Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Private pilot reports multiple objects south of Phoenix

A private pilot flying westbound at 3,000 feet south of Phoenix, AZ, reports unidentified objects moving northbound on May 5, 2012, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
The pilot took the first of two pictures looking forward out of the cockpit.
"At approximately 45 degrees up noticed three objects north bound."
The pilot then took a second photo.
"Took another picture out the co-pilot side windshield and zooming could see 5-6 objects considerable higher headed toward Phoenix in different formation than earlier picture."
The pilot later examined the second photo.
"On closer examination noticed the objects were brilliant, silver metallic looking reflecting sunlight in the second picture. Zoomed they were just bright white, no reflection, as they gained altitude and changed formation."

The Arizona private pilot was at 3,000 fet 

Phoenix is the capital and largest city in Arizona, population 1,445,632.

Arizona is a current UFO ALERT 4 rating,
with a higher than average number of UFO sightings nationally. Arizona had 18 reports in April 2012 - the 7th highest reporting state while California had 77 reports - the highest reporting state in the nation.
You can read more details about other recently reported cases at the UFO Examiner home page.

The following is the unedited and as yet uninvestigated report filed with MUFON. Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. If Texas MUFON State Director Steve Hudgeons
investigates and reports back on this case, I will release an update. Please report UFO activity to
AZ, May 5, 2012 - flying my airplane at 3000 ft west bound, took two pictures could see 5-6 objects. MUFON Case 37994.
Flying westbound at 3000 feet south of Phoenix, took forward picture out of the cockpit, at approx 45 degrees up noticed 3 objects north bound. Took another picture out the copilot side windsheild and zooming could see 5-6 objects considerable higher headed toward Phoenix in different formation than earlier picture. On closer examination noticed the objects were brillant silver metalic looking reflecting sunlight in the second picture zoomed they were just bright white no reflection as they gained altitude and changed formation. This took place at 10:03 am Saturday May 5th 2012 Altitude is MSL

Kim Kardashian Spots a 'Real' UFO (House)

By Tom Rose

Kim Kardashian posted a pic on Instagram, claiming to have spotted a real UFO. That in itself is enough to ping alerts all over the world. But as it turns out, this is one object which has been thoroughly identified. And it doesn't fly at all.

The photo she snapped and posted to her own blog is of a pre-fab home dotting many areas of the country called a "Futuro" house which is shaped like the classic unidentified flying object out of science fiction and some fevered brains.

It's not clear from Kim's comments exactly where this version of the whimsical home is, but it's safe to assume it's nearly sliding off one of LA's celebrated hilltops.

The "UFO" in this picture shows just how practical an idea a saucer-shaped house really is to a celebrity  like Kim Kardashian. Just think; any time she wants to get away from fans and paparazzi she can just roll up the ramp and take off.

It doesn't look like it has the kind of luxury KK is accustomed to however. After all, where's the pool? It's nice to see Kim still has a good sense of humor. Hopefully, she won't be abducted any time too soon. But, hey! Wouldn't that make a great story?

UFO Beside Plane - Montreal, Canada (Video)

Published on 8 May 2012 by

"An UFO was filmed beside an aircraft near Montreal, Qu├ębec in Canada on May, 08 2012. You can see a flying object docked at an airplane for a few seconds before it flown away and disappeared in the clouds. Video by Jon D. Miller."

Alien invasion comedy ‘The Watch’: red band trailer (Video)

By Robbie Graham

July 27 will see the US release of the alien invasion comedy The Watch, starring Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade. Empire describes the movie as being about four guys who are part of a neighbourhood watch group “formed less from a sense of community responsibility and more from the chance to escape their dull suburban lives and enjoy a little bit of a power trip. But they get far more than they bargained for when they discover evidence that something decidedly otherworldly is going on.”

Until now, the movie has been marketed under the title Neighborhood Watch, but the real-life shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida this February has now suddenly forced the removal of the title’s “neighborhood” element.
The movie’s “alien” element has also thus far been kept low-key, with promotional material to date playing up the comedy, while playing down the sci-fi. But this latest red band trailer leaves no doubt that Stiller and his comedy cohort will indeed be battling ET beasties in suburbia...

Ufo Newspaper Clipping - Daily Mirror 10.10.1967.

