Monday, 13 October 2014

The crop circle phenomenon is coming to Penrith

By Lauren Tesolin

IT   IS an unexplainable phenomenon: what is a crop circle and how did they come to be?
For the past 14 years, Megan Heazlewood has investigated the circles that appear in a variety of crops.
“Fifteen years ago I had never even heard of crop circles, I was incredulous myself, that was until friends of mine showed me what they had seen,” Ms Heazlewood said. “I guess curiosity got the better of me because I started investigating more and more.”
Over the past four decades, there have been an estimated 12,000 crop circles recorded globally.
“The diameter of these circles can range from 3-600ft,” Ms Heazlewood said.
“Of course, over the years there have been hoax crop circles, but there have also been ones that are very much real, and have been scientifically proven.

“They’re absolutely fascinating. They have symbols that are linked to ancient culture, religion, art, tradition and mathematics.
“There is an astounding amount of hidden geometry inside these exquisite pieces of art. I have come to the conclusion this is a way for higher intelligence to communicate with us.”
Ms Heazlewood will present her findings at the Emu Plains Community Centre, on October 19 at 1pm.
It will include her own personal crop circle sighting in Wiltshire, England, and footage of a UFO sighting adjacent to Silbury Hill, as well as that of a crop circle site at Boorowa, NSW.
Admission is $20.