Friday, 16 November 2012

Three Silent Lights Videotaped over Phoenix, Arizona

By UFO Casebook
UFO Image
Phoenix, Arizona - 11-02-12
After eating dinner at Baja Fresh, my wife and I came out and were getting in the car. I noticed three solid white lights coming from the southeast followed by a helicopter.
I could hear the helicopter, but heard no other sound from these white lights. I have heard other choppers being being clumped together in travel and I didn't hear that from these lights.
So I grabbed my iPad and started recording the lights. I didn't feel funny or anything like that.
I just happened to be with it enough to grab my iPad and record what I witnessed with my wife.
(Editor's Note: At first appearance this doesn't look like a big deal, but the three lights appear to be moving as a group. We have added a close-up at the end, and if you look real close to the right of the three objects you can see the helicopter mentioned by the submitter.)