Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Another UFO Near Miss on Landing Jet in Philadelphia (Video)

By Tom Rose

A UFO, possibly a flare, was spotted by a pilot landing a US Airways jet at Philadelphia International airport on Tuesday. The jet landed safely and the FBI and FAA are investigating.

While the flaming object, reportedly trailing smoke, is not strictly a classic sighting, the fact remains that whatever the pilot saw, it has yet to be identified.

The incident occurred as the passenger jet, Flight 4321 from Elmira, NY, was making its approach to the airport on Tuesday afternoon and was immediately reported by the pilot.
The runway was closed for 30 minutes after the landing and Philadelphia police scoured the area outside the airport looking for evidence that a flare had been fired.
This UFO report is alarming because it indicates that either citizens, or perhaps government officials, are interfering with airline safety by sending objects into the air in the flight paths of airplanes.
Last week, a private jet flying over Denver reported a strange object very close to the plane. Later unconfirmed reports came in speculating it may have been a surveillance drone, which is not yet legal to fly over US cities.
This story is developing and more details will be reported as they come in. Here's the video: