Monday, 28 July 2014

Search continues for those behind UFO street signs

By Brittni Smallwood, News 4 Reporter
EAST AURORA, N.Y. (WIVB) – It’s been days since the mysterious alien signs vanished from the streets of East Aurora and no one knows who took them down.
East Aurora Police explained that they have no suspects.
It appears as though the signs are gone without a trace. The same way they showed up.
“I think it’s a high school kid. I hear they were really high end. So that’s something a high school kid may not have been able to afford,” said Allie Hartwick who’s wondering where the signs came from.
“There have been a lot of rumors. I don’t know, “said Gary Grote, the President of the East Aurora Chamber of Commerce.
“I think that people are maybe just trying to pull a prank” added Kayla Baines.
The signs showing UFOs beaming up livestock may be gone, but many still remember the first time they saw them.
“It was weird. I was in the car with my dad going to camp in the morning and I was like ‘Dad look!’,” said Alexa Hausauer of East Aurora.
Kelly Maciejewski, also from East Aurora jokingly said, “I thought they were spaceships coming and we were being prepared. That’s what I thought.”
However some people in town for the annual Reunion Weekend didn’t get a chance to see them but they heard about them.
One woman explained that she’ll try to get to the bottom of this at her reunion.
“I think I’ll be able to talk to a lot of people I graduated with and hear their theories. A lot of people that I graduated with stayed in East Aurora so I’m sure they’ve got plenty of ideas about who’s putting those up,” said Hartwick.