Sunday, 26 May 2013

UFO Sighting, Melbourne: 'Close Call' Between Strange Flying Object and Passenger Plane Filmed

UFO Sighting, Melbourne: ‘Close Call’ Between Strange Flying Object and Passenger Plane Filmed (Brad Morris, YouTube)
International Business Times

Many UFO observers are accustomed to seeing strange objects in the sky. A lot of them are always ready with cameras in case some odd aircrafts appear - day or night. YouTube user Brad Morris is one of them. He filmed an "orb" skimming a passenger plane's wing. Was it a close call?

Morris on Wednesday posted the "close call" clip to YouTube with this description:

"(T)his is a must see and shows what really happens when you're in the air around a high activity zone. I also captured many saucers in the same cloud system, (but I've) yet to upload most of them."
Scroll down to watch Morris' video. See for yourself whether what Morris saw was a typical sight up in the air, or something intriguing, indeed.
"Good filming, Brad. A near hit. But the UFOs know what they are doing. This is (a) real (proof) they are out there," comments Art Bosman.
Asked about the equipment he used to capture the "UFO sighting," Morris said he filmed with a Panasonic 720 HD. "It has 70x optical but it's useless unless on a tripod, (so) I don't run it over 35x," he said, adding he has filmed many similar sightings.
Morris used Edge Detection and varying speeds in the clip to share as much as he could about the alleged UFO sighting. He basically filmed a plane in the sky and a small object gliding over one of its wings. The sighting was filmed in Melbourne on May 19.