Monday, 28 July 2014

Kickstarter Project: The Space Less Traveled - Astronaut Ed Mitchell Documentary

Edgar Mitchell's return from the moon in 1971 was a revelation, setting the course for a lifetime of ceaseless exploration.
"We went to the Moon as technicians; we returned as humanitarians." - Dr. Edgar Mitchell

The Space Less Traveled is a feature length documentary about Apollo 14 astronaut and sixth man on the moon, Edgar Mitchell, whose three day return flight to Earth in 1971 was a revelation, shaping the rest of his life. The Space Less Traveled shines a light on Ed’s ceaseless exploration since his return, focusing on his work as a scientist, philosopher, author, poet, and humanitarian. With unprecedented access, we’ve spent the last year filming Ed and his closest friends, colleagues, and family. This has culminated in numerous never before heard stories and insights. Ed’s pursuits in the areas of consciousness, healing, sustainability, cosmology, extraterrestrials, and the paranormal have made him an outsider to many, and an icon to others. Previously unknown information about Ed’s days in NASA are revealed, and serve as a launching pad for a lifetime of achievements, from Ed's formation of The Institute of Noetic Sciences, to his current mission of harnessing zero point energy, and everything in between. The Space Less Traveled promises to be an enlightening, fun biopic about one man's ceaseless exploration.
The DVD copy of our movie will include dozens of complete interviews with various fascinating people, along with a commentary track detailing the making of this film.

We have been in production and filming for just over a year and have exhausted our funds. This is where you can help! We have big plans for the next 6 months of production, which includes Ed meeting with someone very special. Your backing will go towards hiring an editor, mixing & mastering, color correction, licensing video, gear, and covering filming expenses. The target we've set is the lowest figure on which we can bring this film to completion. Any additional funding will go towards additional filming, soundtrack licensing, film festivals, distribution, and extra rewards for our backers.

If we don't reach our goal then we receive nothing, no rewards will be sent, and you will not be charged. You are only charged if we meet or exceed our goal. We must reach or exceed our goal or this film will not be finished.

We are asking for the bare minimum amount of money we need to finish this film. If we can exceed our goal then we will use those funds to create an even better and more comprehensive documentary. We will be able to use better equipment, travel to more locations, and interview people that we may have not been able to before. In addition to that we will be able to provide higher quality rewards and give back more to you.

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We have dozens of hours of footage with Ed, and dozens more with his friends, family, and colleagues. As production continues it will become increasingly difficult for our editor to put together a movie that is brisk, insightful, funny, and focused. There is a wide range of topics, and a lifetime of tragedies and triumphs, so it will take a skilled editor to do the material justice. To aid in this process we will be editing a rough cut of the movie to serve as a guideline for our eventual editor.


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