Friday, 21 February 2014

Take part in UFO documentary


A PARANORMAL documentary about UFO sightings in the county is being made for the Cornwall Channel.
The documentary will be made over the course of 2014 with the help of local knowledge and witness accounts. There has been a rise in sightings over the years and particularly in the duchy and all within the UFO triangle hotspots.

Have you ever had an experience or truly believe that there is life on other planets or do you deny life in outer space exists? The film-makers are looking for brave people to come forward and be interviewed about their experiences, to be screened later in the year on the Cornwall Channel on Sky TV 212 / Free Sat 401.
They can arrange to interview you in person and talk about your experiences or accept home-filmed high-quality videos of your interviews and experiences that you can submit online by uploading to either YouTube or Vimeo. Videos must be of a good quality with good sound for these to be considered for the documentary. Also if you have any video footage or photographs of your sightings this can also be featured.

Anyone from UFO / alien enthusiast organisations, the Armed Forces and religious groups are urged to get in touch with views and experiences, if you're a believer or non-believer! X File fans or conspiracy experts, your opinion counts.
To get in touch please e-mail: