above Utah County have people guessing

By Anne Forester
KSL.Com - Utah

PROVO -- An out-of-place light in the sky Friday night captured Anthony Piceno's attention.
He watched the light for minutes, drifting, as he described it, to the south and then to the east.
"I looked up at the sky and it was different object, neon blue, red flashing lights. …just cruising slow," Piceno said.
Several experts have made guesses about what the drifting light could have been, including Lynn Hadfield, president of Utah Valley Aeormodelers. He said he believed it was an RC plane with lights, and that a number of flyers from Pleasant Grove spend time in Art Dye Park in American Fork flying planes at night.
"There have been a number of people who spot these around and wonder if they were UFOs," Hadfield said.
Another theory is that the light was that of a para-glider taking a nighttime joyride.
"If it was a para-glider flying over American Fork then it wouldn't be the first time a para-glider flew at night with lights on," Hadfield said.
Chris Santacroce with Superfly Paragliding says if it was a para-glider, it was against the law.
"We can't fly a half hour before sunset or half hour after sunset, we are strictly forbidden," Santacroce said.
No official explanation about the origin or purpose of the lights has been released.

Video Link:

Ufo's And The Alien Presence (Video)

Ufo Emerges from Cloud and Explodes! (Video)

By Tom Rose
January 30, 2012

In the latest UFO news, two friends driving along a highway in Portugal jump from their car to film an unidentified flying object as it emerged from a cloud. A moment later, the OVNI flashes into bits and falls to the ground.
The amazing footage certainly looks real as faking this kind of image is very difficult. Since the comments are in Portuguese, it's hard to know what the witnesses are saying, but they seem very excited by what they are seeing.
As the UFO peeks out from the cloud the cameraman zooms in for a closeup and the object is revealed to be gigantic and circular in shape. Then the object seems to flash into an explosion like none ever seen before. The OVNI disintegrates and falls to the ground in the distance. What can it be?

Here is an enlarged photo of the object at the center of this latest UFO news, but it doesn't really help to explain what this aerial object is or why it explodes into blue, reflective light.
Here's the video:

Ufo News Clipping - Daily Telegraph 24.1.1958

Alien probe hovers over farm

By Scott Waring
The Canadian

Date of sighting: January 25, 2012
Location of sighting: Galicia, Spain

Eyewitness states: "I took this video yesterday at 12:12-12:20 noon. The UFO comes out of the trees."
It's rare to see a UFO so close to the ground and because of this very few videos of such events exist.
In the video the alien-like UFO probe blends into the environment very well and probably was not seen by the person taking the video until later, due to most UFOs have cloaking that prevents the human eye from seeing it but the digital eye can capture it.

UFO Hunters - Military Vs UFOs

Sunday, 29 January 2012

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UFOs in Massena? Some people seem to think so

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a UFO?
The Internet has been abuzz with reports of unidentified flying objects over the north country in recent weeks.
Six reports of mysterious light formations circling high in the skies, from Malone to Hogansburg to Brasher, have been compiled by the National UFO Reporting Center since Jan. 11.
“I never in my life expected to see something like this,” an anonymous user who identified herself as a Hogansburg woman posted on the center’s website after seeing what she described as three orange fireballs flying next to one another. 
“Their motion was like that of several spotlights such as would be seen in Hollywood,” she reported Jan. 12.
Others reported similar accounts, all in the early nighttime sky between Jan. 11 and Jan. 18.
“I saw those lights last night. FREAKED ME OUT,” a person who said he or she was from Canton posted Jan. 19 on Topix.
But, unfortunately for believers in the extraterrestrial, there may be a very earthly explanation for the phenomenon.
According to Lt. Col. Fred Tomaselli, spokesman for the New York Air National Guard, pilots from a pair of nearby posts were practicing night missions the week of the reported sightings.
“It is highly likely that it was the F-16s out of Vermont or the F-15s out of Massachusetts doing night training,” he said.
The first round of Burlington training began Jan. 10 and lasted through Jan. 12, according to a press release, the same nights as the first reports of strange lights hovering in the sky.
The second round of night missions began Jan. 17 and ended Jan. 20, the same dates as three more of the sightings.
While it was not certain, it is possible the reported UFOs were simply fighter jets that have been taking off and landing in South Burlington after dark, said Lt. Col. Lloyd Goodrow, spokesman for the Vermont Air National Guard.
“We do a lot of our training in the Adirondacks,” he said.
According to the officials from the Air National Guard, there is a medium altitude military training area near Massena as aircraft approach Fort Drum.
Flights from a number of posts use the space for training missions, making it difficult to know which facility the jets were actually from.
“As it is a designated military training airspace, it would be just about anyone,” Mr. Goodrow said.
While state police haven’t recorded any recent calls questioning the lights, Mr. Tomaselli said the Air National Guard has fielded a number of questions in recent years from north country residents looking for answers.
Each fighter jet is equipped with blinking strobe lights, he said, an explanation for the hovering lights that have sparked so much interest lately.
“When they are maneuvering at night, there’s no depth perception, so it can look pretty interesting,” Mr. Tomaselli said.
Alleged appearances of UFOs are not uncommon throughout New York. According to the UFO reporting center, the state features the fourth-highest number of sightings in the country, with 2,784 reports dating back to the 1930s.
And there is an average of 25 UFO sightings reported each year across the north country, James G. Bouck, New York state director of the Mutual UFO Network, said during a 2010 visit to Potsdam.

