Thursday, 24 July 2014

Pioneer to make UFO series for NGCI

By Jon Creamer
National Geographic Channels International has commissioned Pioneer Productions to produce Invasion Earth (8 x 60’).

The series examines why there have been so many reported sightings of unidentified aircraft and mysterious airborne objects with very little explanation.

The show will use dramatic reconstruction of sightings from across world, first-hand accounts from eyewitnesses and previously classified official documents.

Hamish Mykura, Executive Vice President and Head of International Content for NGCI, says: “Invasion Earth reveals the remarkable stories of amazing, in-depth investigations conducted by government agencies and other authorities to uncover the truth behind massive UFO sightings whose otherworldly spectacles were widely reported by witnesses.”

Kirstie McLure, Managing Director, Pioneer Productions, says: “There has always been a deep fascination with UFOs, aliens and the unknown and many TV programmes speculating on this phenomenon. In this series, Pioneer applies science and expert knowledge to explain the truth behind the reports. Pioneer has always created ambitious factual content, and Invasion Earth sees us stepping into unchartered programme-making. Our passion and expertise in exploratory documentary-making and high-quality science programming sees Invasion Earth strive to captivate audiences with its informative and investigative blend of eyewitness accounts and dramatic recreation.”

Invasion Earth was commissioned by Hamish Mykura for National Geographic Channels International. The executive producers for Invasion Earth at Pioneer Productions are Robert Strange and Kirstie McLure.