Saturday, 7 June 2014

Unknown Object Close To Tijuana Airport Mexico

Published on 7 Jun 2014 By jmhz71

OVNI De Luz Desaparece sobre el aeropuerto Edit 07/06/2014
grabado 04/06/2014

Bing translation:
UFO light disappears over the airport Edit 07/06/2014
engraved 04/06/2014
Youtube Comment: "Wow dude, you actually recorded this. Im in Los espanoles por Blvd Benites (UDCI University) and saw this. It was somewhere from 8pm to 10pm right? You didnt catch it all on video though...... I saw it moving from south to north and could notice it rising in elevation. It stoped right where youre showing it, dissappeared....... and reappeared again, it started moving again and hid behind a was crazy. It certainly didnt look like a plane!"