Saturday, 7 June 2014

Claims of strange UFO sightings over West Wales last night

Published on June 05 By Carmarthen Journal  

A PARANORMAL investigator is appealing for information after an unidentified cluster of lights was spotted over Carmarthenshire last night.
Gavin Davies, who runs The Paranormal Chronicles, said he was lying in bed when he spotted the fast-moving objects over Haverfordwest at 11.05pm.
He quickly  put an appeal on Facebook and got responses from people who spotted the objects, described as one larger, bright light, with two smaller lights around it – over Narberth, Whitland and St Clears – and was heading east.
Gavin said: “I was in bed and I saw this star but it started moving across the sky.
“You obviously think ‘what could it be?’
“My immediate suspicion was it was the International Space Station but I checked and it had already passed.
“There were smaller lights that traveled towards it and moved round it.
“I went on Facebook and asked if anyone had seen it.
“A couple from St Clears area said they had seen it travelling towards them, and later on someone from Narberth said they had seen it at 11.10pm.
“It is literally a UFO. I’m not saying it’s aliens but at this time we don’t know  what it is.”
Gavin, who normally deals in ghost sightings and runs website and has published a best-seller book, A Most Haunted House, said he hoped to find someone who photographed or filmed the craft.
“Smaller star like lights have been seen to approach the larger one and make circular flight patterns around it and then fly off at speed," he added.
“Reports suggest it was too bright and large to be a Chinese lantern and the object made 'drastic' course changes. No sound was heard coming from the object.”
If you have any information or able to get film or photographic documentation, contact the Paranormal Chronicles at: