Wednesday, 11 July 2012

UFO Filmed by Corporate Pilots at 41,000 Feet (Video)

Two corporate jet pilots, nearly eight miles in the air at the time, captured what appears to be a UFO on film, but an air traffic controller said it may have been the planet Venus.

The undated footage may have been removed from YouTube, however, since a recent search for the video yielded no results. You can view the remarkable footage here.

Many of the flying object videos on the Internet are obvious fakes, but this footage is remarkable. A lot of pilots report witnessing anomalous objects while flying, but it would be nice if more of them thought to record the incidents.

The two were traveling at night from Texas to Florida at about 41,000 feet, and the co-pilot was filming the city lights below. The pilot then told him to point the camera in front of the plane, where there is a bright UFO light traveling across the sky.

This is where the story starts to get strange. After contacting air traffic control, they learn that other pilots have reported the same strange light. When you watch the video, you will see the Ufo light is definitely not a planet. Since when does the planet Venus move across the sky, and flame out?

Sgt. Clifford Stone - Ed Komarek Interview 2012 (Video)

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"Exopolitics Hong Kong, presents this important film; Ed Komarek interviews Sgt. Clifford Stone - who worked for a covert group in the military retrieving crashed UFOs. This film coincides with the release of Ed Komarek's new book "UFO's, Exopolitics and the New World Disorder" and Sgt. Stone's new book "Eyes Only". This film was converted from a different format, edited and animated by Neil Gould."

Unknown Object Caught on Video over Nottingham, England

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UFO Image
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Nottingham, England - 07-06-12
Editor: The object(s) shown here seem like everyday Chinese Lanterns, but if the video has not been created by CG, or manipulated by other means, it is of great interest.
The orange-colored objects appear in a triangle formation, then one of them disappears; then it moves, or another one like it, lights up in line with the bottom two lights that formed the original triangle.
Soon, the right bottom light disappears; and appears on the left side of the three. See what you think about this.

Ufo Newspaper Clipping - The Sun 22.8.1967

CIA Responds to Ex-Official’s “Roswell Happened” Claim: Not True

By Matthew Alford, PhD

After a tense wait, the CIA has finally stated its position on the explosive “Roswell Happened” comments made by their former Entertainment Liaison Officer Chase Brandon. Jennifer Youngblood of the Agency's Office of Public Affairs said that official historians have checked their files but “found nothing in the Agency’s holdings to corroborate Mr. Brandon’s specific claims.”

Brandon ignited an ongoing media furore following his appearance on Coast to Coast AM on June 23 of this year when he announced that he had seen evidence in a box marked ‘Roswell’ at the CIA’s Historical Intelligence Collection (HIC) which confirmed “100%” his belief that the government had recovered an extraterrestrial craft and its occupants near Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947.

The CIA was responding by email to a detailed series of questions sent by a group of British and Canadian researchers: Robbie Graham, doctoral candidate at the University of Bristol and editor of, Matthew Alford, Grant Cameron, and Victor Viggiani. The group’s email requested information about Brandon, specifically: his current relationship with the CIA; the possibility of researchers checking his claims; the vetting of his comments by the Publications Review Board, and whether his utterances disclosed classified information in any way.

Robbie Graham commented: “The CIA have done exactly what we expected they would do. They’ve refused to address our questions and they’ve brushed aside Brandon’s claims without directly calling him a liar.” He added: “It’s interesting that they say they actually checked their archives for the ‘Roswell box’ Brandon described -- that must have been a weird library trip.”

The purpose of Brandon's statements remains unclear, with some pointing to him promoting his new book, The Cryptos Conundrum, and others speculating it could be part of a more sophisticated UFO disinformation or disclosure strategy.

Youngblood also pointed the researchers towards the Agency's 1997 supposedly definitive account of its role in UFO studies, which appears on its website.