Monday, 28 July 2014

Alien signs in East Aurora have vanished

By Emily Guggenmos, News 4 Reporter
EAST AURORA, N.Y. (WIVB) – The alien signs that were popping up all over East Aurora have vanished since our story first aired on Monday.
No one who knows who took them down or put them up. The alien signs that had people talking around East Aurora are just gone.
“They were elusive. They’d appear and then they’d disappear,” said Rick Ohler.
“We usually hear everything and I haven’t heard any word on the street who’s doing it,” said Highway Superintendent Dave Gunner.
While the signs may be gone, the chatter is not.
“We don’t know much about the aliens. We were hoping they’d be here this weekend, but I guess not. I heard they’re gone,” said resident Paula Messner.
The East Aurora class reunion is taking place this weekend so there’s speculation the signs were put up for that.
“I think our class was kind of in to UFOs and aliens and that kind of thing,” said Ellen Soper, who graduated in 1974.
Ohler, who writes for the East Aurora Advertiser, has a pulse on the town. He has his own theories centered on how the village is a chic, cool place to be.
“We are now so popular that actually aliens are coming to see how we do things how we run a community,” said Ohler.
He also has another theory.
“East Aurora has gotten so popular that we are really trying to discourage people from coming here so we put these signs up so you’ll think we’re all nuts.”
Village of East Aurora Mechanic Mike Williams was sent out to remove the signs earlier this week.
“This is the only one we found. I don’t know I think people are looking for them.”
East Aurora Police say they don’t have any leads.
“It is a little bizarre for a small town, especially in East Aurora because everybody seems to know everybody else’s business, but sooner or later we’ll probably get a break on it,” said Lt. Jack Wolff.
At this point, everyone could be a suspect.
“I am not saying. I couldn’t possibly be responsible,” said Ohler.
People are also putting their theories of where the signs came from on our News 4 Facebook page, one of which was that the Flying Saucer Pizza company from Massachusetts was coming to town. We called the pizza joint, who said they are not setting up shop in East Aurora.