Saturday, 9 August 2014

Kansas City Paracon Paranormal UFO Conference


There's a close encounter of a real kind occurring out in Lake Lotawana this weekend (2nd August). It's the Kansas City Paracon Paranormal conference.
Researchers and authors present evidence of the unexplained and unsolved. Organizers say Lake Lotawana was chosen for its close proximity to many UFO sightings in the area and because it's likely haunted.
This is clearly not your average, run-of-the-mill conference, nothing like the dairy auditors' conference recently concluded in Cleveland. After all, Cleveland may be many things, but haunted is likely not one of them.
But, we digress. The agenda for the paranormal conference is vastly different than other gatherings. For example, topics that either have, or will be, discussed include: UFO crash evidence, the Joplin spook light, evidence of Bigfoot, unidentified submerged objects, paranormal evidence and photographing UFOs.
But, wait, there's more. A la carte events will cover a UFO skywatch, a Bigfoot investigation workshop and a paranormal investigation.
KCTV5 caught up with one man attending the conference who said he's seen a lot of strange things, many of which he's photographed and videotaped.

"They move very quickly. You blink your eye, and it's gone," Wichita resident and paranormal researcher Bill Spicer explained as he showed what he believes are video and pictures of UFOs.
Spicer has been shooting video and taking pictures like the ones he showed us for the last five years outside his Wichita home. He said whatever it is in those pictures, it doesn't act like it's man-made.
For one thing, Spicer said he can only see if while wearing sunglasses. And, while the unexplained phenomenon doesn't make train alarms go off like we saw in the movie Close Encountered of the Third Kind, it is faster than anything he's ever seen.
Spicer shared his observations with the audience at the conference. He said he's come across many people who don't believe him, but said a Harvard astrophysicist does.
"He has his theories that these are holograms, what he termed quantum holograms."
Spicer explained that means possible remnants from black holes.
Spicer said as long as he doesn't get hit by flying objects, he plans to keep taking pictures of them. As he points out, "We don't have a complete understanding of the whole world around us."
The conference continues through the weekend, which for nonbelievers could be the only thing here that's easy to explain.