Anonymous will leak UFO data, or was trolled again (Video)

Video warns Anonymous will release data from 'the Illuminati' proving existence of ETs

Members of the hacktivist group Anonymous are denying the group has or plans to release secrets government documents detailing the activities of, coverups involving and autopsies on extraterrestrial alien visitors spending time on Earth to probe the gastrointestinal secrets of imaginative, emotionally needy people in desolate rural areas.
During the '50s and '60s, the UFO/flying-saucer craze was driven by rumors of strange aircraft, sightings of aliens and a crashed alien spacecraft was recovered by the U.S. military near Roswell in 1947, all centered around the remote Air Force facilities on the federal reservation near Roswell, N.M. known as Area 51.
Many of the sightings were real, according to admissions in 2009 from scientists and engineers working at Area 51 during the '40s and '50s; the sightings weren't flying saucers, though. They were more likely to have been of the nearly 3,000 test flights of a plane code-named A-12 Oxcart, which became the altitude- and speed-record-setting SR-71 Blackbird, which flew so high and so fast pilots and civilians who saw it often believed humans could not be at the controls.

Anonymous is about to burst that comfortable bubble of denial with the real story behind the alien visitations, according to analysis by UFO activist and Internet radio talk-show host Jeffery Pritchett, who tentatively endorses the possibility that the hacktivist group really is behind a YouTube video of uncertain provenance that promises to disclose the real story behind decades of government conspiracies.
"Anonymous claims to have UFO & alien info. We do? This is news to us!" responded YourAnonNews, a primary source of news on the collective.
Denials only confirm the story for conspiracy theorists, however,
"Anonymous coven denies UFO agenda video and mocks Alien life, Seriously? Sequel to article from Monday," Pritchett responded in his own Twitter feed.
In a blog on his personal site, Pritchett criticizes the Anonymi's dismissal of the possibility that some other Anons did "have the knowledge of the Illuminati and will share this information with you," as he quotes from the original "Anonymous" video.

"'We can perceive why those withholding this knowledge are doing so, but completely disagree, with that policy. It is every human’s birthright, to be given the truth regarding reality and our place in the universe,' [according to the "Anon" video]. They go on to say that they realize that many people will not believe the details when they release them. Do you think you will doubt, or will you realize it is true? Check out the video below. What do you think?" – Jeffrey Pritchett, The Church of Mabus, May 8, 2012.
Does anyone from Anonymous confirm that members have hacked the imaginary databanks of the Illuminati and stolen secrets about aliens visiting Earth and affecting events throughout human history?
Ah, no.
"We are leaking info on Aliens? That's hogwash! Damn hippie. Get ready. - # Anonymous," – YourAnonNews_, May 8, 2012.
That may not settle the question. Anonymous isn't a cohesive group whose leadership approves all leaks, all new projects and all ominously threatening videos.
So it's possible some fringe band of Anonymi have obtained and plan to disclose super-secret data hacked from cabals whose existence has been kept so secret they turn out never to have existed at all.
Certainly it's possible from the point of view of conspiracy theorists, who take proof their alien-visitation events never happened as evidence the conspiracy to hide them is even more devious than they thought.
From the point of view of the rest of us – those who have never been kidnapped on a dark country road or probed for any but medical or recreational purposes – this little conspiracy drama is not evidence we have alien visitors or the ability to dox them.
It is evidence only that Anonymous has become a big enough name and big enough target to be trolled repeatedly by punks with ridiculous stories about releasing a hacker operating system, hacking Facebook, taking down the Internet or revealing the secrets of alien visitations. What else can you expect of a "villain" overhyped by censors trying to gin up support for a cybersecurity bill or so well known it makes an appearance in the demo for the upcoming second version of the Black Ops edition of Call of Duty?
That's a pretty dramatic sign of disrespect, unless you compare it to the way police troll hackers: with secret informers, recorded conversations and federal indictments.

Scientists think meteorite indicates Martian life

A team of scientists recently concluded that samples collected by NASA’s Mars Viking robots in 1976 were originally incorrectly identified by scientists as geologic samples, rather than biologic samples, therefore concluding that NASA discovered life on Mars 36 years ago. And now, a research team thinks it discovered signs of life in a meteorite from Mars.

The Tissint Martian meteorite. (Credit: L. Garvie / ASU)

A team of scientists from the School of Mathematics at Cardiff University, and the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology at the University of Buckingham recently published a paper in which the team concludes that, based on preliminary tests, a Martian meteorite could indicate life on Mars. This meteorite crashed in the Morrocan desert on June 18, 2011 approximately 30 miles south of the village Tissint. The meteorite, named after this village, was found to have spherical globules rich in Carbon and Oxygen. And while some may suggest Earthly contamination occurred, the team is confident that, because of its surrounding thick crust, the meteorite’s interior material is “pristine and uncontaminated.”
According to PhD student Jamie Wallis, one of the scientists from this team, “Other work to confirm our proposal is well under way and all the indications are that structures such as we have found are evidence of life on Mars. The spheres are probably remnants of polysaccharide shells surrounding algal type cells.”
You can read the team’s paper in the Journal of Cosmology.