Friday, 6 July 2012

Best of UFO Night Vision Lasertag (Video)

A new, dangerous, and possibly illegal, game of UFO lasertag is being caught on video and a group of players have posted a "Best Of" compilation to YouTube.

It's not clear where these clips are being created, but a commenter refers to a group regularly gathering at a place called Trout Lake. In them, several people are spotting brightly lit, but unidentified, flying objects in the night sky. The object of the game seems to be converging powerful lasers on the crafts, which mostly resemble and behave like satellites. In one clip, however, the object makes a sudden turn, so it cannot be one.

The aim of this form of lasertag appears to be to make the UFO flash brightly, accompanied by a round of whooping cheers. Incredibly, it does seem to work, defying explanation. If the flying craft are airplanes, then what is happening is illegal, since pointing a laser at aircraft could blind the pilot.
It's not likely this sport will continue much longer, since posting this video on the web will likely bring lots of attention. This is one game that will probably be called on account of dumbness. Here's the video: