Thursday, 19 July 2012

UFO Sighting Near Russian Nuke Plant (Video)

A UFO video on YouTube shows what look like two glowing orange orbs hovering in the twilight sky over a Russian nuclear power plant. As the video plays, each of the objects wink on and off. They don't look like conventional aircraft, so, what are they?

In the video it sounds like a Russian mother is talking to her child and looking out the window as she films the mysterious, unidentified flying object hovering over what is described as a nuclear facility. The poster of the video says the film was shot in February. It certainly looks bleak enough.

As the mother videotapes, the glowing UFO orbs flash steadily, but suddenly blink out for a few seconds before illuminating again in a different part of the sky. Why would aircrafts do that?

The objects are too far away to make out with any certainty, but they don't behave the way aircrafts would if they were authorized to be flying over such a sensitive and most likely restricted airspace.
So, what are they? Here's the video: