Saturday, 9 August 2014

UFO In vertical descent from cloud base stops over Edmotnon

Published on 3 Aug 2014 By Zdenek Podsednik
UFO over Edmonton, Saturday August 2, 2014

Footage taken from Highway 14 and RR 214 , looking west towards south Edmotnon.

We first spotted this object coming from East towards Edmonton then it made several sharp turns before this video was taken. At the time it was high in the clouds and hard to see and it dropped down from our view in area of south Edmonton.


Mac:  600% Zoom with X 10 Audio Enhancement

Edit:  Over the last two days Charles Lamoureux and I have been taking a closer look at this particular case.  We have come to the conclusion that this is infact a Quadcopter.  Since the audio enhancement a distint sound can be heard coming from the object. 

Also taking a closer look the colours pink/red & green can just be seen.  As Charles pointed out this is a classic LED orientation. Many thanks for your input on this case Charles.  It's always a pleasure working with you!