Wednesday, 23 May 2012


By Stan Hernandez

Robert Bingham is one of these guys that belong in the UFO hall of shame for his continual hoaxes and misrepresentations. These guys come along all of the time, stating that they have had an encounter with an alien, caught a UFO on tape, or even had a UFO land in their yard. It’s ridiculous.
Bingham, a self proclaimed “summoner” of UFOs got a group of witnesses together in Los Angeles (Most of which knew him personally and have something to gain if he can turn a buck), and saw Mylar balloons floating, contending that they are UFOs. This is absurd! This guy is a complete joke and he is part of the reason why the true study of extraterrestrials is so frowned upon by the vast majority of the public.

This is not the first time that Bingham “summoned” UFOs. In April he did the same thing. Unfortunately, some of the UFO followers are so eager to believe that they are willing to look beyond the obvious hoax here and believe it to be real. You have to be skeptical people. Look at the information and draw a reasonable conclusion.
I have tried to contact Mr. Bingham so he can summon one of these UFOs for me, but he has yet to return my call and will not do so. Let’s hope that I cross paths with him at one of these conventions where I’m sure he will have a book to sell.