Friday, 11 May 2012

What were those strange lights - a UFO or aliens?

By David Godsall
Loughborough Echo May 10 2012 

WAS it a bird, was it a plane?
No, and it wasn’t Superman either, say two locals who have seen mysterious lights in the sky around the area.
In response to local astronomer Wiktor Maslowski’s sighting of strange lights above Loughborough on Tuesday April 24, two further sightings have been reported to the Echo.
Paul Seymour, of Loughborough, spotted a strange light while taking a photograph of Venus in the sky on April 22.
He said: “I was at the back of the Moon and Bell and it was a lovely evening. Venus was ever so bright so I took a couple of photographs. When I looked back at them there’s something else in the photographs, a light.”
Air enthusiast Tom Gibson of East Leake has a barn under the flight path to East Midlands Airport and it was in October last year that he saw something strange.
He said: “I saw five blue lights quite low in the sky.
“Now I follow lots of aircraft and I’ve not seen anything like that before.
“One of the lights zoomed off to the left at great speeds over Loughborough.
“They then all disappeared at a huge rate of knots.
“It was unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything like it.”