N.A.S.A. T.V.


Man shaken by ‘close encounter’ as he sees a UFO

Scarborough Evening News
Sunday 29 January 2012

BILLY Kirk had an out of this world experience when he saw a UFO in skies above his Scarborough home in scenes reminiscent of Roswell.

Billy, from Ewart Street off Seamer Road, described seeing an intense white light, which was stationary, hover temporarily before it shot off at “thousands of miles an hour”.
Scarborough UFO expert Russ Kellett added weight to Billy’s claims when he revealed that he had heard several similar descriptions of unexplained objects seen in the Seamer Road area.
Billy said: “I’m still in shock. I can only describe it as a big ball of light. I was scared, I just ran in the house and said to my girlfriend ‘I’m not going back out there’. I didn’t know what to think.
“I’ve never been a big believer in things like that but I can’t explain it. It definitely wasn’t the Northern Lights, an aircraft or a Chinese lantern. I’ve thought of everything.
“I didn’t want to say anything at first but I thought it should be reported. It could be a danger to our airspace.”
Billy, who works for Senior Glass Systems in Eastfield, is now keen to find out if anyone else noticed the UFO, which he saw at around 10pm on Monday.
Mr Kellett added: “Stationary objects taking off like that just shouldn’t happen. It couldn’t have been a shooting star or anything like that.
“Around the Oliver’s Mount area we have had some very strange stories about balls of light. I’ve heard similar accounts to Billy’s in the past.”
If anybody else saw the mystery object contact Daniel Sanderson on 01723 383867 or daniel.sanderson@yrnltd.co.uk

Operation Mainbrace

Operation Mainbrace was one of the biggest navy maneuvers after World War 2 by the US and its allies. Held near Denmark, sailors and high ranking personnel were witness to some of the most astounding UFO encounters.

Two Agencies (the CIA and NARA's Office of Government Information Services) Choose to Thumb their Noses at FOIA (Item 2.147)

By Larry W. Bryant
[LWB Note: Within a week of each other in January 2012, the Rosemary-Award-winning U. S. Central Intelligence Agency and the lofty but testy and ineffectual Office of Government Information Services at the U. S. National Archives and Records Administration sent me letters proving that their regard for freedom of information centers not on serving the public interest but on serving their own bureaucratic interests. Yes, folks, here we have, once again, another chapter in the We-versus-Them struggle for greater UFOIA -- UFO freedom of information and accountability. At this point, short of my winning a state lottery so as to fund litigation in support of UFOIA progress, we're left with only one viable resource: the emergence of enough whistleblowers with ample confirmatory evidence of their accounts that would convince a federal grand jury to investigate, and report upon, their revelations. They might choose to jump-start this long-overdue disclosure process by issuing deathbed confessions as to their role in/observation of any aspect of the worldwide cover-up of the UFO-E.T. experience (see Item 2.111). Meanwhile, for your inspiration and amusement, I'm printing the contents of each agency's notification letter below.]

== Letter from the NARA-OGIS chief (17 Jan 12) ==

Dear Mr. Bryant:

Re: Courtesy copies to OGIS -- MN:KF:CZ

We are writing to confirm that we have received your latest courtesy copy [LWB Note: I prefer to label it "action copy"] of your correspondence to the U. S. Air Force dated January 4, 2012 [see Item 2.92] and received on January 5, 2012. We have received many courtesy copies from you [LWB Note: untrue, unless no more than three CC copies are considered "many" by OGIS staffers] over time via email and have advised you we do not open case files upon receipt of courtesy copies. We also write to inform you that we will no longer be acknowledging receipt of courtesy copies from you.

The Office of Government Information Services serves as the FOIA Ombudsman, providing assistance to the public and to Federal agencies. We provide mediation services to resolve FOIA disputes and we also review agencies' FOIA policies, procedures and compliance. If in the future you would like to request our services, you may contact us with an express request for our assistance. If we receive future courtesy copies from you we will not acknowledge their receipt.

Thank you for your interest in the Office of Government Information Services.


Miriam Nisbet, Director
Office of Government Information Services
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

== Letter from the CIA's FOIA chief (20 Jan 12) ==

Reference: F-2012-00334

Dear Mr. Bryant:

We received your 28 December 2011 letter, appealing our 23 December 2011 final response to your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for "any and all CIA-generated and CIA-received records pertaining to the Mars-Visitation Program."

Your initial request [see Item 2.145] was not processed, therefore, there are no administrative appeal rights and we cannot accept your appeal. You are encouraged, however, to refine the scope of your request and submit it anew at any time.


Susan Viscuso
Information and Privacy Coordinator

[LWB Note: could it possibly be that the Agency is vying for yet another Rosemary Award for poor FOIA performance? And: how ironic would it be for the OGIS operation to be added, eventually, to the list of awardees?]