Wednesday, 23 May 2012

UFO Defies Oklahoma Tornado Winds (Video)

By Tom Rose

An amazing compilation UFO video seems to show unidentified flying objects defying the 300 MPH winds of the tornadoes which struck Oklahoma in April.

Collected from a half-dozen TV News reports, the video shows several unidentified flying objects defying the force of tornado winds, some reported at up to 300 miles per hour, and flying in a straight path, unaffected by the maelstrom.

Although the objects are, at best, fuzzy in detail and don't much resemble the classic craft, either an orb or a saucer, they clearly don't behave the same way all other debris caught by the camera does.

The compilation is presided over by Mexico's Jamie Maussan, who is not exactly renowned for his scientific rigidity.

Nevertheless, it can't be denied that these UFO sightings all share the same characteristic: they don't seem to be affected by titanic winds.

Why these objects would be "hiding" in tornadoes is not addressed. But, UFO sightings have long included crafts cloaked by clouds, the ocean and other natural phenomenon.

No matter the veracity of these sightings, it's quite a vexing idea to propose that any aircraft could defy such awesome power, unidentified or otherwise. Here's the video: