Friday, 19 October 2012

Did British Hacker Gary McKinnon find evidence of 'alien spacecraft' & 'non-terrestrial officials' (Video)

Secret Space Fleet - Antigravity
Uploaded by on 10 Dec 2010
"Exopolitics HK: SUPPORT GARY McKINNON - Neil & Jake Gould expose on film, actual footage [in infrared] of the Secret Governments Space Fleet, piloted by Non Terrestrial Officers. The technology concerned is antigravity, taken from their UFO crash retrievals or given through technology exchange program by ETs. Financed without congressional oversight and paid for by an unsuspecting American public, these forces are now trying to extradite Gary McKinnon to the USA to ensure his silence; under the guise of his damaging of NASA computers. What are they hiding? Watch as Neil, Jake and Ed Grimsley show you first hand evidence of these craft at 200 miles altitude moving at an alleged 30,000 MPH".