Friday, 6 July 2012

Unknown Objects Caught on Video over Manhattan Beach, California

By Ufo Casebook
UFO Image
Originally published on Jul 5, 2012 by MFGLOOM
Manhattan Beach, California - 07-04-12 - 8:39 PM
I caught this group of light orbs zipping around at sunset in Manhattan Beach. I know these are not flares, fireworks, fireflies or Chinese Lanterns.
These are way different than what I caught in the Santa Monica Mountains. This was filmed on my Iphone.
(Editor's Note: As usual, on any given holiday where fireworks are displayed, UFO sightings are always on the increase, and I have fallen into the habit of assuming all of the "lights in the sky" are just fireworks. However, if these are fireworks they are different than any I have seen previously.)
Have a look for yourself...