Friday, 11 May 2012

Ufo News Links For Friday 11th May 2012

'Mr. UFO' Timothy Beckley on Evil Empire of the ETs and the Ultra-...

Brazil: The Barroso Case (1976)

What Events Occur When a Species Is on the Cusp of Evolving?

Tidal heating could kill ‘habitable’ alien worlds – Discovery News

Human-made UFOs reveal Military Valour and Financial Crisis credib...

Space craft crash lands in Tatton Park –

Op-Ed: Flying saucers have landed — or have they? - DigitalJournal...

A CE-3 In Higuera de la Serena

Ancient Mars volcano blast hints at wet history – MSNBC

UFO FLYING SAUCER found on google sky Holy Grail

Alien ET UFO Community Omniverse Creation Story of Atlantis and MU

Another UFO sighting over Gloucestershire by Kai, 10 – This is Gloucestershire

Spain: The 1966 A GraƱa UFO was a UAV

Poland: Four Warsaw UFO photos from 2011

YouTuber claims NASA has edited footage of spaceship near Sun out of SOHO footage – The Daily Telegraph

Spain: A CE-3 In Higuera de la Serena (1987)

Jeff Bezos’s “Blue Origin” Space Company Reveals Spacecraft Design – Popular Science

Argentina: Mysterious Circles Caused by UFO Landing at Las Perdice...

My Friends & Other Aliens

Light From Oozing Alien Super-Earth Seen – Discovery News

Mayan astronomical charts found in Guatemalan jungle are oldest known | Science | The Guardian

‘Alien Abduction’ Research Suggests Episodes Are Actually Lucid Dreams – Huffington Post

Arizona Witnesses Describe Black Triangle

The Haunted Skies Project: Haunted Skies update on Volume 5 - 9th May 2012

I almost drove off the road: California giant UFO witness

Alien ‘Jupiters’ Signal Absence of Earth-like Planets – The Daily Galaxy

Ginger Snaps: Are People with Red Hair More Sensitive to the Paranormal? | Mysterious Universe

Space Probe Fleet Idea Would Search for Mars Life –

cryptozoo-oscity: mini mammoth found

The Abductions Continue

Did UFO land on Cannock Chase in Roswell style incident? – Sunday Mercury

Follow The Magic Thread: Flying Saucers - The Greatest Lie Ever Told

NT nuke dump a UFO hotspot –

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock: The BS of Facilitating The UFO HiJinx

Floating Object Over College Campus!

Is there anybody out there? – Olive Press

2012: End of the World or Consciousness Revolution? | Reality Sandwich