Saturday, 7 June 2014

Triangular UFO over Reutlingen, Germany on Video

By UFO Casebook

Published: 5:26 AM 6/3/2014
Originally published on Dec 2, 2013
This triangular object was sighted in the morning in Reutlingen, Germany.
It was Sunday, in the city center were no people at the time. Thus, the UFO could almost fly unnoticed over Reutlingen.
Recent footage of a strange triangular object flying over Reutlingen, Germany. What do you think it is? Is it a man-made object, or perhaps something from out of this world?
(Editor's Note: I don't know why this video, which was taken in December, 2013 was just listed on Google alerts, but for what it's worth, check it out and see what you think; an outright hoax, a remote-controlled model, or the real thing?)