Friday, 20 April 2012

UFO News Links For Friday 20th April 2012

Airplane, UFO or Venus? - Discovery News

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Cockfosters man hoping to solve UFO mystery‎ – Enfield Independent

Humanoid Assumes Alien Hybridization of The Fey in All of US!

ETs Drive Out Vampires – Croatian Times

Best MUFON UFO Photos of the Week: 4/13-4/20 2012 (Video) - Gather...

Lights and shadows: Why do we see elephants on Mars? – Aljazeera

Airplane, UFO or Venus? – Discovery News

Nazca Lines UFO Analyzed: What Is It? (Video) -

Crop Circles Mochdre‎ – North Wales Weekly News

Misty UFO Flies Low Over Oklahoma

Finding ET may require giant robotic leap – Space Daily

UFO Accidentally Filmed In Croatia (Video) -

Week 2 in Bantam Lake UFO (or meteorite): reports of dead fish unrelated, ‘Smoking Gun’ investigating‎ – New Haven Register

DARPA Paranormal -Alien ET UFO Consciousness of Area 51

Investigating New Mexico’s less-famous UFO landing – CNET News

Looking Up: The flying saucer galaxy - Naples Daily News

The Haunted Skies Project: Times (The) 31.12.66

Aliens to be topic of talk – This is South Wales

Para-News: Top ten UFO sightings caught on surveillance cameras

Middle Creek UFOs explained – The Cary News

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: Sacred Geometry - `UFO's' ON DEMAND - The `Caller' Phenomena

Focus World Reveals Release Plan for Sci-Fi Comedy ‘Extraterrestrial’ – The Hollywood Reporter

2012 Immortals Revealed as Alien ET in Ascension Age

Soon, India’s robonaut to hunt for aliens; to join a global search for extra-terrestrial life forms‎ – Economic Times

UFO Fireball Gives Arizona News Team the Jitters (Video)

Video: Planet Hunter Geoff Marcy on the Odds of Finding Extraterrestrial Life – NPR

Asteroid Impacts Could Help Out Underground Life –

hidden experience: Quebec UFO encounter

Frontiers of Anthropology: Giants in Ancient Warfare, Adrienne Mayor

Dozens spot unidentified flying object near Pacheco Pass – Merced Sun-Star