Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mysterious UFO street signs appear in East Aurora

By Emily Guggenmos, News 4 Reporter
EAST AURORA, N.Y. (WIVB) - Some strange signs are popping up in East Aurora. Nobody seems to know where they came from. The signs depict UFOs “beaming up” livestock.
People have been spotting the signs since the beginning of the summer, but no one has caught whoever is hanging them. “I don’t know whose idea it is or maybe the aliens put them up, who knows,” said Bill Bernhardi. Alien signs have been popping up in the village, including one in front of Bernhardi’s home on Gypsy Lane. “I was looking out for crop circles. I was just checking to make sure the gravitational field around here is the same as everywhere else, but I’m keeping my eye open,” he joked.
Mayor Allan Kasprzak has his suspicions of who’s responsible and he doesn’t think it’s the work of aliens. “I believe it might be the East Aurora Food Cooperative that’s trying to get off the ground. That’s my hunch, but I’m not positive,” he said.
“We didn’t put up those signs to generate buzz, but we have put up other signs to generate buzz,” said East Aurora Cooperative Market Project Manager Shelia Convoy.
Maybe more important than who put them there, News 4 wanted to find out if the warning of UFOs abducting cows bore any merit. “I’ve never responded to an alien abduction of a cow, no,” said East Aurora Fire Chief Roger LeBlanc.
A local dairy farmer confirmed, “No, not where they disappeared into the air. They might try and escape occasionally,” said Gayle Thorpe with Thorpe Organic Family Farm.
As for now, the signs remain a mystery.
“It’s kind of funny because I’ve heard all kinds of theories. People were telling me about years past, people saw UFOs but I don’t think it’s going back that far,” said Mayor Kasprzak.
The mayor said technically it’s illegal for people to attach signs to road signs, although he doesn’t see the culprit facing any fines.