Thursday, 12 April 2012

The aliens of 'Battleship' (Video)

A new featurette for the upcoming alien invasion movie, Battleship, gives us a close up on the aliens themselves, revealing their design and how came to be realised onscreen through performance capture technologies...

Argentina: Pujato Field Owner Dismisses UFO Involvement

By Inexplicata - The Journal Of Hispanic Ufology
Raúl Marelli, owner of a 32-hectare field in the Pujato area, found a 600 x 2 meter fringe of flatttened vegetation. Local residents stated that an unidentified flying object (UFO) landed on Saturday morning on a cornfield, making its mark.

Marelli, a 62-year-old farmer and cattleman, reported to the constabulary of the locality in Santa Fe to make his report, mainly for the damages suffered. What remains unclear is who or what caused the damage. No crops were stolen and no tracks of vehicles vehicles were found in the area. Only the flattened corn stalks.

“The property was planted three months ago. There are a few months more before harvest and everything looks flattened. It’s a not very straight, rather fertile piece of land, with the plants flattened in the same direction,” the property owner told Radio 2 this morning.

While he acknowledges not having found the tracks of machinery or a vehicle, the man dismissed the possibility that a flying saucer was involved.

“I’ve been living here for many years and there’s never been anything that’s led me to think that. But if you want to investigate and change my mind, I’ve got no problem with it,” he said.

The man recognizes that even if it was a directed attack, the losses are not considerable. “I don’t know what they did it. If it was to cause damage, it was minimum. The finest lot contains 300,000 kilograms of corn. The affected lot has only a thousand, in other words, there are 299,000 left. I don’t understand what their intentions were.”

Police personnel are investigating the event and some researchers are already discussing the possibility that a “crop circle” is involved – what is known as a landing strip for flying saucers. “I don’t share any of those beliefs. I don’t believe,” said the farmer.

Open Minds Radio With Guest David Pares (Video)

David Pares is a professor at the University of Nebraska, where he is the science advisor for the UNO Omaha UFO Study group. Along with UNO students, David also investigates other paranormal phenomena. They even have a paranormal radio show. David believes he may have discovered a clue as to the technology used be some UFOs. David serves as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Metropolitan Community College, Nebraska Wesleyan, and at Buena Vista College. He teaches Physics, Meteorology, Physical Science, Astronomy, Physical Geography, Physical Geology and Statistics. For more on the UNO UFO Study Group and David's work, visit: http://www.omahaufostudygroup.

UFO News Segment

Plasma UFO on video in Russia? (Video)

Plasma UFO in Russia. (Credit: monplezirvideo/YouTube)

A UFO was seen by multiple witnesses in the sky above St. Petersburg, Russia on Tuesday, April 10.

The Moscow Times reports that this object was recorded on video by at least four witnesses. One witness even claims to have observed the UFO on multiple occasions. This same witness describes the mysterious object as a “plasma UFO.”
The reason for this description is apparent when you watch the video recorded by this witness. The UFO is a light in the night sky, but when the witness does a full zoom-in on the object, it appears to be a non-solid, somewhat hexigon-shaped, structure with a plasma-like interior. This appearance, however, is likely an artificial effect caused by pixelization from the camera’s digital zoom. Some speculate the motionless object is simply a planet. But according to the Moscow Times, “authorities have not weighed in on the sightings.”

Hampshire UFO Society

Cover photo

By Paul Watt

The Hampshire UFO society started in early 2011 with the aim of bringing together like minded people to share and discuss ufology and UFO experiences.

We have regular meetings and sky watches. The meetings generally take place in Portsmouth and the sky watches usually occur on the beach at lee-on-the-Solent.

So far we have had several unidentified sightings, I'm hesitant to say that they are extra-terrestrial in nature as they could easily be either man made (air force experimental aircraft , satellites etc.) or natural phenomena (i.e. meteors or celestial objects distorted in Earth atmosphere). I'm reminded of the wave of UFO “black triangle” sightings, most of which were later credited to the US air forces testing of the stealth aircraft.

I approach the subject of ufology with a sceptics eye, I believe that 99.9% of sightings can be explained, sometimes only after a period of investigation, but it’s that 0.1% that can't be accounted for that drives me, and the other members, to research, catalogue and report the sighting.

You don't have to be a member to report your sighting to us; you don't even have to give your name. I would suggest that if you would like to report to us and want to remain anonymous, create a free email account with a provider like Hotmail or Gmail. I absolutely respect your wishes and will not pass on your details.

Membership of the society is completely free and you can remain anomouse if you so desire. There is no formal membership, no subs at all and I don't give out membership cards. We are very casual in that respect, you are free to attend any meetings or sky watches or not turn up, and it’s entirely up to you. The meetings and sky watches are great opportunities to meet like-minded people, especially on the sky watches; although we are there primarily to “hunt” UFO's we also have a good laugh!

Our membership has people from all walks of life and levels of interest in the UFO world. We have people who are just mildly interested in the subject right through to ex investigators for groups such as BUFORA and MUFON