Sunday, 8 April 2012

Argentina Farmer Claims UFO Landed in Corn Field, Left 600 Meter Landing Strip


[Photo-Image: Google Earth map, Pujato, Argentina]
The website reported an Argentine farmer filed a complaint with the local cops a UFO (OVNI) landed in his cornfield leaving behind a 600 meter by 6-ft. swath of crushed corn plants. Six hundred meters equals 1968 ft..
Along with the damage witnesses who claimed they saw “a ship with strange lights and colors flying over the area”. The location of the alleged UFO landing, Pujanto, 42 kilometers west of Rosario.
(Google translation)
“Raul, a farmer aged 62, appeared before the Commissioner of the town of Santa Fe to perform the particular complaint, in principle by damage taken. The funny thing is that it is not clear who or what caused this evil. In fact, there was no theft of the crop or vehicle tracks were in place. Only the patch of flattened.
Neighbors said the area also witness a ship with strange lights and colors flying over the area, according to the journalist told Radio 2 Hector Lopez. These are people who were in the area of ??the cemetery (as if the note had no seasoning and color), at the entrance of the town on Route 33.
The incident occurred around 3 am and the mark left by the supposed UFO is about 600 meters by six feet wide.
The commissioner, Walter Freniche confirmed the complaint and told Radio 2 that was found crushed the field area. He noted that there was no theft or planting could be observed vehicle tracks, “but maybe the incident occurred four or five days ago and not seen.”
Freniche noted that “neighbors reported seeing lights” although none of them went to the branch. “The comment is, but have not come to testify,” he said, adding: “It’s a difficult case.”