Friday, 20 April 2012

Pulsating UFO Spotted Over Korean Border (Video)

By Tom Rose

A silver, saucer-shaped, pulsating UFO was caught on video hovering over the Korean border. What is it?

The video shows an unidentified flying object floating over what is said to be the border between North and South Korea. But all that can be made out are some power lines stretching off into the distance.

Hovering above the drooping lines is a silver orb, flashing multi-colored lights which seem to pulsate around its hull. Lightning flashes overhead, threatening an oncoming storm. It adds a dramatic flair to the kind of sighting which is being caught on video all around the world.

The camera zooms in for a closer look and it reveals the UFO is not shaped like any known aircraft. It's not a jet, a plane or a helicopter, but it does bear a striking resemblance to many other similar objects caught on tape recently. So what is it? Here's the video: